Maleos's Big Book O Conspiracy Theories

I feel the need to stress that THIS IS A HOBBY for Maleos, not a lifestyle. It is not written in code because Maleos thinks this is super-important to-secret information worth protecting. It's mostly in code (except for "brainstorming" pages of pure guesswork on matters of little consequence,) mainly because if you could read it, you'd realize how incredibly stupid 90% of it is.

The fact that one or two super-important pieces of information, such as notes about Isle, time travel, compass quest goals not yet shared with the party, and notes about the quasi-metamagical writing on the back of the compass, including the writing itself just happen to be stored within this book is a complete coincidence. The fact that that coincidence just makes ferreting those secrets out, decoding them, and correctly interpreting their importance all the more frustrating for a hypothetical opponent is icing on the cake.

Just because Maleos has thought something stupid before, is no guarantee that it is recorded in this book. For example: one of the thoughts that crossed Maleos's mind when Maleos asked out loud if there's any member of the Aelphin race who don't know what the aelphin do with their dead, and YM glanced at Aida? Totally not recorded here. GM is encouraged to ask whether or not a particular thing Maleos has thought or the player has said OOC is recorded in this book if that information ever becomes pertinent to regulating the game state. :)

Rido's deception(s)

So what was the deal with Rido? Bitch is one scary motherfucker. Not just because she was in our rooms, going through our shit. Not just because she dresses like a ninja and moves like a ninja after special effects. No, no. Rido is scary because of the secrets she may (we hope) only be pretending to have.

The Perfect Crime

Remember how we left a bunch of shit in that vault? Remember how we took only what we need? Remember how we planned the heist in Rido's presence, accomplished it using tools provided by her and techniques she and her band excelled at? Remember how she left us a big bag of loot after we did what we did? Hahahaha yeah we can't go back to Halvar.

Rido may already know about Isle.

So Rika is a spellcaster, and she said she saw much potential in Maleos. Rido played her knowlege of the party off as merely good detective work, but what if it's more than that? Rika could have been doing Detect Thoughts or even Modify Memory on us as we slept! (Caused Maleos to remember a forgotten incident in detail, implanted dreams suggested that we don't rush off to our destination, put gods only know what thoughts into Darias's head.) Maleos checked the compass for Dharven intending to (physically, before death, non-metaphorically) go to Isle, and found nothing, so that made him think either she didn't learn, couldn't use, or chose to keep secret Isle's existence. Then again, who says she's working for the Dharven? Maybe she just hasn't found a buyer yet…


On the surface, Rido was trying to help her Dharven brethren out of the worm-creature's grasp. Her actual intention could have been to get her friends on the surface a better position underground (which we accomplished handily when we let them negotiate those gold mining rights.)

If You Want Peace, Prepare for War

In Maleos's worst nightmare, Rido and her badn could be deliberately engineering a war between the aelphin and the dharven. The reason why depends on who they're working for and what kind of endgame they're expecting the war to have. In the most optimistic scenario, they are spurring the aelphin and dharven into building up their respective armies so that they will be prepared when a full-scale demon army begins to invade this realm. In the most pessimistic scenario, they're working directly for the demons, trying to get the two native sides to wipe each other out.

The Illusionary Queen

The less said about this one, the better. Basically, the idea is that the aelphin Queen's legendary beauty is so consistently described as being so overwhelming and transcendental, that it almost has to be a spell effect. Mundane beauty is simply more subjective. Also, from what I've been able to uncover, the Queen tends to proclaim statements at her guests, not directly interact with them.

So the question becomes, which is more likely? That the actual leader of the aelphin people is physically standing in that room, mesmerizing her audience with limited-duration spells, just to keep the legends of her beauty alive? Or that she prepares her statements in advance and just has the illusionary queen recite them to her spellbound guests? If you've already gone to the trouble of crafting and enchanting a reusable magical item, why not go all the way an ensure that the actual queen can be elsewhere getting important work done if she needs to be?

(OOC note: This paragraph appears to have been crammed into the whitespace between the preceding paragraph and the subsequent one some time after both paragraphs were written): An alternative hypothesis is that the Queen radiates beauty in a non-magical supernatural effect, much same way that the W Saul can be understood by all who hear him. They might even have spells or wards in place just to suppress this Aura of Supernatural Beauty enough that it's safe for mere mortals to look upon her. If so, Detect Magic, Arcane Sight, etc useless; Dispell Magic harmful to caster, etc.

Bottom line: There's obviously magic of some sort at work, here, just based on the legends alone. But attempting to pierce this veil would be insulting at best, inherently dangerous at worst, and could not possibly accomplish nothing worthwhile that I can think of. Do not attempt.

Time Travel

I once focused on the goal of traveling back in time to that one night, with the intent of physically altering the past, not merely observing, and to my surprise, Pelor's Compass gave me a line! The line was red, though. I can only assume that this means there is some barrier impeding our progress, or some price to be paid we currently lack the means to pay, or something like that. ( OOC note: I know for a fact that I can only assume this, because I initially tried to assume something different, that the red line meant we had a window to do it but that time was rapidly running out, and the GM reluctantly confided in me that my interpretation was incorrect rather than let me hop out of bed shouting "WE HAVE TO LEAVE, NOW!" Patience, gentle GM. No boxed set survives first contact with the Players.1 )

I suppose if the intelligence behind the Compass knows that Time Travel is possible, it also knows when and under what circumstances we will be capable of attempting it. (Or possibly it has already observed us attempting it, and thus the red line will turn white when it's time for us to do so, but this prophecy is so insultingly self-fulfilling that I refuse to even consider it.)

Time travel probably takes up tons of magical energy. It's entirely plausible that, someday, I will find myself having time travelled and regretted it. It is likely that if I were ever in such a situation, I would attempt to reverse-engineer the magics of time travel from core principles. As there is only one place in the world that this can be performed, and even then it can only be performed under specific conditions, it is reasonable to assume that I may only be capable of channeling enough power to send a very short message back in time to myself to the moment I was about to decide that travelling through time was a good idea.

Thus, the next few pages describe a condensed list of codes which could be uttered or written in as few characters or syllables as possible. Shorter sequences are reserved for more important messages, or messages that seem likely to require longer stretches of time to pass before it becomes obvious that the message must be sent in order to avert disaster.

  • If speaking the following character sequences, choose the pronunciation that results in the fewest syllables.
  • Speak the phrase "dot," or write a period to indicate end-of-message.
  • If excess spell duration remains after casting, say dot and repeat message as many times as possible.
  • Blank spaces are numbered and intentionally left blank.

1 - Do not travel through time and attempt what you are thinking about attempting!
11 - …instead, travel through time and do the exact opposite!
12 - …without more preparation.
13 - …because what you seek to accomplish can be done in the present!
14 - …you were tricked into doing that
141 - …by Demons
142 - …by Saul
143 - …by YM
144 - …by Aida
145 - …by Darias
146 - …by Yourself
1461 - "As far as I know, I am the first instance of us to attempt to correct this problem by sending information back in time."
1462 - "I was sent the message 1461."
1463 - "I was sent the message 1462."
146X - …etc, becomes real numbers beyond this point, no longer code.
148 - …by someone you haven't met yet. (I will attempt to repeat this message when you meet them.)
149 -

2 - Perform this action RIGHT NOW, immediately, as soon as you hear/read this:
21 …DUCK!
22 …HIDE!

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