List of Minor NPCs - Isle of Mist Campaign


Celsus Mirle

  1. "Farmer Mirle" from religious parable of founding

Inam Brightmiller

  1. Founder of Brightmill city
  2. Builder of the Brightmill
  3. Master engineer

Lylye Ring

  1. Founder of Violetford
  2. First Elder
  3. Has a statue in the center of town
  4. Ring family now gone (as a surname)
    1. many generations back, all daughters
    2. unknown if any descendants of Lylye still alive/around

Olivia Brightmiller

  1. Daughter of Inam Brightmiller
  2. See parable

Piers Ring

  1. Lylye Ring's son
  2. See parable


Arit Brightmiller

  1. City Elder of Brightmill
  2. Direct descendent of founder Inam Brightmill
  3. Brightmiller family still lives mostly in Brightmill
  4. She's in her mid-60s.
  5. Her family is very large
    1. 6 living children
      1. Elio (m, deceased at 19, no children)
      2. Mia (f, now Gwydion, 40)
      3. Severianis (m, 38)
      4. Rosa (f, deceased at 23 in childbirth, was Brant; 2 children survive)
      5. Muiris (m, 35)
      6. Julia (f, never married, 32)
      7. Seisyll (f, now Arnii, 30)
      8. Clemente (f, Hendry at 19, then Lyne at 24, 27)
    2. Nearly 20 grandchildren

Ardrak Hobazi

  1. City Elder of Violetford
  2. Backers would consider him logical and thoughtful
  3. Detractors would call him cold, distant, emotionless
  4. Detractors have to give him grudging respect for being able to put the needs of the city and the island above his personal gain, but still feel he's emotionally distant and out of touch with populace

Nysdari "Nys" Honceria

  1. City Elder of Golddale
  2. one tough old motherfucker
  3. she used to be a candidate for masterminer
  4. never very large woman, but wiry as fuck, and could just swing a pick for 12 hours straight

Master Craftsmen

Merton Maslanka

  1. City Healer of Brightmill
  2. Crusty old man
  3. Personally trained nearly 50 healers to date
  4. (think Dr. McCoy)

Laure Yehowah

  1. City Healer of Violetford

Robena Shi Reyer

  1. City Healer of Golddale
  2. Relatively young, but famously skilled
  3. Miners will not hear a word spoken against her

Théo Simmon

  1. Master Miner
  2. Lives in Golddale
  3. Directly oversees largest mine, Ogechukwukama
  4. Barely speaks (lung trouble)

Otso Griffin

  1. Master Smith (Brightmill or Golddale, probably Golddale)

Sonnath "Rill" Rillran

  1. Master Farmer
  2. Lives outside of Violetford
  3. Directly oversees nearly 100 acres

Types of Masters

A short list of various "master crafts" on the Isle

  1. Masterhealer
  2. Mastersmith
  3. Mastercarpenter
  4. Masterscribe
  5. Mastermage
  6. Masterspeaker
  7. Mastersinger
  8. Masterarmorer
  9. Masterchef
  10. Masterjeweler
  11. Masterminer
  12. Masterhunter
  13. Masterfalconer
  14. Masterfarmer
  15. Masterfisher
  16. Masterlumberer
  17. Masterbowyer


High Priests

  1. Boccob: Adrasteia Moores, Brightmill
  2. Ehlonna: Mabella Lawson, Brightmill
  3. Erythnul: Cronus Lyon, Violetford
  4. Fharlanghn: Margaretha Callistus, Violetford
  5. Heironyous: Uri Krejci, Violetford
  6. Hextor: Gerolamo Xanthe, Golddale
  7. Nerull: Farrell Ignazio, Violetford
  8. Olidammara: Shimone Rosalinda, Golddale
  9. Pelor: Bryn Hume, matriarch of the sprawling Hume family, Brightmill


Farm Forest druids

  1. probably very few of them - 9?
  2. none are high level

Stormwall (Elite Guards)

There are always exactly 81 members of the Stormwall including the captain. The group itself is divided into 4 cohorts of 20, each of which is lead by a lieutenant. Four sergeants in each cohort lead 4- or 5-man teams (including themselves) to bring the number to 20 men in each cohort. The soldiers themselves are structured so that there are 3 5-man teams (sergeant and 4 privates) and 1 4-man team in each cohort. The 4-man team is the lieutenant's support team and is the most experienced or most decorated of the soldiers in that cohort, with the other teams acting at the discretion of their sergeants and at the general direction of the lieutenant. The cohorts are unspecialized; all are trained in a style of fighting that emphasizes hammer and shield, though they are also trained with bows.

The Prime Cohort is the top-rated, most skilled cohort among the Stormwall. The Prime is tasked with the primary defense of the Godswatch and the Via Violetford. The Support Cohort is tasked with direct protection of the citizens of the Isle
- they are required to pull back any injured members of Prime, treat wounds, and evacuate farms and even cities if necessary. They are given the fastest means of travel available and carry the least gear. The Secondary and Tertiary Cohorts are tasked to back up either Prime or Support cohort at the direction of the Captain.

Aside: as far as game mechanics go, the Stormwall soldiers are all at least level 8; they must be, because to qualify you have to train as a Stormwall, which is a prestige class. Most were fighters, rangers, or clerics, but other classes can qualify as well.

The current captain of the Stormwall is a soldier nearing retirement despite his intense desire to delay said retirement. His name is Alcyone Banister; he may well be one of the strongest fighters on Isle. His lieutenants, all fighting for the opportunity to succeed him as captain, are:

  1. Prime Cohort: Osvald Luksa, the most experienced of the lieutenants and the toughest on his soldiers. He's very respected but not necessarily the most well-liked due to his intensely professional demeanor.
  2. Support Cohort: Uriel Hume, who came to the Stormwall via the priesthood. She was a skilled priestess of Erythnul and has made excellent use of her background in structuring and guiding her cohort.
  3. Secondary Cohort: Newell Brant, the youngest of the Stormwall lieutenants at mid-thirties or so. He came from the mines of Golddale and is an immensely large and powerful man for the Isle, standing over 6'6" and weighing nearly 270 pounds. Despite his intimidating size, he's reasonably well-liked, though discipline can suffer in his cohort due to his more laissez faire attitude toward his charges.
  4. Tertiary Cohort: Minta Hume, Uriel's younger sister from the immense Hume family of Violetford, is the newest of the lieutenants and just barely older than Newell. Unlike her sister, she came to the Stormwall not through the priesthood but through the rangers, not joining the guard until a couple of years after Uriel had. She is perhaps a bit standoffish to her soldiers, but she's well-known to be fiercely protective of them.

City Watch of Violetford

  1. Captain Tybalt Greenfall, who is also one the people who audition those who wish to join the Stormwall
  2. Joash Donaldson, a friendly and jovial but admittedly middling-skill guardsman

City Watches of Brightmill & Golddale


Other Islanders

  1. Mathias Keeley (Sergeant under Uriel, and one of the primary candidates to move up to Lieutenant if and when someone (likely Osvald) takes over for Banister upon Banister's retirement)
  2. Dina Revie Carlisle
  3. Ruby Tulio Martell
  4. Laure Elena Breckenridge
  5. Mario Humphrey Berenger
  6. Ridley Pili
  7. Fabius Bolton
  8. Tobin Keavey
  9. Elijah Ghyslaine
  10. Ornat Rosanne Rake
  11. Jame Gaye Saleedo
  12. Richard Cesar Stoddard
  13. Nolene Alexandre Sachs
  14. Nico Eppie Little
  15. Kayly Sargent
  16. Stellan Sauven
  17. Luella Victor
  18. Thorsten Ward Rivera
  19. David Jon Plank
  20. Zinnia Annette Kentigern (one of the elder Druids working the forests)
  21. Railee Martine Vonnegut (an experienced competent priestess of Olidammara, working in Violetford)
  22. Florianne Pen Heath
  23. Ashley Graciana Sorley
  24. Carmelita Rebecca Farber
  25. Walter Aggie Lange (one of the mid-level priests of Olidammara, stationed in Golddale)
  26. Karol Gabrus Wedekind
  27. Amanda Adele Meallan (Esme's apprentice before Maleos)
  28. Ralph Livian Daniels (Esme's first apprentice)
  29. David Curro Tapia
  30. Cyndice Georgianna Bourne
  31. Aldegund Patrice Varnham
  32. Cherise Godo Glass
  33. Septimus Percy Kaiser
  34. Jerred Bentley Darcy (dominated miner in Golddale)

List of Mythic Islanders
List of Dominated Islanders

Aida - Minor Contacts

Some ideas up for comment:

  1. Drill instructor
      1. Sees she has seed of greatness, so pushes her to her absolute limits
      2. She probably thinks he hates her
  2. Quartermaster

Darias - Minor Contacts

Some ideas up for comment:

  1. Watchman who beat up Darias as a child
  2. Brightmill's master engineer

Maleos - Minor Contacts

  1. TODO

Violetford's Most Wanted

Despite the collaborative culture of the Isle, there is the occasional societal drop-out. While most thieves are small-time and can be dealt with by the various City Watch patrols, there are occasionally small bands of brigands that successfully hide out in the wild and hit travelers (and sometimes merchant caravans) to sustain themselves. The Violetford City Watch, as the most well-equipped Watch on the Isle, occasionally sends out parties to try to apprehend these brigands if they become too much of a problem for the merchants, though even they cannot often spare the manpower for extended searches. The Violetford Watch also posts bounties for these brigands, though the notices clearly state that only trained foresters and druids should attempt to obtain these bounties. These bounties are almost always backed by the Merchants' Guild. Currently, these are the only people for whom Violetford has posted a bounty.

The dates reported below are accurate as of the start of the campaign.

Francis Sheenan

Francis Sheenan is a former woodsman whose business went south due to logging-area violations. The druids fined Francis to pay for forest restoration and banned him from logging for a year, leaving him with a great deal of debt that would have taken him years to pay off. Instead, he bolted into the forest and took up banditry to sustain himself. Francis is a reasonably charismatic man with considerable forest experience and eminently-flexible morals. Watch information suggests that he moves around in the Miller's Forest, possibly having a camp in or near the Fishstink Swamp. He has caused significant problems for small merchant caravans travelling between Brightmill and Golddale.

Francis is a highly competent archer and quite skilled with an axe. He is not afraid to kill merchant guards in order to either obtain funds or cover his escape. He is believed to be supported by a band of at least a half-dozen men.

Age: 33
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Around 188 lb.
Description: Moderately-tanned skin with dark hair streaked with grey. Dark eyes.
Distinguishing Features: Left-handed. Missing tip of smallest finger on his left hand. Small scars and marks on both left and right forearms from years of minor logging injuries.

Crimes: Robbery, Theft of Foodstuffs, Attempted Murder, Murder
Reward: 2,000 Brazers (Golddale Merchant's Guild)

Abenner Botterill

Abenner is a young man who had been apprenticing as a priest of Ehlonna. By all accounts, he decided that the priesthood was too much work and took off with around 250 Elders worth of temple property, mostly herbs and alchemical equipment. He was a master herbalist before he left the temple and was training as a medicine-maker.

Abennar is not much of a fighter. Moreover, he has apparently gone to great lengths to avoid killing or seriously injuring any of the people his band has assaulted. Reports from guards and merchants suggest that he and his band use arrows with heavy lead-filled bags or needle-like tips as well as darts and traps. The needle-arrows and darts are coated in some form of toxin that weakens his enemies and/or causes hallucinations. Some guards have reported that Abennar goes so far as to personally heal injured guards so as to leave everyone unharmed but incapacitated. Abennar seems to be quite intelligent and carefully plans his assaults, only taking caravans where he is certain that he can do so without killing or severely injuring anyone. He has been known to cherry-pick only certain items from his targets, leaving much of their stock intact, generally taking only highly-portable and high-value items.

Abennar and his band have been operating along the Miller's Road. The Violetford Watch have sent three separate search parties to find him, all unsuccessful; it is rumored that he might be working with a rogue druid who helps cover the band's tracks and conceal their camp or camps.

Age: 27
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Around 155 lb
Description: Short, light-brown hair and dark blue eyes. Fresh-faced. Looks younger than his real age.
Distinguishing Features: Stained fingertips.

Crimes: Assault, robbery.
Reward: 1,100 Elders (Violetford Merchants' Guild)

Hawa Travert

Not much is known about Hawa Travert's origins or if that is even his real name. He is possibly the most dangerous person on the list. He has never been seen, and this name may be an alias. The Watch issued this notice because of many incidents where this name has been found carved into an emptied cart surrounded by dead guards. Hawa only attacks small groups, and that only rarely. The Watch believes he works alone, though he may be an alias for a band of brigands.

The Hawa Travert mark has been found on carts along Miller's Road, Ring's Road, and (most recently) the Valley Road. There is generally a multiple-month lull between attacks; the longest lull has been over a year. Hawa Travert has killed to a man the only search party sent out for him (6 Violetford soldiers). Hawa Travert has been operating for nearly a decade.

Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Description: Unknown
Distinguishing Features: Unknown

Crimes: Murder, Robbery, Theft of Foodstuffs
Reward: 1,500 Elders (Violetford Merchants' Guild), 1,500 Mills (Brightmill Merchants' Guild)

Coreen Bryant

Coreen Bryant is believed to be the person responsible for a series of thefts along the Valley Road during the last 18 months. This information comes from interviews with farmers and woodsmen who live in the area, though these suspicions are purely circumstantial. Coreen lives with her parents in a small farmstead at the south foot of the Ring Peaks. The Golddale City Watch sent to find her was unable to find any proof that she was responsible for her alleged crimes and was forced to leave her there, though merchants have been warned to watch out for her.

Coreen allegedly steals from merchant caravans travelling along the Slideroad. Merchants report that small, high-value items have gone missing from their caravan. Occasionally, they recall having seen a tall, wiry girl wearing a long, hooded cloak near their caravans before having noticed the theft. All told, nearly 600 Brazers worth of merchandise has been reported missing along that route over the past 18 months. The Golddale City Watch was unable to find any of the items reported missing, any unexplained money or equipment, or any physical evidence of Coreen's guilt, and both she and her family strongly maintain her innocence. Without any evidence of her guilt, the Watch left Coreen in the care of her parents.

Age: 17
Height: 6'1"
Weight: About 170 lb
Description: Tall and wiry, with long blonde hair. Rarely seen as more than just a shape moving through the woods.
Distinguishing Features: Long hair.

Crimes: Robbery
Reward: 150 Brazers

Orsola Finn

Orsola Finn is believed to live alone somewhere in the Shipeater Swamp. She has been seen two or three times every year raiding merchant and logging caravans all along the south of the island. She is known to be a spellcaster of some sort. She apparently prefers not to kill her targets, but she also is willing to do so.

Orsola is extremely dangerous when encountered, but she does not appear to venture out often. Search parties, including both priests and wizards from Brightmill and Golddale, have been sent out multiple times during her three-decade-long string of robberies, but most came back empty-handed; a few others never came back at all.

Age: 45
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Around 90 lb
Description: Shaved head and green-grey eyes.
Distinguishing Features: Tattoos all over her face and arms.

Crimes: Murder, Robbery, Theft of Foodstuffs
Reward: 1,000 Mills (Brightmill Merchants' Guild); 1,000 Brazers (Golddale Merchants' Guild)

Kaede NPCs

Aelphin NPCs in and around the city of Kaede

  1. Tighearnán, master priest of Onónion Birvir
  2. Yuuto-Kazuo, acolyte priestess of Onónion Birvir
  3. Matsuán, aelphin "architect"
  4. Gorounaka, aelphin wizard
  5. Yoshirou-Mura, aelphin town guard
  6. Kazuo-Glenn, aelphin priestess of Faeliel Runraiion (encountered by Darias during Trying Times)
  7. Eithneshen, aelphin guard that traveled with the party to Hallvar
  8. Cadwgansukhon, aelphin merchant that traveled with the party to Hallvar
    1. Seòras and Gall-Óbhar, the merchant's horses
    2. Wares:
      1. casks of wine
      2. laminated wood
      3. jewelry
      4. bolts of aelphin cloth
    3. young woodcrafter and aspiring merchant who took the job to make additional money for his new family
    4. not at all a fighter, but good with horses

Hallvar NPCs

NPCs in and around the dharven city of Hallvar

  1. Mother Silvijo, dharven portrait painter (looks to be nearing middle age) - speaks minimal Equaen
  2. Szczęsny: Giant 7'5" bony stall tender of "Fabrics" pavilion tent - speaks some Equaen with thick accent
  3. Humans: (4) operating some sort of stall in Romijn Market Square
    1. K!cha, male
    2. Ya'z!, female
    3. ǂHaoia!, female
    4. T!chalǂ, male
  4. Dharven interpreter - speaks Equaen well with minimal accent
  5. Rido, young dharven woman, probably thief, definitely attractive
  6. Onesimusyehudit Jotham: Hairy 10'-tall bear-gorilla giant seen negotiating with human stallkeepers. PCs have learned his species is the zwallen.
  7. Worm-Targeted Dharven
    1. Drahomíra - Female; Perfect Edge Blacksmithy
      1. crafts purely household items - tools, kitchen implements, etc
      2. Rido told PCs that Drahomira's father was a forgemaster of great reknown, but is now dead for years
      3. Drahomira grew up in smithy and has been using a forge practically since she could walk
    2. Ivanka - Female; Ivanka's Jewelry Box
      1. very slight and pale dharve
      2. heavily guarded and warded shop
      3. fine jewelry
      4. something struck Maleos as odd about Ivanka
    3. Zuñiga - Female; Arcana (an enchanter's shop)
    4. Boon - Male; Stonewall Armorer
      1. enchanted chain and shield in shop for repairs when PCs went there
      2. one forge is enchanted w/ transmutation, abjuration
      3. this is where PCs saw the worm
      4. Maleos overheard mention of argia
    5. Eyvindur - Male; Brickbreaker's (Weaponsmith)
    6. Anneke - Female; Tankard Elixirs, Etc.

Akihito-Remi NPCs

  1. Queen Keiko-Tama-Sia, the leader of Akihito-Remi and possibly all of the aelphin.
  2. Íomhar-Saito, a priestess in Akihito-Remi
  3. Hlimidh, Íomhar-Saito's husband
  4. TODO more NPCs - guard captain, palace guards, Iomhar, etc.

Yegek NPCs

  1. Xavier, a tall, pale human rescued from the Ice Tower.
  2. Marinus, a short, slight, heavily-tattooed kobalai rescued from the Ice Tower.
  3. Finnbarre, a badly-injured aelphin rescued from the Ice Tower.
  4. Gershomcenhelm Gulladdens Steinn, a stag-headed giant killed in the conflict with the Winter Lady. Originally introduced himself to the party as "Hunter".
  5. Jarlelund Mahlidewit Lorna, another of the stag-headed giants who lead the battle against the Winter Lady.
  6. Gundajehu Belshazzarlyne Achaab, another of the stag-headed giants who lead the battle against the Winter Lady.
  7. Sibyllalangbroek Glennelliar, the warrior-zwallen who escorted the party through Yegek during the battle against the Winter Lady.
  8. Baghdassarian, one of the white-scaled lizards who supported the city of Yegek during the battle against the Winter Lady.
  9. Panossian, one of the white-scaled lizards who supported the city of Yegek during the battle against the Winter Lady.
  10. Ottilia, one of the giant eagle-creatures known to the zwallen as "thunderbirds."
  11. Filip, one of the giant eagle-creatures known to the zwallen as "thunderbirds."
  12. Avihu, one of the giant eagle-creatures known to the zwallen as "thunderbirds."

Sundtar Agamm NPCs


Laila e'Sienne NPCs

TODO shipwright, some others?

Sanse Alea NPCs

TODO mainly constructs

Fazl Ehsan NPCs

TODO list named daeva that the PCs met

  1. Bilalousaidrosyan, Queen of the Middle Isles, She of the Laurels, Evening Star and Copper-Tongue, Blood of the First, a large copper drakke who rules the village

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