List of Mythic Islanders

Divinely Touched Islanders

These Islanders have been exposed to the direct influences of a god and can become mythic if they complete a mythic trial.

  1. tbd

Tested Islanders

These Islanders have completed a mythic trial but have not yet felt the direct influence of a god.

  1. Mathias Keeley
    1. also some of his privates - another 3-4 people
    2. also 2 of Minta's support squad: the ones who survived the Ethereal
    3. also 3 of Uriel's support squad: the ones who survived the Ethereal
  2. Walter Lange
  3. Newell Brant
  4. Alcyone Banister
  5. Osvald Luksa
    1. also about 1/2 of Osvald's cohort, the ones who engaged the Usurper and survived
  6. Bryn Hume
  7. Margaretha Callistus

Mythic Islanders

These Islanders have both been exposed to a god's direct influences and completed at least one mythic trial.

  1. Aida Yaren
  2. Darias Yaren
  3. Maleos Taylan
  4. Esme Eaton
  5. Uriel Hume
  6. Minta Hume
  7. Donal Holger
  8. Railee Vonnegut

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