Laila e'Sienne

The city of Laila e'Sienna is the capital city of the Mieran humans (or the humans of the Great Lake region). The city is tremendously large; some buildings tower nearly 250 feet into the air, though most are 50-60 feet tall at the city center. The city is quite spread out. The PCs do not know the population figures for sure, but they estimate there could easily be as many as 200,000-250,000 people living in the city and its immediate surroundings.

There are 4 survoler-like structures surrounding the palace in the center of the city itself. These survolers are even taller and grander than the other //survoler// the PCs have visited.


The PCs have learned that the Mieran humans have many regional dialects, though they all speak broadly the same language. Some of these dialects differ enough to be rendered unintelligible if the speaker so chooses (think thick Glaswegian as opposed to upper-crusty Londoner).

Some known dialects:

  • The citizens of Laila e'Sienne speak in a more nasal dialect (think Parisian French).
  • The citizens of the Survoler Severine speak with a dialect that is slightly lispy (think Barcelonan Spanish).
  • The citizens of Sanse Alea speak with a slightly more gutteral dialect (think German/French mashup).

The PCs have also heard speakers with dialects that could be considered similar to:

  • Mexican Spanish
  • Italian
  • Cajun Franch
  • Quebecois
  • Central (Madrid) Spanish

Since the PCs overheard most of these within the city of Laila e'Sienne, they do not know which regions/"cities" these dialects are from.

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