Leonardo Ignazio Pietro "Lee" Coppoletta

Character Notes

Lee is a former Lone Star detective. He worked in Seattle for nearly 13 years before suddenly quitting the force to go "lone wolf." Lee is brighter and more diligent than he usually lets on, choosing instead to project a persona obsessed with cars, gadgets, and fancy clothes.


Lee is generally on the right side of the law; as such, he usually uses his real name. He does occasionally have to do some slightly grey things, however, so he also maintains some fake IDs to protect himself.

Lee Coppoletta

Born April 14, 2042.

Lee grew up in New York State to a fairly normal, average, and boring situation. His mother and father were both corporate wage-slaves; neither was very important, but they both made decent livings. Lee's mother worked at Ares as an information specialist; Lee's father worked at Knight Errant as an operations manager. Lee's family life was stable and caring; he had (and still has) great respect for both of his parents.

Lee hit puberty relatively early and grew big fast. Throughout middle and high school, he was actively recruited onto various sports teams. He started in football and wrestling and eventually took up various other martial arts during high school. Lee's grades were so-so, but he was never a particularly stellar student. He decided early on that he wanted to go into law enforcement, assuming of course that he would probably join Knight Errant. Surprisingly, however, he was recruited by Lone Star for either a Denver or Seattle position fresh out of high school. After many discussions with his father, he decided to take the Lone Star position and took a gamble on where he would end up.

During high school, Lee also discovered his adrenaline-junkie side. He spent an inordinate amount of time tooling around on an old motorcycle, freerunning, and occasionally picking fights with drunks outside bars he and his friends had field to get into.

Fresh out of high school, Lone Star sent Lee to Denver to undergo basic law enforcement training. His athletic build and adrenaline-addict personality brought him through "Lone Star Basic Training" with flying colors. Lee actually felt a little under-challenged by basic and decided to try out for High Threat Response Team (HTRT) training immediately afterwards. HTRT training has a very high washout rate, but Lee made it through and was assigned to an HRTR team in Denver from early 2061 through mid-2062. In 2062, he was assigned to second a "suicide team" working the Seattle-area Barrens patrols. He and his team maintained a record 84% survival rate over the next 2 years, and he was subsequently promoted to team lead.

By 2065, Lee was looking for his next steps in his career. He enjoyed the high-risk work of HTRT, but he knew that he couldn't advance in HTRT without being made an operations manager and being pulled out of the field. At that point, fate intervened; a Lone Star team in Chicago had brought down a high-value target in a flash raid, and Lee was recruited to go undercover in the Seattle mob using the deceased's identity. Lee worked this cover identity off and on for the next year. Since the mob operations were generally Sound-side and his HTRT team worked Puyallup and Redmond, he was able to remain on incident response occasionally as well. His efforts got the attention of some of the higher-ups within the Seattle Lone Star district, leading to Lee's promotion to full detective after completing additional law enforcement training in 2067. This promotion was actually a little bit of a pay cut; his HTRT job paid very well, but he'd built up a significant savings account during that time.

From 2067 until the end of 2072, Lee worked as a detective in the rougher areas of the Seattle outskirts. His knowledge of the skeevier areas of the city led Lone Star to call him in to some of the riskier cases. Lee developed a something of a reputation as a bulldog and a more "hands-on" detective than most. His physicality even intimidated some of the orks and trolls in the area.

At the very end of 2062, Lee heard that a Department of Paranormal Activities detective he'd occasionally worked with was leaving Lone Star to go out on her own. Lee did some background on why Prudence was leaving; her parents' deaths were being swept under the rug, and she needed closure. He didn't really know Prudence well, having only worked with her briefly on some paranormal consultations in the past. Something told Lee that this was an opportunity that he needed to take, and he cashed out and helped her set up a private agency. Lee has blown his entire savings on paying off his remaining Lone Star contract and on buying equipment and information for the agency, but some unknown voice in the back of his head still tells him that this was the right thing to do.

Antonio "The Cleaner" Napolitano

Fake SIN R3

Antonio is a fake SIN that Lee picked up years ago while still working for Lone Star. Antonio is a shadowy, semi-present Mob problem-solver Lone Star set up to get access to some of the inner workings of the Seattle-area Mafiosos. When Lee left Lone Star, he paid off a Lone Star infosec specialist to keep the fake ID alive and occasionally add to his history.

There was a real Antonio Napolitano; he was killed in a lucky Lone Star raid in the outskirts of Chicago. Lone Star managed to recover his documentation and created an undercover identity based on his life, covering up his killing. Lee's undercover operations as Antonio made his name and helped his promotion from HRT to full detective.

Antonio is slightly older than Lee (born in March of 2040). He, much like Lee, was a somewhat generic-looking Italian-American. He was a cleanup artist who specialized in evidence disposal/elimination, though he wasn't above the occasionally hit if that was what needed to be done. Since his skillset is somewhat specialized (and somewhat rare), Antonio is expected to travel around a lot. As a result, few mobsters have really met him, and those that have only met him for a relatively short time.

When Lee had the full support of Lone Star, Antonio's fake SIN was R6. However, since his documentation is now only being updated occasionally (and in secret) by a paid-off Lone Star wage slave, the quality of the fake ID has degraded.

Shawn "Jester" Prester

Fake SIN R3

Jester is a fake name tied to Lee's decking commlink. Lee partially uses this cover ID to protect himself from prosecution, but his major motivation was to distance his decking activities from his more 'macho' persona. Lee always refers to Jester (offline) as a third party; for instance, information he retrieves while decking will be referred to as information from his "informant," Jester.

Lee isn't a stellar decker, but he likes to be self-reliant. He tries to keep his skills up as a result. Lee is also something of a gadget-o-philiac, though he tries to hide this particular weakness to some extent.

Lee uses a basic commlink himself and will only deck as Jester when he can slip away by himself. He does his best to try to keep people from tracking Jester's logins to his physical presence.

Jester's icon is an Alice-in-Wonderlandy anthropomorphic card-soldier. The card in question is, of course, a Joker.

Physical Description

Height: 1.88m (6'2")
Weight: 95 kg (210 lb)
Hair: Dark brown; short but unruly
Eyes: Brown

Lee obviously keeps himself active. He is neither a lean-muscled runner nor a steroidal bodybuilder; instead, he tries to maintain a profile somewhat in the middle. His exercise regimen dates back to his Lone Star "boot camp" days when he trained to become an HTRT officer.

Basic Personality

  1. Projects flightier, more devil-may-care attitude than he really has
    1. Tries to look and act less intelligent than he is ("not a nerd")
    2. Won't let on about decking skill, but will do his own decking work and just 'magically' come up with answers, information, etc.
  2. Thinks he's more attractive/more charismatic than he really is - not to say he's not charismatic, but he's got a tinge of arrogance on top
  3. Not particularly aggressive, but knows his way around weapons much better than one would think (HTRT training)
    1. No qualms about shooting back
    2. Tends to use non-lethal rounds as a first priority, but won't hesitate to fire lethal rounds if the situation calls for it
  4. Definite risk taker
    1. Has a bit of an adrenaline-junkie streak that he's had to find new outlets for since leaving HTRT
      1. Full-immersion driving sims
      2. Hot-sim decking (occasionally)
      3. Began freerunning again while working as a detective
    2. Though he's a risk taker, Lee isn't stupid
      1. Generally wears armor
      2. Knows how to maintain his weapons and armor and always keeps them in proper working order
  5. Bit of a prankster/practical joker


  1. Keeps fully abreast of new cars - dying to buy a nice, slick sports car for himself
    1. Can be a detriment - e.g., he can be distracted by a shiny new car when he should be paying attention to something else
  2. Keeps self outfitted in clothing about a grade or two too rich for his blood - "needs to look good"
    1. Largely reflected in his paying for High lifestyle
  3. Gotta have the newest gadgets
    1. Designer commlink
    2. Alpha cyberware

Character Statistics


Physical Score Mental Score Special Score Special Score
Body 4 Charisma 3 Edge 2 Initiative Passes 1
Agility 3 Intuition 3 Essence 6 (4.52) Matrix Initiative Passes 8 (3)
Reaction 4 Logic 2 Magic 0 Physical Damage Track 10
Strength 5 Willpower 4 Initiative 7 Stun Damage Track 10


Active Skills Score Knowledge Skills Score Language Skills Score
Armorer 4 Underground Politics 3 English Native
Dodge 2 Seattle Area 2 Italian 2
Palming 3 Forensics 2 - -
Hacking 3 Cars 4 - -
Data Search 3 (+2) Gadgets 2 - -
Pilot Ground 3 Fashion 2 - -
Pilot Aircraft 3 - - - -
Blades 3 - - - -
Clubs 3 - - - -
Unarmed Combat 3 - - - -
Automatics 4 - - - -
Longarms 4 - - - -
Pistols 4 - - - -
Perception 2 (+1) - - - -
Climbing 2 - - - -
Gymnastics 2 - - - -
Running 2 - - - -
Swimming 2 - - - -

Additional bonuses:

  • +5 dice pool to audio or visual Perception tests (excluding Matrix)
  • +2 dice pool to other non-Matrix Perception tests
  • +2 dice pool to firearms tests with smartlinked weapons
  • +2 dice pool to piloting when jumped in
  • +2 dice pool to mathematics tests
  • +2 dice pool to Encryption and Electronic Warfare tests
  • +1 dice pool to athletics tests involving balance


  • Melissa Bolander (Conn 4, Loy 4)
    • Lone Star Chief Detective
    • Lee's former mentor - now a division chief in Seattle
    • Purely professional relationship, but she also is something of a risk addict
    • Secretly jealous of Lee's HTRT work
    • Might be willing to help Lee and Pru dodge legal repercussions for minor crimes as long as they're still "on the right side"
  • Neil Molino (Conn 2, Loy 3)
    • Lone Star Infosec Specialist
    • Lee's point of contact during the mob sting operations
    • Paid off to keep the fake SIN active after Lee left Lone Star
  • Redline (Conn 1, Loy 1)
    • Go-Ganger with the 405 Hellhounds
    • Originally met Lee when semi-rescued during HTRT raid on a BTL shop with Yakuza ties
    • Lee gained his trust by coming into the Barrens occasionally to find him and talk vehicles
    • Turned occasional confidential informant during Lee's detective days, though he's very pride-driven about what he will and won't talk about

Positive Qualities

  • Analytical Mind
    • +2 dice pool to Logic tests
    • +2 dice pool to Data Search tests
    • +2 dice pool to Software tests involving patterns, clue hunting, or puzzles
  • Gearhead (Cars)
    • During a single scene (duration at the gamemaster’s discretion), can:
      • increase the Acceleration of her chosen vehicle by 20 percent, or
      • increase the Handling modifier by +1
    • +2 dice pool modifier when attempting difficult maneuvers or stunts in the vehicle.
  • Perceptive
    • +1 dice pool to perception tests

Negative Qualities

None taken.

Character Equipment

Weapons and Ammo

Weapon Dmg Ammo AP Reach/Range Mode RC Notes
Ceramic Knife 3P Undetectable by MAD scanners
AZ-150 Stun Baton 7S(e) 8(m) -half Reach 1 Recharge 1 charge/30 sec
Ares Predator IV 5P 15(c) -1 5/20/40/60 Integral Smartgun system
Remington 950 8P 5(m) -1 100/250/500/750 Top-mounted imaging scope
Rigid stock (1 pt RC)
Cannot mount underbarrel accessories
Remington 990 7P 8(m) -1 10/40/80/150 Top-mounted imaging scope
Rigid stock (1 pt RC)
Range 10/25/40/60 with shot
Cannot mount underbarrel accessories
Ammo Type Amount Dmg Mod AP Mod Armor Notes
Regular Heavy Pistol 200 B
Gel Heavy Pistol 200 S +2 I -2 opponent's Body for resisting Knockdown
Regular Sporting Rifle 200 B
Gel Sporting Rifle 200 S +2 I -2 opponent's Body for resisting Knockdown
Shotgun Slugs 200 B
Shotshells 200 +2 +3 B see SR4 p. 154 for spread rules


Armor B I Notes
Mortimer Berwick suit, black 5 3 Stylish cut, European styling
Mortimer Berwick suit, navy blue 5 3 Stylish cut, European styling

General Equipment

Thing Notes
Lifestyle 1 month Middle (detective agency)
Lifestyle 1 month High (personal residence)
Plastic Restraints (100)
Forensics tools (kit)
Fake SIN R3 Antonio
Fake SIN R3 Shawn

Cyberware and Bioware

Cyber/Bio Item C/B? Essense Cost Notes
Attention Coprocessor R2 Cyber 0.24 +2 dice to Perception tests (not Matrix)
Math SPU Cyber 0.12 Stopwatch, alarm clock, etc.
+2 dice to math tests
+2 dice to Elec Warfare and Encryption
Control Rig Cyber 0.4 Can rig vehicles
+2 dice to vehicle tests when jumped in
Datajack Cyber 0.08 Alphaware
Touchlink Cyber 0.1
Cybereyes R2 Cyber 0.24 Natural appearance
Image link and eye recording unit
Smartlink (+2 dice pool w/SL weaps)
Vision Enhancement R3 (+3 dice visual Perception)
Cyberears R2 Cyber 0.24 Natural appearance
Audio link and audio recording unit
Balance Augmentation (+1 dice pool to balance)
Audio Enhancement R3 (+3 dice visual Perception)
Increased Sensitivity (can hear ultra- and infra-sound)


Vehicle Hand Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Sensor Notes
GMC Hermes ("Hive") -1 5/10 100 2 17 6 2 Manual, Datajack, Rigger Adapted
2x aircraft drone racks (rear top)
2x wheeled drone racks (rear underside)
13 modification slots remaining
Ferret RPD-1X ("Skitter") 0 12/24 72 3 1 2 3 Increased speed and acceleration
4 modification slots remaining
Ferret RPD-1X ("Fido") 0 12/24 72 3 1 2 3 Increased speed and acceleration
4 modification slots remaining
MCT Fly-Spy ("Flitter") +1 4/18 18 3 1 0 2 Increased speed and acceleration
4 modification slots remaining
MCT Fly-Spy ("Tango") +1 4/18 18 3 1 0 2 Increased speed and acceleration
4 modification slots remaining

The GMC Hermes has been retrofitted as a surveillance van. The drone racks are visible, but they are mounted in locations where people are unlikely to really closely look at the van (on top and underneath).

Vehicle Quirks

  • Hive
    • Heavier than normal due to the addition of the racks
    • Lee sometimes says this van is "more a building and less a car"
  • Skitter
    • Tendency to oversteer a bit after the speed and acceleration modifications, hence the name
    • Pilot drives much more energetically than most; tends to accelerate and brake hard when on auto
    • Often paired with Flitter
  • Fido
    • Tends to stick closer in when on auto mode
    • Lee: "I can't put my finger on it, but this pilot just reminds me of a dog somehow."
  • Flitter
    • Lee sometimes calls this "Skitter's long-lost brother"; seems to fly the same way Skitter drives
    • Even in hover mode, doesn't like to stay still, sometimes randomly repositioning up to 3'
    • Often paired with Skitter
  • Tango
    • Pilot usually acts more slowly than Flitter's, but in Lee's opinion, it flies more gracefully
    • Somewhat of a tongue-in-cheek moniker as well, as this is the only one of Lee's drones that had been shot before he bought it


Commlink OS Response Signal System Firewall
Hermes Ikon Isis Orb 4 3 3 3


  • Skinlink
  • Printer
Software Rating Notes
Forensics Agent 3
Data Search Agent 3
Gadget News Agent 5 Specialty; seeks out gadgets and cars
News Agent 5

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