List of Dominated Islanders

Dominated Minions

As of three months prior to Thema's appearance, the PCs have invested considerable power to purge the manifested worm-constructs from the Isle of Mist. As a result, the people listed below are no longer dominated, and the 40-some-odd "free worms" that had been hidden in Brightmill and Golddale have been destroyed as well.

  1. Hawa Travert, potentially a violent dominee of the Usurper used as a blunt weapon when one is needed. (Valleysea Area as of 6/25)
  2. Anita Waldemar, an apothecary and herbalist. (Violetford)
  3. Ward Berenger, a wealthy and influential gemcutter and jeweler. (Golddale)
  4. Camilla Berenger, an active socialite and party-thrower with the ears of politicians and priests. (Golddale)
  5. Thomas Berenger, the son of Ward and Camilla, being groomed to rapidly climb the Golddale political landscape. (Golddale)
  6. Mattias Medved, lives with Anita Waldemar. (Violetford)
  7. Jerred Darcy, a masterminer and one of the men who voted Esme out of the tunnels. (Golddale)
  8. David Tapia, a mastersmith in the mines. (Golddale)
  9. Cherise Godo Glass, a well-known fisherwoman who has a knack for finding deep-water fish; known to explore. Took Margaretha on her trip near a Watcher. (North Isle)
  10. Ivonne Issachar, a mid-level priestess of Ehlonna. (Brightmill)
  11. Minna Soloman, a young engineer with a knack for some magic and a real head for boats who is learning to build much more seaworthy vessels and possibly to penetrate the Isle's protections with them somehow. (North Isle)
  12. Henrika Foley, an expert young bowyer, fletcher, and huntress who has stalked and killed unwary travellers for the Usurper a few times but mostly tries to track down where the rebels are. (West Isle)
  13. Karman Bartos, a city watch member frequently in the know about the shady side of Brightmill. (Brightmill)
  14. Norman Mayes, a well-known and well-liked candymaker. (Violetford) DECEASED
  15. Nana Lund, an oyster farmer, pearl diver, and a magical reagent dealer; very wealthy. (North Isle)
  16. Miran Reynolds, an assistant to Arit Brightmiller who is somehow always around but seldom noticed. (Brightmill) DECEASED

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