Lord Gallagher Drummond

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The Necromancer

Name Lord Gallagher Drummond AL NE BAB +8 / +3 Init +1
Race Human Str 6 (10) -2 (0) Int 22 +6 AC 19
Class Wizard Dex 12 +1 Wis 14 +2 HP 102
Deity Nerull Con 15 +2 Cha 14 +2 Lv 17
Melee Quarterstaff +8 / +3 1D6 / 1D6 N/A Pale Lady Staff
Missile Light xbow +9 / +4 1D8+2 80’ +2
F/R/W Weapon Hit Damage Range Notes
7 / 6 / 12 Looks Armor Bracers of Armor +8
Equipment Feats/Special Abilities Spells DC Mod 16
Bracers of Armor +8 Imp. Animation Undead created +1 HD, atk, dmg Per day 4/6/6/5/5/5/5/3/2/1
Light Crossbow +2
10 bolts of grinding (continue to Desecrated Animation Undead created gain +2 TR Book 18/9/9/7/7/7/7/5/3/2
Attack for 5 rounds) + 2
10 bolts of wounding (1 pt bleed SF (Necro) +2 save DCs Lv 0:Ghost SoundMage Hand x2Footpad’s GraceLv 1:ShieldMage ArmorDetect UndeadAcidic CurseChill Touch *Ray of Enfeeblement *Lv 2:Protection from ArrowsWebSee InvisibilityEntice GiftBlood Siphon *Command Undead *Lv 3:Dispel MagicMinor ReflectionAgony of Deceit *Negative Energy Burst x2 *Lv 4:Enervation *Grim Revenge x2 *Negative Energy Wave *Improved InvisibilityLv 5:Animate Dead x2 *Atrophy x2 *Vile Flaming CorrosionLv 6:Graft Flesh x2 *Undeath to Death *Antimagic FieldAcid FogLv 7:Wall of EyesControl Undead *Teleport Without ErrorLv 8:Fellstaff *Horrid Wilting *Lv 9:Wail of the Banshee *
Per round; Heal DC 15) +3 Anim Mast. Max HP, +2 TR
Tongue Studs of Hell Breath Violate Spell ½ vile, +1 lv
(3/day 50’ line 3D6 unholy Un Strength Undead +4 Str
Dmg) Un Agility Undead +4 Dex
Pale Lady Staff (37 chrg; Un Speed Un +2 Init,+10’
Desecrate, bestow curse, or Scribe Scroll DMG
Sterilize for 1 chrg ea, lv 12) Sum. Fam. PHB
Belt of Giant Strength +4 Craft Staff DMG
Amulet of Proof against Max Spell +3 lv, max dice
Detection and Location
Lich’s Phylactery (black dragon)

Major Skills:
Knowledge (religion) +19, Knowledge (arcana) +26, Spellcraft +26, Scrying +21, Alchemy +16, Bluff +12, Spot +12, Concentration +20
Has aid of black dragon (mature adult), whose phylactery he holds; dragon will rise as a lich 1D4+1 days after its death so long as the phylactery remains intact.
Allies (former members of his army, the elites he kept in his semi-close confidence) are listed in Necromancer’s NPCs word document

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