List of Minor NPCs - Star Wars


ISD-31 Bellicose

The Bellicose is a standard Imperial-class Star Destroyer, and one of the older ones at that.

The Imperial Star Destroyer Bellicose was one of the Star Destroyers deployed to chase the PCs away from Coruscant. It took some minor damage during the battle (from Gold Squadron's proton torpedos). The Bellicose is one of the older Kuat Drive Yards Star Destroyers; as such, her systems are less efficient and require more maintenance than those onboard the newer models. As a result, the damage done by the Rebel escapees significantly impacted the Bellicose's patrols.

The Bellicose hosts a full 6 squadrons of TIE fighters, generally 48 TIE-ln, 12 TIE bombers, and 12 TIE interceptors.

Moff Worma Barris

The captain of the Bellicose is Moff Worma Barris, an older "gentleman" and the son of a former regional governor in the Old Republic. The title of Moff was granted him as a condition of the territory's peaceable incorporation into the Galactic Empire. Though Moff Barris (and it is always Moff Barris) is imperious, egotistical, and somewhat fey, he is also an aggressive, competent, and (most of all) dangerous enemy. Moff Barris has proven himself to be a capable tactician with a talent for ensuring his own personal goals can be accomplished while still following the strategic dictates of the Imperial Navy. While Moff Barris currently commands only the Bellicose, rumor has is that his extensive record and demonstrable skill at captaining his vessel puts him close in line for command of an entire battle group.

Krenis Taa

Dwayne Johnson exemplifies Krenis - large, strong, charismatic, and aggressive.

Tam's best friend from the Senatorial Guard, which isn't exactly saying a ton. Krenis and Tam originally met when both attended the Coruscant Security Forces Academy together. They lost touch for a while but were reacquainted when Krenis became a Senatorial Guard private.
Krenis and Tam would meet up every few weeks for drinks and bar-crawls, and they became relatively good friends, if not particularly close. Krenis remains a Senatorial Guard in the employ of Senator Romodi.

Krenis, like Tam, has a traditional "alpha male" personality, though he is much cockier than Tam. He does, to his credit, have less of a temper, being far more calm and calculating. In some cases, this makes him seem (perhaps accurately) rather cold. To his credit, however, he has the restraint to not fire his weapon unless he has little choice remaining in the matter.

Krenis is an average-height human with striking features, especially his sharp green eyes. He keeps his blond hair cropped very close in traditional military style. Unlike Tam, Krenis is somewhat vain and prefers to dress very fashionably when not in uniform. His vanity causes him to live on the upper edge of his means, but his charm and forceful personality have kept him from falling prey to the possible poor consequences of his financial decisions.

Sola Min

Lena Headey as Sarah Connor comes close to Sola Min's character.

Sola is a young Senatorial Guard commando. Tam and Krenis Taa met her at a bar, and Tam ended up developing a "mutual understanding" with her wherein they would take out their mutual sexual aggressions on one another every so often, had they no other arrangements at the time. Neither Tam nor Sola would ever claim that the two had been dating.

As a commando, Sola does not work directly for any one Senator. Instead, she is sent out on various special assignments by the Senate as needed. This also gives her some leeway to buck military tradition, which she grasps readily. Sola's commando training has taught her that shooting first is not necessarily the proper first response. However, whenever weapons fire seems to be the most efficient solution for a given problem, she will not hesitate one iota.

Sola is a reasonably-attractive human female, but one who wouldn't really stand out in a crowd as a particular beauty. Much of her attractiveness comes from her strong personality and her absolute obsession with keeping her body in peak physical condition. Though Tam would never admit it openly, Sola is easily his match in pure physical strength. Bucking military style, she keeps her auburn hair long; when out of uniform, she prefers loose-fitting clothing, as one of her favorite pastimes is demonstrating her mastery of Hijkata on annoying barmates. Sola is very competitive; she and Tam probably only got along because the two never met one another on the mat. Sola brings this competitiveness to her sexual life as well; she has no qualms about approaching men in whom she has an interest.

Lt. Vanel Vassic

Young female Lt. aboard ISD Coruscant Express. Met Tam and Orden when they were posing as Antaran diplomatic representatives. She is an attorney aboard the Star Destroyer.

Rebel Alliance

Rebel Alliance officers and anyone assisting the rebellion.

Army General Carlist Rieekan

General Rieekan debating tactics with fellow officers on Hoth

General Rieekan is a Rebel tactician currently tasked with the establishment of Echo Base on Hoth, a secret Rebel hideaway and weapons stash. After establishing the base, he has been directed to report to Delaya, near Alderaan, his home planet. The PCs met Rieekan upon their arrival to Hoth.

Rieekan is not closely involved with the PCs in the early days of Echo Base, though he did greet the Senator to acknowledge his contributions to the Rebellion and to demonstrate to the other troops on Hoth that the Senator was trustworthy. The general also broke the news to the Senator that his escape had been covered up by the Empire as a matter of courtesy to Venn.

After the initial meeting, Rieekan was too busy to really interact with the PCs, as he was personally responsible for the successful establishment of this fallback base on Hoth.

Navy Lieutenant Pacer "Acid" Cabrell

Acid is a good-looking, athletic, and charismatic fighter pilot

TODO formerly "red 4" during escape from Bilbringi; flew with Tam as gunner/navigation

Middling height, skinny, pretty attractive guy. Cocky. Think a combo of Maverick and Iceman from Top Gun, but more team-oriented. Snarky as hell (need to capture some quotes from first session).

(To Tam): "If you throw up, I swear I'll kill you." - Just before performing a super-tight spiral to evade shots from a TIE-ln on his 6 while his aft shields were down.

Dexterity 4D Knowledge 2D Mechanical 3D Perception 4D Strength 3D Technical 2D
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
blaster 6D survival 3D astrogation 5D stamina 4D starfighter repair 4D
dodge 6D starfighter piloting 6D
starfighter gunnery 6D

Army Sergeant First Class Jonathan Marshall

Marshall looks somewhat like UFC/MMA fighter Gabriel Gonzaga

TODO melee/hand-to-hand instructor on Hoth

Tall (6' or 6'1"), muscular, wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley. Thick head of hair, mustache. Long arms for his height. The picture shown here is pretty accurate for build and general look, but he should have longer hair and a thick mustache.

Dexterity 4D Knowledge 2D Mechanical 2D Perception 2D Strength 5D Technical 1D
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
blaster 6D command 4D brawling 8D
dodge 7D
melee combat 7D
thrown weaps 5D

Navy Senior Chief Warrant Officer Zeall Maral

Chief Maral looks something like Chris Own (American Pie, Can't Hardly Wait)

TODO maint chief for cap ships on Hoth

He's a very small man, ratlike look to him. He's a former tank rat, and though he's much older now, he's still got a talent for getting into the tightest spaces of ships. Bushy hair, not military - civilian look to him in general. Fidgety, and always seems to be carrying some sort of tool. Speaks in bursts, pause-talk-pause-talk. Super nimble fingers. Everyone trusts him, because he can fix damn near anything if he has enough scrap metal. The picture shown here is fairly accurate for a much younger Chief Maral; he is roughly a decade older than shown.

Dexterity 2D Knowledge 3D Mechanical 2D Perception 1D Strength 2D Technical 4D
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
space transport piloting 3D lifting 4D space transport repair 7D
stamina 3D starfighter repair 7D
repulsorlift repair 6D
starship weapon repair 6D

Army Major General Andrew Garnik

General Garnik is a lean, dignified, older black man who carried himself much like Morgan Freeman

General Garnik is an older Rebel general and a native of Antaras. He was rescued from a prison holding facility by the PCs during their first real mission for the Rebellion.

Until recently, Garnik was playing both sides, pretending to serve the Empire as a member of the Imperial military while coordinating with defectors within the various engineering firms on various Core and near-Rim planets. His official position was Imperial liason, keeping tabs on construction projects in conjunction with some higher-ups in the Imperial Navy. His job was to review and report on the progress of various Imperial military engineering projects, usually Imperial Navy projects that included some infantry component. This position gave him access to a large amount of information about Imperial military force development. It also put him in position to ferry a certain amount of materiel to the Rebel Alliance under the noses of the Imperials.

General Garnik was exposed and captured by the Imperials when one of his informants was discovered and tailed. As a result, he is persona non grata within the Empire, of course. To protect his family, however, he has not been home, nor has he communicated with his family for over 10 years. He believes that his family will be safe, as the Empire has no reason to suspect that his family would provide any leverage over him in the event of his defection. This may or may not truly be the case.

While in prison, General Garnik was severely injured by the Imperial interrogators. His injuries left him in medical care for weeks after his rescue.

Army Private Lophen Halcyon

No image yet

Private Halcyon is a young rebel soldier stationed at Echo Base during the start of the campaign. He was badly injured during the prison holding facility raid. His first meeting with Tam went poorly - they met in combat training on Echo Base. He made the mistake of throwing a sucker punch at Tam immediately before the match was called to start. For his troubles, Tam beat the ever-loving crap out of him during the match, sending him to medical. His actions during the prison break mission didn't work out much better for him, as he bitched about not leading a breach team, then was immediately shot upon being given the opportunity. He survived the prison break with serious wounds due only to Tam's rapid application of his minimal first aid skills.

Engineer Garyth Parsons

Joe Sutter, father of the 747, seems as good a physical inspiration for an engineer as any

The PCs rescued Engineer Parsons from the prison holding facility during their first official raid as Rebel Alliance soldiers. He was captured in the process of defecting from his position at Kuat Drive Yards to the Rebellion. He masterminded the transfer of information to General Garnik and the defection of some of his colleagues.

Parsons' wife died a few years ago during a particularly harsh Imperial suppression of protests on Kuat. He had no children. He resolved on that very day to defect to the Rebellion, using his influence since to pass information (and, occasionally, materiel) to the Rebels. He also did what little he could to reasonably delay production on certain Imperial ships.

More recently, Parsons began to feel that his activities were beginning to be suspected by his superiors at Kuat Drive Yards. He began coordinating the defection of himself and some of his colleagues with General Garnik, planning to bring one last bit of infrastructure to the Rebels as his parting blow to the Empire. However, his treason was suspected enough for the Imperial security forces to tail him. Unfortunately, they managed to catch him, a colleague, and General Garnik finalizing the meet under the guise of a construction review. This led to their imprisonment in the Imperial holding facility from which the PCs later freed them.

Army Private Zaff Ran

No image yet

Private Ran is a grunt stationed on Echo Base. He accompanied the PCs on their first foray into piracy.

Navy Chief Petty Officer Sinadra Wilson

Toccara Jones, in a non-fashion-magazine picture, gives a reasonably good idea of CPO Wilson's appearance. She tends to dress very practically, and never in white... it would stain.

CPO Wilson manages a maintenance crew on board the Rebel frigate Privateer. While the Privateer is stationed around Echo Base, she has been assisting CWO Maral with spaceship maintenance. She accompanied the PCs on their first foray into piracy as a repair technician for both the GR-75 and the YT-2400. While not particularly comfortable with fighters or firepower, she's a wizard when it comes to repairing larger vessels.

If she'd have grown up on Earth, she'd have been a grease monkey for sure.  Grew up near a spaceport; has been shoulder-deep inside the bowels of ships since she was big enough to lift a spanner.  Experience with smaller ships is outdated due to her longtime work with the big boys.  Born on Corellia.  Might have the tiniest problem with PT, but she's too much of a fan of her curves to let that bring her down.  Tallish and relatively strong, very dark skin and eyes.  (not fat-fat, but very curvy, and run times are marginal)

Dexterity xD Knowledge xD Mechanical xD Perception xD Strength xD Technical xD
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
blaster xD skill xD skill xD skill xD brawling xD skill xD


All of these NPCs live on Antaras.

Gallos Tyree

While the clothing and accoutrements would be different, this is basically what Gallos Tyree looks like.

Venn's father, Gallos Tyree, also supports the efforts of the Rebel Alliance (as do many, if not most, of Antaras's citizens and leaders). However, as the second most powerful figure on the Anataran Ruling Council, he must walk a fine line in order to maintain the safety of the people of his world. As a result, he has publicly denounced the actions of his son as a disgrace to both Antaras and his family. Secretly, Gallos takes pride in his son's actions, though he fears that he will not be able to give his son any real help… and might not ever see him again.

Dexterity Knowledge Mechanical
Skill 2D + 2 Skill 4D Skill 2D + 1
Perception Strength Technical
Skill 4D Skill 2D + 2 Skill 2D + 2

Illiara Tyree

This is an image of Illiara when she was fifteen to twenty years younger, and her illness has also led her to look a bit more pale and haggard.

Illiara is descended from another Antaran noble family (known for their service to the Antaran Defense Forces, and their advocacy for fierce retalitation in response to Xillashi aggression), and is nearly as potent a politician as her husband. She sponsors many charities, both on Antaras, and in the larger galactic community. Over the past few years, her health has been failing, forcing her to take a less and less politically public role in her family. Her husband and children publicly downplay her condition, but are growing quite worried, as the finest physicians on their planet have not been able to determine the source of her illness.

Dexterity Knowledge Mechanical
Skill 3D Skill 3D + 2 Skill 2D + 1
Perception Strength Technical
Skill 4D Skill 1D + 2 Skill 2D + 2

Orianna Thissian

This is a pretty good picture of what Orianna looks like.

Orianna married an hyperdrive industrialist from the minor Thissian noble family. While she follows her mother's example and sponsors several charities (taking up more of the slack for her mother now that her health is failing), for the most part, she spends her time raising her three young children.

Dexterity Knowledge Mechanical
Skill 2D + 2 Skill 3D + 2 Skill 2D + 1
Perception Strength Technical
Skill 3D + 2 Skill 2D + 2 Skill 3D

Galen Tyree

This is pretty much what Galen Tyree looks like.

Galen is somewhat of a black sheep in the family, as he cannot stand politics and refuses to serve in the military. He makes his living as a painter, and has plans to marry an Imperial diplomat's daughter. While somewhat disappointed that their son won't be taking part in the family tradition of political and military service, Gallos and Illiara are supportive of their son, and know that he is dutifully serving Antaras in his own way.

As of the PCs' first trip to Antaras, Galen has been secretly running a shell corporation, Eriss Capital. He has told absolutely no one of this corporation (aside from Tam and Orden, who helped set it up).

Dexterity Knowledge Mechanical
Skill 3D + 2 Skill 3D + 1 Skill 2D + 2
Perception Strength Technical
Skill 4D Skill 2D + 2 Skill 2D + 2

Shara Tyree

Shara is younger than the woman in this picture by about ten to fifteen years, but otherwise, the picture is pretty spot on, although Shara would more often wear her hair in a tight ponytail, bun or other conservative and efficient military hairstyle. Shara's hair is also lighter in color than that of the woman in the picture.

Shara, the youngest daughter of Gallos and Illiara Tyree, is career military. Focused and intense, she has quickly risen through the ranks of the ADF to the level of Lieutenant Commander. Though proud of her heritage, she detests any suggestion that she has achieved her position through her family's fame and influence, rather than on her own merits. She constantly pushes herself in order to prove (to herself as much as anyone) that she deserves to be where she is. Her superiors and subordinates would all agree, and while some might find her to be driven and uncompromising, most would also call her tough-as-nails, utterly loyal, and a brilliant commander. She is currently serving on an Antaran cruiser, the Rising Storm (the same one Venn served as a Communications Officer on during his time in the ADF), as third-in-command. Given her skill, determination, and swift rise through the military hierarchy, many think she may be given her own command in only a few short years.

Dexterity Knowledge Mechanical
Skill 3D + 1 Skill 3D Skill 2D + 2
Perception Strength Technical
Skill 3D Skill 3D Skill 3D

Zirias Reidia

Rail of a man, but taller than average
(Incom employee) - Venn has profile
Posed as member of Eriss Capital upon first meeting Venn

Josephine Cornish

Mousy woman in late 30s
(Incom employee) - Venn has profile

Raoul Taluka

(Incom employee) - Venn has profile

Asha Skidder

(Incom employee) - Venn has profile

Chancellor Tyvan Sal

Acting Chancellor while Gallos Tyree is on leave. Otherwise serves as his Vice Chancellor.

Bounty Hunters and Smugglers


Quilla is a Rodian bounty hunter. Tam crossed paths with her on Belderone. She has not yet been able to identify him, but she is on the lookout for him. Should she cross paths with him in the future, she will definitely try to get payback for him stealing her collar….

Flipside, Independent YT-1300 Freighter

The Flipside is a lightly-modified CEC YT-1300 tramp freighter. The engines are modified to run hotter than normal, and she has a beefed-up shield generator taken from a scrapped Lambda shuttle the captain got a deal on.

The Flipside doesn't have a set operating corridor; she goes where the money is. However, she has been known to run the Kessel corridor through to Hutt space occasionally. Like most YT-1300s, she has a few smuggling compartments hidden here and there, but she's never been caught with an illicit cargo to date.

Captain Lile Morin

Lile Morin captains the Flipside and has done for the past 8 years. Before then, he served aboard an independent mining craft. When the Taybum hit a big score, Lile took his share and bought a rusty old CEC YT-1300; he's been on his own ever since.

Lile is a male human in his early 40s. He's average height, but stocky. In his heyday, he probably could have held his own in any given bar brawl, but his age and love of the drink have softened his build. He's still a relatively handsome man, but he's starting to grey, and his slowed reactions have taught him much more caution than he had as a young miner.

These days, Lile only skirts the law when drink and gambling have dug a hole in his finances. He makes the occasional arrangement with the Hutt, but he is extremely careful to never bite off more than he can chew. He also runs Kessel often with only legit cargo to throw off the Imperial hounds.

More than anything, Lile just wants to be left alone to fly his ship and do what he wants to do when he wants to do it. He has no love for the Empire, but he's reluctant to join the Rebels because doing so threatens his carefully-managed stability. His relationship with Ma'tala has pushed him much further towards the side of the Rebellion, but he still holds on to his independence tenaciously. Every day he can fly under his own license is a good day for him.


Aside from Lile, few people know much of anything about his only crew member, even her name. Ma'tala is a female blue-green Twi'lek of impressive beauty, even for a young woman of her species. Though she has not mentioned an age, she appears to be much younger than Lile, though her forearms and head (the only parts of her body she allows to be exposed) bear various small scars that speak of a harsh life.

Ma'tala is very quiet, almost perfectly silent around outsiders. Whenever Lile is not around, she completely freezes out anyone else around, speaking only when absolutely necessary. Even when Lile is around, she is very taciturn, speaking only to him, and generally very quietly at that. Her actions imply that she and Lile have some relationship deeper than that of captain and crew. In particular, she appears to be extremely protective of Lile, immediately turning a cold rage on any who appear to threaten him.

Ma'tala's past is a complete unknown to the PCs at this point, though she appears to be very comfortable with blasters, blades, and vehicle guns.

The Criminal Element

Rjana's Hutt Organization, Kessel

The PCs encountered a Hutt operating near Kessel. The details of his organization are here.

Rjana the Hutt

Rjana is a Hutt who appears to work, at least part of the time, out of the smuggling outpost near Kessel. He has a home of sorts there and apparently runs Spice through various middlemen.

Jae Tevv

Jae Tevv is a Sullustan who works, apparently willingly, for Rjana. Jae appears to be well trusted by the Hutt and is free to roam and broker deals. Jae is a skilled negotiator and entirely professional when dealing with Rjana's business interests. Jae appears to have no real weapons skills; whenever he is outside of the Hutt's abode, he is accompanied by two or more bodyguards, often Gamorreans.

Davin Finnall, Antaras

Davin Finnal (not his real name, but the only alias by which Kane knows him) is an Alderaanian "fixer" who somehow survived the destruction of Alderaan and made his way to Antaras. His criminal network on Antaras is smaller than the one he had to work with on Alderaan, but he is growing his network more rapidly than he'd expected. He, surprisingly, has found little resistance from the Antaran civil police forces, and he personally assumes that Antarans as a whole are so irritated by the Imperial military occupation that they are turning the other way to deliberately ignore generally-benign (or Rebel-friendly) smuggling operations.

Davin has a cover business located in Ialain, a smaller spaceport-city in the mid-latitudes of Antaras. His cover business, Davin's Shipping, does legitimate import-export work, though the scale is quite small.

Davin is a human male in his late thirties or early forties. He used to be a fairly attractive man, and some of that still shines through; however, during his escape from Alderaan, he suffered blaster burns to the left side of his face and lost his left arm. He doesn't have the money for cybernetic or biological replacements; he hopes to one day grow his business enough that he can afford reconstructive surgery. Davin prefers not to talk about the details of his escape from Alderaan.

Davin, both on Alderaan and on Antaras, specializes in fixing people up with buyers and sellers of medical devices and drugs. He has some medical knowledge himself, though he never finished medical school. He also has developed some contacts that will buy and sell other equipment, but his contacts there are much fewer and further between (and less well known to him).



The PCs encountered a Wookiee calling himself "Lowthar" on their mission to Sacaya II. Lowthar claims (and appears) to be a Jedi. The PCs know almost nothing else about him at this point.

Lowthar's ship, the Bacca, was destroyed during the escape from Sacaya II; however, he apparently managed to escape in a hyperspace-capable escape pod.


Saalia is a Falleen (species) art gallery owner and curator on Falleen (planet). He seems to be more willing that some other Falleen to interact with outsiders (read: non-Falleen). Kane, Wen, and Starfall made contact with him when on Falleen and looking for mercantile opportunities.

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