Make Like a Tree and Leaf

The theme song for the first session might well be "The Walker" by Fitz and the Tantrums.

Still Camping

TODO resolve camping stuff and PC interactions; figure out next destination is Sundtar Agamm, then probably on to the southeast from there
Maleos-YM and Maleos-Darias conversations; possible Maleos-Aida conversation; party determination of next goal; maybe more stuff

Breaking Camp

The last night before breaking camp and heading east, the party notices a sudden look of shock on Yoshirou-Mura's face. Maleos asks about it. She points at a reddish three-tailed comet that has appeared in the sky to the NNE. She then tells the party about a dream she had the previous night where she saw that same comet.

Opening the Jar

TODO opening the stone vessel

  • 2 days after camp, Saul & Maleos inspecting compass
  • Next day, explore thing in a jar

Tree Confusing

TODO write up staring contest

  • 2 more days uneventful
  • Day 6 – encounter w/ tree creature

Aelphin Girl, Interrupted

TODO tree creatures, aelphin girl, Aida going treeback riding, fight with tree creature, Torin running away and the party having to hunt for him

  • Day 7 – aelphin girl/tree creature encounter; remember beanbag-arrow smacking Darias in the face for healing, Torin running away after badly injured
  • (retconning her name to be Fiona-Kawa unless I can find her original name)

Village of the Downed

  • Days 8-10 – creepy forest
  • Days 11-13 – normal travel
  • Day 14 aelphin village at late night – 6 aelphin guard killed (almost 7 except for Saul’s help); 10 others badly wounded (total 17 casualties); 23 tragn heavies out of maybe 30 killed – save map

to date earned 1100 xp for this session

Pick up next session w/ direct aftermath of the battle - see elven village map in rolld20 - saul working w/ aelphin to heal injured
Note: Immediately after battle, PCs and aelphin will be healing injured, making sure tragn actually dead; will then build a bonfire north of main village square and begin dragging/carrying the tragn corpses to the bonfire being built. Fallen aelphin are left where they fell, basically all around the central fountain (but note, I moved the tokens on the map so the PCs could see everyone around the fountain area). Saul heals who he can but can't help everyone; aelphin call the village healer to help. The aelphin male guard annotated with the green dot is the one Aida spoke with at the beginning of the encounter. The aelphin female with the blue dot is the one Saul rescued from death immediately after the battle (unless I got that backwards).

Notes from 2014-06-28 start here
The theme song for the second session might well be "Dangerous" by Big Data.

Last session, the PCs repelled an attack on an aelphin village that would otherwise have resulted in a devastating loss. This village is called Sieffrey.

Important persons:

  1. Village Leader: Shizuka-Megumi is the village leader. She is relatively young for a leader.
  2. Aida’s Guard: Eadan is a very young guard of only 105. He has only recently passed into adulthood officially (2 years ago). He is a competent archer and swordsman for his age. However, he is a bit too brash for the tastes of most of the guard; they are trying to teach him to think more before he acts. He dreams of moving Akihito-Remi and becoming a soldier there, ideally a palace guard. Aida was speaking with him just before the battle and, in his mind, is at least mostly responsible for his surviving the battle, given her skill in fighting off the tragn in the south of the village before they could overrun his position.
  3. Saul’s Guard: Tamiko-Ma is a young adult of maybe 200. She has been training to become a woodsman. As part of her training, she is currently apprenticing to the village healer. She is nearly through the second book of the catalog and has developed a reasonable skill at healing. She was very badly wounded and on death's door during the battle, and Saul saved her.
  4. Village Healer: Ailís-Ilar Xu. The Xu is an honorific conferred upon her do to her encyclopedic knowledge of plant and animal life throughout the western forests. She has a catalog of thousands of medicinal and alchemical concoctions at her disposal and has been wooed by various cities for years (notably Akihito-Remi and Kaede both), but she grew up in the area and wishes to stay near her family. Many journeymen train with her for 5 to 10 years, and she requires that they fully copy her 10-book catalog of recipes perfectly before they “graduate.” She estimates nearly 100 copies (of various levels of completeness, based on the date of creation) of her alchemical and medicinal catalog exist throughout the realm due to her diligence in developing her apprentices.

While in the village, Yoshirou-Mura wants to find a bludgeoning weapon to carry. She also wants to buy Aida a sword. TODO Resolve this with Ted offline

The village has little to offer in the way of material goods or unique services. There are competent animal trainers here who could assist someone in beginning to teach a pet a set of tricks. Aside from that, the village is mostly an agrarian forest village with little to offer to party.

The healer is a spellcaster in her own right, though lower level than Maleos (only lv 5). She has many years of experience and has developed some rare spells that she would be willing to teach to Maleos and Saul for free in return for their help fighting off the tragn.

The Sidhe Coillearnach

TODO write up conversation between young aelphin girl (introduces herself as "Fionan-Shi of the Sidhe Coillearnach"), village leader, village healer, and PCs.

TODO resolve offline questions/conversations with Carol, Ted, and Dale


After the battle, the PCs decide to stick around for about two weeks to train, recover, and help guard the village.


Darias spends the two weeks working with the village blacksmith, partly spending time converting the captured tragn weapons into items more useful for the aelphin and partly working on his own projects.

TODO write up more with Ted offline

Aida and Yoshirou-Mura

Because of the lightning raid of the tragn, Aida and Yoshirou-Mura spend the next two weeks mostly training and working with the various aelphin guards.

Maleos and Saul

Maleos and Saul spend the next two weeks working on spell research and alchemical research, respectively, with the village healer. TODO more with Dale offline

Human Logging Camp

Five days after the PCs leave Sieffrey, they begin to come across trees marked with 4 bands of paint in different colors. The bands are clearly grouped into 2 pairs; the top two are always the same color in a big group, with the lower group showing more variance. The markings are obviously a code of some sort, but the meaning may not be immediately apparent. The top pair indicates a logger or cooperative. The lower pair indicates how the trees should be processed. Some trees are also marked with a wide white band. These are marked as off limits for logging, though again, this may not be readily apparent.

After another two days of walking, the PCs come across an obviously-fresh clearing along a small river. The clearing is large enough to accommodate a tent city for a hundred or so loggers, plus horses, wagons, etc. The loggers have simple tools for basic processing of the lumber, just enough to get it back to their village for the rest of the processing and sale or use. The humans speak faeon as well as some very simple equaen, though any difficult concepts cannot be conveyed in equaen. Yoshirou-Mura speaks some faeon, enough that the PCs can use both her and Saul as translators.

The men are strongly built, generally relatively young, and heavily tattooed. Some of the tattoos are more abstract in nature, but generally the tattoos follow natural themes – woodland predators are strongly represented.

There are a few important people in the logging camp that the PCs will want to speak with.

  1. Cree Moores, camp leader. He is a man in his late forties to early fifties, though still strong and healthy. He doesn’t have the stamina he once did to work the logging, but he knows everything there is to know about logging, including how to identify good and bad stands, how to avoid the ire of the aelphin, how to best process the logs for use and sale, and how to efficiently run a camp without getting anyone killed. He can be easily identified by his tattoos, in particular his tattoo of a golden owl that adorns his right breast.
  2. Raibeart Lorrin, camp scout. He looks to be in his mid-fifties. He has a very large pet badger that follows him around like a puppy. He is the only one out of everyone in the camp who speaks equaen with any fluency. In his youth, he built a cordial-to-friendly relationship with the aelphin and learned much from them, including some impressive survivalist tricks. He has three prominent tattoos. On his right breast, he has a tattoo of an elk. Across his shoulders, he has vulture’s wings. Finally, on his left breast, he has an owl’s talons holding an aelphin war arrow. He always dresses in leather pants and no shirt.
  3. Four very large guardsmen, each with a tattoo of a bear on his right breast. The other loggers refer to these men as the dhu’aláin, which roughly translates to bear-warriors. Their names are:
    1. Vergál Ó Brádaigh
    2. Torquil Mohan
    3. Sholto Leith
    4. Daragh Leith, younger brother (by 3 years) of Sholto.

The occupants of the camp are universally male. If asked, they will say that logging is men’s work. If asked about what is women’s work, they will tell the PCs that their wives are busy with childrearing, hunting, fishing, and farming.

The PCs stay with the loggers for a day and a half before continuing on their journey.

The Dharven Caravan

After leaving the logging camp, the PCs will travel for a couple more days and then will come to a crossroads. There is a moderately-large group of dharven at the crossroads. These dharven are merchants returning from a trade expedition to the aelphin city of Luella, which is a dozen days or so to the southwest of their current position. The dharven are on their way back to Sundtar Agamm. There are fifteen dharven. Four of the dharven are merchants, each with a nashorn-drawn wagon. Ten of the remaining eleven are guards, mid-level warriors. The final dharve is a dharven beastmaster, a title conferring responsibility for the nashorn in the group.


Maenae raid caravan during the first night with the caravan – apparently quiet attempt to steal rather than kill, though they will apparenly stand and fight to obtain what they want. One pair comes in invisible and stealthed; the rest circle around to surround campsite armed with longbows. The stealthed ones sneak in, buffed, trying to steal without being seen or heard; the others attack at the first sign of alarm.

TODO write up battle - brought down 4 of the 7 maenae. The other 3, including one differently-dressed and differently-equipped, escaped.

Story Time

TODO stories that the dharven can trade with the PCs - discuss this offline with anyone who is interested


Travel for about 3 weeks with the dharven caravan, stopping occasionally to wait for more dharven to meet up. By the time they enter the mountains, the group has tripled in size.

Tall Tales from a Short Man

While travelling with the merged dharven caravan, you all met a dharve who said he was an explorer. He's one of the dharven who helps map out villages, etc. and directs the merchants to them. He's been east (mostly southeast) and told you all some tales of his travels, though he may have been blowing smoke or at least enhancing his adventures a bit.

His first set of stories involved his travels immediately after leaving Sundtar Agamm. He swung north out of Sundtar Agamm in an effort to avoid the desert, and in doing so, he said he saw giant artificial mountains to the north. Since he wasn't headed that way, he didn't really come very close to any of them, but he drew you a sketch. He estimated they were better than 200' tall, maybe even taller. At night, they were adorned with fiery lights.


Once past the desert, he swung south and encountered another mountain range. In the mountains, he encountered men of metal. He sketched them as well. He did not learn their language extremely well, but he did learn enough to make some basic trades with them, mostly exchanges of jewels and jewelry for various of their works of art, food, and drink. He said that there were various beings who all called themselves "menehune" though their physical shapes differed. He dealt mostly with some that looked vaguely humanoid and with some that looked like spiders. They all appeared to have skin of bronze and/or brass, though they were all individually decorated with paints, engravings, inlays, and whatnot. The decorations seemed to serve as a ready way for members of the menehune to identify one another on sight.


He'd set out with the goal of reaching as far to the southeast as he possibly could, and he had to stop south of the mountains when he encountered a thick, impassable swamp full of walking trees. He made it barely three days in before the thick clouds of bloodsucking insects drove him and his fellows back. They turned back and largely followed the south coast, meeting some human camps along the way and initiating some basic trade with them as well.

All of this was more than 100 years ago, and others have done more exploration since. He tells the stories mostly to entertain you and hopefully to get you to pony up some beer for him to keep his beak wet. He is an accomplished storyteller.

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