Lyle Frink

Local Shop Owner; neighbor of Daeus Malicor
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Human, age 36. Tall and lankey, with a black pencil-mustache. Often dressed in a clean shirt and overalls. Add an apron while tending shop, and a small hat while walking to and from work.

Damir's thoughts: Damir befriended Frink when he was 14 and convinced him to carry staff paper so Damir could compose his own music.

Common knowledge: Moved to the community 15 years ago. (Would like to move again, but for the will of Mrs. Frink.) Owns a small weapon and sundries shop, "Papers to Rapiers," one turn off main street. Although business is generally good, he has seemed slightly unhappy for the past couple years, as if he would rather be someplace else. He lives with his wife of 19 years, Ichinose, two houses down from the local wizard, Old Man Malicor. He grew up in a town of all-human heritage, and never did care for wizards, because they were always old half-crazed freaks. Generally gets along with his wife. Competent, but a bit overly serious sometimes. Doesn't trust magic, and refuses to carry magical items in his shop.

Uncommon Knowledge: Life was quiet enough, even after he moved in next to Daeus, until Daeus's on-again, off-again protégée, Emby, blossomed into womanhood, and rumors of Daeus visiting the local whorehouse made the rounds. Lyle's wife told him he was being ridiculous. Deaus was a nice old man and simply a delight to chat with, and surely a perfect gentleman. Lyle remained unconvinced.

"Mark my words, woman!" he would sometimes say, "That wizard's up to no good! Up in that tower by himself all day…"
"It's not even a real tower, dear. It's just a two-story house with a…"
"…lights burning in the upper room at all hours of the night.."
"I do believe I read something about those, dear. They're called 'Ghost Torches.' People make them. I hear they're really quite…"
"I'm tellin' ya! He's up to no good!"

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