Major Ko’ral Belingas

Race/AL: Human, LE
Class/Level: Sorcerer, 13
Str: 9, -1
Dex: 17, +3
Con: 13, +1
Int: 14, +2
Wis: 11, +0
Cha: 21, +5
Melee Weap: Quarterstaff (Staff of Frost)
Melee Attk/Dmg: +6, 1D6-1
Missile Weap: Masterwork Light Crossbow
Missile Attk/Dmg: +10, 1D8 (+12, 1D8+2 w/10 +2 Seeking Bolts + no concealment bonus for 90% or less; +12, 1D8+2+2D6 w/10 +2 Greater Flaming Bolts)
Armor: Bracers of Armor +4; Amulet of Natural Armor +2
F/R/W, BAB: +8/+10/+11, +6/+1
HP, AC, Init: 65, 19, +7
Skill Ranks: Knowledge (arcana) 10 rnk; Spellcraft 13 rnk; Knowledge (the planes) 5 rnk; Spot 6 rnk; Ride 10 rnk; Listen 6 rnk; Concentration 13 rnk; Listen 6 rnk; Search 6 rnk; Alchemy 8 rnk; Scry 7 rnk; Hide 3 rnk

Special Abilities: Summon Familiar; Maximize Spell (+3 lv); Improved Initiative (+4 Init); Bloodburn (up effective caster lv for 1D6 dmg/lv increase); Absorb Spell (forego std save and try to absorb; Will save DC 15 +2/spell lv; if successful, gain back spell slot of absorbed lv –1); Counterspell Riposte (successful counterspell allows one-action spell as immediate riposte); Repeat Spell (+3 lv; cast spell, then is auto-recast at same spot next round)

Equipment: Periapt of Alignment Shifting (previous alignment was LN); Cloak of Resistance +3; Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x3; Staff of Frost (1 chrg casts Ice Storm DC 16, Wall of Ice DC 16, or Cone of Cold DC 17; all at lv 10; 36 chrg); Spell Fetish x2 (store up to 3rd-lv spell in fetish; is recast at designated target when command word is spoken)

Spells Known: 9/5/5/4/4/3/2
Lv 0: Ghost Sounds, Dancing Lights, Slumber Swap, Prestidigitation, Read Magic, Cool/Heat, Waterfind, Resistance, Sum Up
Lv 1: Alarm, Shield, Mage Armor, Silent Image, Magic Missile
Lv 2: Web, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Protection from Arrows, Mirror Image, Detect Magic
Lv 3: Dispel Magic, Displacement, Flame Arrow, Fly
Lv 4: Wall of Fire, Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere, Improved Invisibility, Fear
Lv 5: Wall of Force, Persistent Image, Teleport
Lv 6: Antimagic Field, True Seeing

Spells/Day: 6/8/7/7/7/7/4

Notes: Was a member of the group that attacked and killed Peregrine’s family; did not attack Peregrine’s family; was captured by the Periapt of Alignment Shifting when he found it in a treasure horde in the Wild; later joined up with the Necromancer

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