List of Dominated Islanders

Dominated Minions

There are explicitly 16 total dominated people on the Isle of Mist. I'll need to make one who is a master of poisons and whatnot. He or she is responsible for killing off Esme and Torin the last time around, though he or she was probably just the root cause. Another pawn (maybe another dominated blunt instrument sneakier than Hawa) could have actually delivered the doses.

  1. Hawa Travert, potentially a violent dominee of the Usurper used as a blunt weapon when one is needed. (Unknown)
  2. Anita Waldemar, an apothecary and herbalist. (Violetford)
  3. Ward Berenger, a wealthy and influential gemcutter and jeweler. (Golddale)
  4. Camilla Berenger, an active socialite and party-thrower with the ears of politicians and priests. (Golddale)
  5. Thomas Berenger, the son of Ward and Camilla, being groomed to rapidly climb the Golddale political landscape. (Golddale)
  6. Mattias Medved, lives with Anita Waldemar. (Violetford)
  7. Jerred Darcy, a masterminer and one of the men who voted Esme out of the tunnels. (Golddale)
  8. David Tapia, a mastersmith in the mines. (Golddale)
  9. Cherise Godo Glass, a well-known fisherwoman who has a knack for finding deep-water fish; known to explore. Took Margaretha on her trip near a Watcher. (North Isle)

Feel free to add other information about these people as you uncover it

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