Khalil Mawar

Khalil Mawar

Good + pure of heart - not a "thief", but a rogue.
In a relationship with Thema
Rogue 13
Mythic Trickster Tier 4 (0 of 3 trials completed for Tier 5)

XP: 90,094
NFNL: 91,000

Khalil is a slight man and short, both admirable qualities for a dungeon delver and cat-burglar. He keeps his hair short and his face clean-shaven, the better to slap on a disguise at a moment's notice. Otherwise, his features are almost forgettable. He really knows how to turn on the charm and turn people.


Height 5'4"
Weight 132 lb
Hair Medium brown and close-cropped
Eyes Dark brown


Attribute Score Mod
STR 12 +1
DEX 24 +7
CON 10 +0
INT 14 +2
WIS 16 +3
CHA 20 (22) +5 (+6)

Combat Statistics

BAB +9/+4
Melee +10/+5
Missile +16/+11
Initiative +5
HP 54 (+4/lv)
AC 26
Move 30' (40')
Save Base Ability Magic Total
Fortitude 4 0 0 4
Reflex 8 7 0 15
Willpower 4 3 0 7
Weapon Size Type Attack Damage Range/Reach Ammo
Dagger S P +19/+14 1d4+4 n/a n/a
Dagger, thrown S P +19/+14 1d4+4 10' 22
Unarmed Combat M B +19/+14 1d3+4 n/a n/a
Armor Type Weight L/M/H AC Max DEX
Dharven light chain +5 20 l +9 +7


Gain 10 skill points per level.

  • Acrobatics
  • Appraise
  • Bluff
  • Climb
  • Craft (trapmaking)
  • Diplomacy
  • Disable Device
  • Disguise
  • Escape Artist
  • Intimidate
  • Jump
  • Knowledge (dungeoneering)
  • Knowledge (local, central plains near swamps)
  • Linguistics
  • Perception
  • Ride
  • Sense Motive
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Stealth
  • Swim
  • Use Magical Device

Languages: Tayeb (native), Riersche (fluent), Kgoli (moderate)


  1. Combat Reflexes: Can make up to 6 attacks of opportunity in a round.
  2. Nimble Moves + Acrobatic Steps: Ignore 20' difficult terrain
  3. Improved Unarmed Strike: Always considered to be armed.
  4. Deflect Arrows: Must be aware and have a free hand; 1/round while not flat-footed, can deflect an arrow that would otherwise have hit you.
  5. Deadly Aim: Can trade -3 to hit for +9 to damage with ranged weapons.
  6. Quick Draw: Can draw accessible light weapon as a free action.
  7. Sneak Attack: +7d6
  8. Trapfinding: Search checks to find mantraps
  9. Trap sense: +4
  10. Evasion: no dmg on successful Reflex save for 1/2.
  11. Improved Uncanny Dodge: Never flat-footed except on successful feint; never flanked except by rogue 4 levels higher.
  12. Weapon Training (dagger): +1 to hit with daggers.
  13. Stand Up: Can stand from prone as free action.
  14. Opportunist: Can make an AoO against threatened opponent hit by a companion, max 1/rnd.
  15. Fast Stealth: Can remain hidden and quiet even when moving at full movement rate.
  16. Finesse Rogue: Use Dex instead of Str mod for attack bonus with light weapons.
  17. Charmer: Roll twice and take higher roll on any diplomacy checks.
  18. Powerful Sneak: Treat any 1s on sneak attack rolls as 2s.

In the future, maybe consider the Pathfinder barroom brawl feat that allows him to mimic a combat feat he doesn't have for 1 minute.

Mythic Feats

  1. Mythic Power: 3 + 2/tier per day. Currently 11.
  2. Trickster Attack (Deadly Throw): Swift action, expend one mythic power to draw a thrown weapon and make a ranged attack with it. Does not provoke AoO. Roll twice, taking the higher roll, and add your tier to the roll. If the attack misses, the weapon or item lands adjacent to the target, regardless of the range.
  3. No One of Consequence: Creatures struggle to recognize you. If they make a deliberate attempt, they must succeed at a Will save (DC 10 + your tier + your Cha mod) to recall anything beyond vague details. Additionally, consider yourself under a permanent nondetection effect with a caster level equal to your character level plus your tier. You can end this effect at any time or resume it as a swift action.
  4. Mythic Improved Unarmed Strike: You can add half your tier to your damage with unarmed strikes. As a swift action, expend one use of mythic power to overcome the hardness of objects with your unarmed strikes for number of rounds equal to your tier. If the object's hardness is greater than 15, you cannot ignore its hardness.
  5. Impeccable Balance: Never fail checks to walk along narrow ledges. No penalties due to obstructed, slippery, sloped, or unsteady surfaces. Can move at full speed across such surfaces with no penalty. +10 bonus vs. trip attacks.
  6. Mythic Deflect Arrows: When using Deflect Arrows, you can deflect an additional number of ranged attacks per round equal to half your tier. You can expend one use of mythic power as an immediate action to deflect a single ray from a ray spell or effect targeting you.
  7. Mirror Dodge: When hit by a melee or ranged attack, you can expend one use of mythic power as an immediate action to replace yourself with an illusory duplicate and teleport to any open square within 30 feet of your current position. You take no damage from this attack, which instead destroys your illusory duplicate (similar to mirror image). Using this ability requires a line of effect to the teleportation target square.
  8. Perfect Lie: Spend 1 mythic power to make any lie indiscernible from the truth unless conclusively proven to be false.
  9. Mythic Deadly Aim: +3 damage steps for deadly aim instead of +2.


  • Cloak of Charisma +2
  • Necklace of Fireballs (1x7d6, 1x5d6, 2x3d6)
  • Backpack of standard adventuring gear
  • Dagger +3, flaming and returning (Bowie-style)
  • Dagger +3, flaming and returning (double-edged throwing)
  • 22 other daggers of various sizes secreted about his person
  • Dharven-made light-steel armor (akin to elven chain from core rulebooks) +5
  • Gloves of Mighty Fists +3 (unarmed strikes become +3)
  • Boots of striding and springing (increase land speed by 10' and +5 competence bonus to jump checks)
  • Ring of Freedom of Movement

Personal Details

Khalil is just a little older than Thema; as of Swamp Things, he's around 35.


Khalil is, first and foremost, charming. Not charming in the way that is often portrayed in movies, the "annoying pseudo-charming," but actually, truthfully charming. He's unfailingly polite and reasonable, open, and honest-looking. He has a keen wit and a well-developed vocabulary. His voice is melodious. His eyes dance with a secret inner light. He uses every tool in his charming handbook to part fools and misers from their money.

Khalil has two major modes. When he's in a group but not a part of it, he's background Khalil. He dances from person to person, feather-light conversation glancing off of them for just a moment as he passes. When in this mode, he leaves behind only the faintest reminder that you met someone pleasant at that shindig, and boy, wasn't that a good time? When her needs to master a room, though, a very different Khalil comes out. He brings intense focus to bear on seemingly everyone in the room, somehow magically giving each his full attention in turn. He speaks clearly, powerfully, and precisely at just the proper tone and level. His conversation ranges from humor to deep sincerity and back again in a flash. He etches himself indelibly in your memory. He almost never does this without significant preparation, however, as this Khalil is unforgettable, and unforgettable Khalil must be a well-disguised and competently-aliased Khalil.


  • Depending on the situation, he frequently goes to one of two throwaway aliases - Nikodem Faiz when primarily speaking Tayeb, Damon Varga when speaking Riersche.
  • Fidgety when bored; plays with knives, coins, cards, or ropes. Primarily cards - always has some on him.
  • Likes to pull sleight-of-hand tricks just for fun on friends and, when he can get away with it, on strangers. Will do so for coins in new cities if nothing else to do.
  • Will not drink, but will pretend to if necessary. Won't talk about why.
  • Flim-flam doesn't always work on his teammates, but sometimes they'll let him think it does.
  • Afraid to admit weakness. He's been the smallest and weakest for so long that he has trouble admitting he can't do something.
  • Afraid of being alone.
  • Khalil and Salvatrix used to like to tell stories together - she'd start one, and he'd add in performance elements.
  • Thema and Khalil have developed a series of "looks" they use to communicate sometimes - the kind of "she gives him a look and he knows exactly what that look means" thing that can develop in a long-term relationship. Every once in a while, Klem catches one of those looks and gets a little frosty to them - jealousy. Klem hides her reactions well, and neither has really noticed her irritation at these looks yet.
  • Khalil hates dice games because they're so much harder to manipulate. Carbry's learned this, and he would only ever offer to play dice with Khalil.
  • Carbry is a big reader, and he may have even had some precious story-books (religious or otherwise) that he either kept in storage or brought along. He may have read or told some of these stories to the party, and Salvatrix and Khalil eventually memorized them and began to tell them with him, embellishing in places and kind of putting on shows for people when they would come into town.

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