Magical Rituals

Ritual Magic

Ritual magic is used sparingly on the Isle. The priests maintain a catalog of rituals to deal with certain specific types of threats to life on the Isle. These rituals are used as little as possible, though, as ritual spellcasting is expensive and dangerous.

Few wizards learn about ritual magic, as rituals require large numbers of casters, large time investments, and costly material components. Rituals can also backfire if cast incorrectly (or even, rarely, if cast correctly).

Known Rituals

Here are some examples of rituals that are known to the priests of the Isle.

Ritual of Becalming

This ritual requires a tremendous number of casters and takes more than a full day to cast. It is used on those rare occasions when the weather threatens the lives of many residents of the Isle. The casting, when successful, can calm the weather conditions over the entire Isle to a more mild and seasonally-appropriate weather pattern.

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