Lost Scrolls of Irrachutha

The Scrolls

The most prominently marked scroll in the rack is a thin single sheet scroll bound with a gold-threaded ribbon. A gold-leaf filagree decorates the back of the scroll, causing it to glint in the dull light in the room and bring it to your attention first. It is the only scroll so adorned on the entire rack.

It, like all of the scrolls on the rack, is written in Ancient Mieran. Since you do not know this language, you have to cast comprehend languages to read it yourself or ask Saul to translate it for you, a time-consuming task.

The gold-bound scroll reads as follows.

"This library contains all the knowledge the families MIRLE, RING, and λαμπρόςμύλος could gather from the NINE. Keep it well and teach these stories to all who will listen. One day, strangers will return from a distant land who hold a divinely-blessed copy of these parables. When these strangers arrive with the proof of their origin, heed their tales well, for their return prophecies a great time for mortalkind."

The Parable of the Skyfire

MIRLE was a quiet and pious man. He spent his days tending his goats and tilling his small fields with his family. Each day was like the last, but that was fine with MIRLE. He did not desire adventure. He desired stability.

Then, one day, a caravan came to his farm. This caravan was very small, though, only 9 people on 9 horses, none carrying obvious weapons.

MIRLE greeted the NINE as was their due. He gave them beer and bread. He gave them beds and stables. He gave them eggs and milk. They stayed on the homestead, helping with the chores, but neither MIRLE nor his family saw the NINE without their traveling cloaks, though they performed many helpful tasks for the family. On the third night of their stay, the NINE gathered their belongings and walked out to find MIRLE as he rounded up his goats. As the NINE entered the field, the goats gathered in a circle around them. A sudden fire blossomed in the western sky just as the limb of the sun dipped below the horizon. There and then, the NINE revealed themselves to MIRLE as avatars of the Gods.

"MIRLE, soldier and farmer, hear us well. You have been a worthy and devout man. You have slain demons in the fields of war. You have sown life in the fields of peace. You believe your adventures are over, but they are not. The fire in the sky has captured the attention of your countrymen. Soldiers and travelers will pass by your farmstead as your king fortifies his western reaches. You will gather some of them here. You will build a settlement."

The NINE then guided MIRLE to a small hollow on a hill near his farm. They told MIRLE, "This is the place where you will speak to those who gather. When the people arrive, the first group will camp here, and you will come to meet them. When you speak to them, we will be with you. When more arrive, then you will bring them here, and you will meet with them. Every night, you will come here, and you will speak. Not all will stay, but many will. And within a fortnight, our priests will start to arrive. When they have all gathered and you come to speak, tell them what we have told you. They will build a shrine around which your settlement will form."

The Priesthood

Twelve nights after the Skyfire, a group of travelers met at a crossroads. Though they came from all directions, from many villages scattered far and wide, all recognized one another as priests of the True Gods. As they converged at the crossroads, they began to speak. Each had seen a vision on the night of the Skyfire, a representation of his or her patron calling to the priest from the west. In the morning, each felt compelled to follow this calling. Though they all followed different paths, they all had this much in common: each patron was represented by a young priest and an old priest, a master and a journeyman.

The group travelled on until evening, where they found a large encampment on a hillside. As the sun set, an older man approached from a nearby farm. Though past his prime, he carried himself with the strength of a man who works and the dignity of a man with a purpose. He came to the hillside, and he spoke. And though he spoke for but a short time, the priests did not hear his words; but they did hear his message.

When the man stopped speaking, the senior priest of [Fharlanghn] stood and called out to the older man. "I am Senior FIDELIS, and I stand with you. I have been a traveller for all my life; it is nice to finally have a destination. Guide me, and together, we shall fulfill the will of the Gods." The other elder priests stood and joined Senior FIDELIS. "We, too, answer the call of the Gods. We stand ready to serve their will."

As the priests announced thus, a heavenly light enveloped them. They felt themselves drawn to MIRLE's side. As they surrounded him, the faint outline of a hooded figure appeared before them. It looked to them, and a voice echoed from the hills themselves:

"Sons and daughters, the omen in the sky has brought you here. You have felt in your bones that something larger than yourself is happening and soon. Your duty beckons now. You will wake early tomorrow and gather your implements. As the sun rises, you will wander the lakeside. You will find a place, a holy place that calls to you. There you will build a shrine. As new travellers arrive, you will found a village around this shrine. Those who believe in this omen, those who accept the holy quest we have assigned to you, will settle here, and the village will grow. Keep it well under our law for the benefit of its citizens. The 21 of you will govern this village in fairness and lead it to prosperity. That is your second task."

The Exodus

It had been years since the Skyfire, years even since the founding of Irrachutha. What once had been a village of hundreds had grown and prospered with the passage of time into a city of thousands. Though less than a decade had passed and the call of the Skyfire omen had dimmed, the word of the holy city had passed steadily back east. Even years past the omen, the holy city drew pilgrims.

The masters of the city, the priests and the DESIGNATED who were there to greet the Gods themselves on Skyfire Night, they still held court over the city. Though MIRLE still farmed, RING still bartered, and λαμπρόςμύλος still crafted, each found the time every morning to acend the high tower of the shrine and look out over Irrachutha as they discussed the matters of the day with the priests, both young and old, and their acolytes.

On this day, however, MIRLE felt unease. The stairs to the tower winded him moreseo than they should have, and his eyes swam with the effort. He leaned on the ledge at the top of the stairs to catch his breath again and allow his eyes to focus. As he did, staring off to the northern horizon, he sway a great cloud of dust rising in the distance. With worry in his voice, he called to DAGNÝ to see as well. DAGNÝ, the canny old war-priest, confirmed MIRLE's worries; an army marched on Irrachutha and would reach the holy city within hours.

MIRLE fell to his knees to pray. As he did, a hooded figure appeared, darkness shrouding its features despite the bright daylight streaming in through the windows. It spoke, and its voice echoed from the walls of the shrine-tower. "MIRLE, you have done well. Your settlement prospers, your people grow. But the hardships we prophecied now arrive at your doorstep. A great army comes, and you have not the defenses to save your city. If you stay, you and your citizens shall not survive. Lead your people to the west. The road will be long and hard, but you and your followers will settle a new land."

"You will take the carts and horses. You will take your goats and chickens. You will head west through plains and forest, over mountains and across rivers, until you reach the great waters of the west. Along the way, you will face demons, more and more vicious than those you faced as a young man. Persevere. When you find our symbols on the waterfront, you and your followers will settle and build a new society safe from these demons. Your children and your childrens' children will prosper, and with our help, you will keep this land sacred and safe from the demon incursions soon to come. And one day, we will send emissaries to you, and the decendents of the civilzation you have founded will rejoin your peoples and forge an empire the likes of which has not been seen in the history of this world."

MIRLE looked to his old friends, for though he knew in his heart what was right, he was afraid. All looked to MIRLE save one; Φερενικη looked to the west. After a long moment, she finally turned to MIRLE and told him, "We have done well following the will of the gods thus far. They have asked little of us and given us much. Though they speak of hardship, they also speak of great reward for our friends, our families, our childen and our childrens children. What manner of men are we if we cannot accept a little pain that our children may know even greater comfort? I may be but an old woman, but time has not sapped my determination. Let us set upon our holy quest with heads held high and weapons held ready."

Those Who Sleep

The time to flee Irrachutha had come, and the priests spread the word. Those citizens who chose to leave gathered with no more than what they could carry, and the leaders of Irrachutha led them from the city via the only path not immediately threatened by the invading giants. As MIRLE and his fellows began the great exodus, one of the hooded figures appeared to him for one final time.

"MIRLE, we have one last favor to bestow upon you. We have protected your city and your citizens, and we will continue to do so for long enough for your to lead your people to the south away from the army. In return, we ask one final thing of you before you go. Bring your priests and return to the hillside where you first stood watch over the Skyfire with us. There you will find a safeguard for the future of your people."

MIRLE spread the word to all of the TWENTY-ONE: to LIUPOLD and Κλεων, and to the priests, old and young. When they arrived at the hillside, he sent his citizens onward to the south and west, but he paused. He looked to the cliffs and saw himself looking out upon him. No hooded figure appeared, but he heard a whisper in his ear as he gazed upon the statue that seemed to stare at him.

"Behind this statue, we have hidden a ritual. The TWENTY-ONE of you shall enter, and complete it. You shall leave your teachings here, guarded against invaders, but you will take with you a copy of them warded against the ravages of time. This will be the proof of the return of your descendents. When they return to fulfill their destiny, far from now, everything we can provide for them will be waiting here. Leave your history safe with us here, and take your future with you into the west."

Inside the cliff, the TWENTY-ONE found the caverns you are in now. To have gained access, you must be one of the prophecied descendants. The resources here are yours to fulfill the quest the gods have given you. The Book of a Thousand Pages, the artifact the gods gave to MIRLE to take west with him, that contains everything you need to know to use these resources.

The scrolls contain other parables that discuss more aspects of what you recognize as the Isle's canonical recitation of the Parable of Farmer Mirle, though it always mentions him as a soldier and a farmer where the Isle's version of the story only ever records him as a simple farmer.

The Prophecy of the Chosen

Far to the west, MIRLE and his followers will discover a sanctuary, a safe place to settle and grow a new civilization. Though it will take years for us to reach this sanctuary, and some will be lost along the way, we know that reach it we shall. The Gods have told us this much. In this sanctuary, we will be safe to grow and prosper; the Gods have set a Watch to protect us from those that seek to harm us and those that seeks to undermine Their will.

Far in the future, after many generations, there will be a time when an outsider discovers MIRLE'S sanctuary. This outsider will be pure of heart and deed. The prophecy is unclear as to whether this shall be one or many, but if many, they come as one. At this time, the descendents of MIRLE'S people shall welcome the outsider with open arms, for this foretells a time of greatness.

You will know that the time of the outsider is at hand by the Gods' Watch and the Book of a Thousand Pages.

The First Sign will be shown to the priesthood by the Book of a Thousand Pages. When the outsider discovers the sanctuary, the final page in the book will fill with text describing who comes. The book will glow with golden light and ring with the clarity of a silver bell. When this happens, you are charged to gather a welcoming party to greet the outsider with great rejoycing. The Gods decree that you shall treat this as a time of celebration as the Nine Holy Days shall start with the arrival of the outsider in the sanctuary.

The Gods' Watch will guard you against all who seek to threaten. The outsider is not a threat; the Gods' Watch will not attack. This is the Second Sign. When the Gates open and yet the Gods' Watch remains unmoved, consider this the Second Sign of the coming of the outsider.

Other Scrolls

Many other scrolls are parables about subjects similar to those addressed by some parables that you're farmilar with, though the details are different. For example, there are parables about farming; about raising children; about overland travel; about plants and animals; and so on. Some are very similar to the parables you learned as a child; others are clearly related, but they discuss different animals or different plants or different means or star charts that aren't really covered on Isle, for some examples. Still others contain parables about some demons and demigods that you had never heard of on Isle.

Important Characters in the Scrolls

The First Families:

  1. MIRLE:
    1. CELSUS TAYLAN (sire)
    2. CORRINE MAY (matron)
    3. MELANY RUFINA (eldest daughter)
    4. ANGELICA VALERIO (second daughter)
    5. MARCIA LIANN (third daughter)
    6. LOLICIA CASSARAH (fourth daughter)
    7. LUZIA IANA (fifth daughter)
    8. GILLIAN JOY (sixth daughter)
    9. HELOISE LYSEA (seventh daughter)
  2. RING:
    1. LIUPOLD (sire)
    2. ADELA (matron)
    3. CYNEBALD (eldest son)
    4. DAGMÆR (eldest daughter)
    5. PIERS (second son)
    6. ODO (third son)
    7. KLAUS (fourth son)
    8. ADINA (youngest daughter)
  3. ILBROSMYLIOS (λαμπρόςμύλος):
    1. KLEON Κλεων PLATON Πλατων (sire)
    2. XENO Ξενω AIKATERINE Αικατερινη (matron)
    3. THEODOTUS Θεοδοτος DAREIOS Δαρειος (eldest son)
    4. CASSANDER Κασσανδρος GENNADIOS Γενναδιος (second son)
    5. OLYMPIAS Ολυμπιας TRYPHOSA Τρυφωσα (eldest daughter)
    6. 6 other children are mentioned, though not by name

The Old Priests:

  1. Male senior priest of [Boccob]: ESTIENNE
  2. Female senior priest of [Ehlonna]: EMMA
  3. Female senior priest of [Erythnul]: DAGNÝ
  4. Male senior priest of [Fharlanghn]: FIDELIS
  5. Male senior priest of [Heironyous]: FRIÐÞJÓFR
  6. Male senior priest of [Hextor]: BEORHTSIGE
  7. Male senior priest of [Nerull]: IRENEUS Ειρηναιος
  8. Female senior priest of [Olidammara]: MELISENDE
  9. Female senior priest of [Pelor]: PHERENIKE Φερενικη

The Young Priests:

  1. Female junior priest of [Boccob]: XANTHE Ξανθη
  2. Male junior priest of [Ehlonna]: DUDDA
  3. Female junior priest of [Erythnul]: RHODE ‘Ροδη
  4. Female junior priest of [Fharlanghn]: FELICIA
  5. Male junior priest of [Heironyous]: IGNATIUS
  6. Female junior priest of [Hextor]: CATELINE
  7. Female junior priest of [Nerull]: IUSTINA
  8. Male junior priest of [Olidammara]: EADWEARD
  9. Male junior priest of [Pelor]: PLACIDUS

The TWENTY-ONE refers to CELSUS TAYLAN MIRLE, LIUPOLD RING, Κλεων Πλατων λαμπρόςμύλος, and the 18 priests who arrived the first fortnight after the Skyfire.

Those Who Stayed Behind:
Some citizens chose to stay and fight rather than join the Exodus. The histories vary, but it appears that somewhere between a quarter and a third of the city, perhaps as many as 15,000 people, fled in the exodus, meaning the city at its peak may have been as large as 50,000 or 60,000 people. Here are some notable people in the histories who did not join the Exodus.

  2. The Captain of the Guard, ANASTASIA Αναστασια METRODORA Μητροδωρα MYLIOS μύλος
  3. The Vizier, SPERANTIA (no other name given for her, but she was clearly a battle-mage in her later years when she became vizier of the city)

The Dawn of Awakening

This scroll contains a magical ritual that requires that you stand in front of "The Soldiers" to invoke it. The ritual is locked to those of certain bloodlines, the FOUNDERS, the TWENTY-ONE, and a few others.

Other Notes

It appears from the scrolls that the majority of the writing came from before the Exodus. Also, not all of it appears to be 100% factual, as some stories and parables contradict one another. For example, the parables and religious tales make it sound as though "Farmer Mirle" and the rest of the Twenty-One founded the city and that it grew to tens of thousands of people in around 7 years, but some other historical texts suggest that tens of thousands of people lived in the area already in farms and clustered villages and homesteads. A more likely interpretation seems to be that there was already a city of some size at the site of Irrachutha, but that the Skyfire led to an influx of pilgrims, and that the activities of some of these pilgrims (including the Twenty-One, perhaps even primarily led by them) caused the city to take on much greater prominence in a very short period of time.

The histories also make it clear that the city of Irrachutha was not actually successfully destroyed by the army that triggered the Exodus, though it suffered greatly under that siege. There are histories and religious scrolls in this archive that appear to have been written after the Exodus, meaning that the people in the area still lived in that city for a couple of generations at least after that great siege. The number and frequency of scrolls from that post-Exodus period drastically fell off, though, and there are no scrolls newer than about two generations after the Exodus. These later histories hint that the Exodus and a greater frequency of wars and raids caused the city to fall into decline as people fled back to the east and the northeast to the more central (and thus better defended) cities. These cities were not necessarily bound together in the tight way they are now; there were no great kingdoms or empires spoken of in the histories, only loose city-states that vacillated between trading and fighting with one another.

Other names I could use:



AGATHE Αγαθη f
AKAKIOS Ακακιος m
ALKIBIADES Αλκιβιαδης m f
BERENIKE Βερενικη f
CLEON Κλεων m
EUANTHE Ευανθη f
MELANTHIOS Μελανθιος m
LIGEIA Λιγεια f
METRODORA Μητροδωρα f
PELAGIOS Πελαγιος m
SELEUKOS Σελευκος m
XENOKRATES Ξενοκρατης m


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