Mabella Lawson

Mabella is the High Priestess of Ehlonna, and for a nature priestess, she spends a pretty high percentage of her time in the city of Brightmill. This is less about preference and more about her arthritis, though; at 70, Mabella is one of the oldest of the High Priests, and even her magic is limited in what it can do against the degeneration of her aging body.

Mabella was always a large, burly woman, and she has only shrunk marginally with age; she still puts on an imposing figure at nearly 6' tall and 170 lb. Her family has long been miners; she broke with tradition by joining up with the clergy and broke further by choosing to specialize in Ehlonna rather than Hextor. She primarily did so because of her fascination with animals; she keeps quite the menagerie herself, personally owning over 60 "pets" including cats, dogs, mice, ponies, and birds. Her husband, a sawmiller, passed a few years ago; since then, she has hired in help to take care of her pets and spends a considerable percentage of her time at home. She has been training priests in earnest for years now but has not made a public announcement of which of the Ehlonnan priests would follow in her footsteps.

Mabella habitually wears her hair cropped very close save for one long braid growing from just behind her left ear. She decorates this braid with semiprecious stones, tending toward greens, all of which are enchanted with mild healing magics to keep her various ailments at bay. She is never seen in public without at least 2 of her pets in tow.

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