Maleos's Magical Machinations

Works in Progress

(Listed in chronological order of when the player decided he wanted to try and create the spell.)

Modify Memory
Learn this ASAP, primarily for the "accurately remember the past" properties of it.

Teleport Swap
Swaps touched object with another object at Medium range. Swapped object needs to either be within caster's line-of-sight or else be of exactly equal mass to the touched object.

Maleos's Slightly Inconvenient Obstruction
Duration: 1 round per 2 caster levels.
Range: Close (25 feet + 5 feet for every two caster levels.)
Like Summon Monster 1, except instead of a nearly useless animal, it summons a 5x8 wall of wood, oriented to block movement between two adjacent squares. Treat as a wood barrier 1 inch thick, hardness 5, 10 HP. Spell focus: A splinter taken from a wooden wall that has stood for more than ten years. The summoned wall takes the form of this exact wall. (First spell focus produces a wooden farmhouse wall with a nail hole at eye level, a small mouse hole near the bottom, a footboard on one side and stucco on the other.)

Teleportation Backlash
Abjuration superficially resembles Resist Energy to spellcasters using Detect Magic. The spell actually has no effect at all unless a Teleportation spell is cast upon the affected creature. When such a teleportaion spell is cast, the caster must resist backlash as if he had lost control of the spell.

Teleportation Reversal
Conjuration superficially resembles Mage Armor to spellcasters using Detect Magic. The spell actually has no effect at all unless a Teleportation spell is cast upon the affected creature. When such a teleportation spell is cast, the caster of the teleportation spell is teleported instead of the target.

Eye Guard
Level 1, Abjuration. Duration: 1 hour/level. Protects the eyes from extremely bright light sources, such as fire or staring directly at the sun. +4 to saving throws VS blindness caused by bright light. +2 circumstance bonus to skill checks that involve staring at something despite intense light.

Rote Memorization
For the spell's duration, everything the caster would normally have seen and heard is recorded via Divination before it enters their eyes and ears. This Spell Slot then remains occupied until the sights and sounds are"released" into the eyes and ears. A higher level version could display the sights and sounds for all to see using Illusions.

Level 4. Ritual divination spell. Caster inscribes a name on a piece of paper, and then begins casting and maintaining the spell. A scrying-like probe automatically flits from person to person, using divination to check whether or not they believe their name is the name on the piece of paper. Returns the face and current location of any matches. Systematically checking every person on the Island requires approximately (TODO: Ritual STATS) Can be cast as a regular spell, but if so, its range is limited to that of Sending

Wood To Paper
Level 3. Permanently converts one pound of wood into half a pound of paper. At lower caster levels, bark, rings, and other features of the original wood may still be visible.

Greater Skill Sharing
Level 6. Same as Skill Sharing, except up to Four targets affected, Caster may choose to be or not be one of the four Targets, and up to 4 skills are shared between all four Targets, with each Target verbally specifying one of their own skills to contribute to the spell. Instead of Deja-Vu, targets experience an invigorating sense of teamwork and collaboration. (flavor)

Illustrate Aura
Level 2. Essentially Detect Magic + Silent Image. Rather than passing information about magical forces directly into the Caster's eyes or mind, a spherical illusion is projected around the caster, displaying the information upon the inner surface of the sphere. Since Silent Image cannot be used to blind someone, it should not be theoretically possible to blind someone with this, but as a final precaution, the "brightness" of the illusion is checked before projection, and selectively darkened until it is at the maximum brightness normally allowed by Silent Image. Assuming Maleos can mentally visualize "brightness" as a currency, this "threshold" effect should be totally achievable within the structure of the spell, between the Divination and Illusion steps. Potential Problem: It could turn out that it is the sheer power of the Bridge's aura itself, passing through the magical framework within the caster's mind, that causes the blindness— it is a matter of Backlash, not Brightness. Contingent Solution: Instead of a sphere, use a 60 degree cone centered on the caster's field of vision. If mental stresses as the eyes draw closer to the Bridge indicates a fizzle is warranted, but spell otherwise works the same as Detect Magic, discontinue use and begin crafting a magical item to maintain the spell for me.

Sprout Arrows
Ranged Touch Attack. Caster points at target and an invisible beam attempts to strike them. If successful, they get struck by a regular physical arrow attack which appears from a direction chosen by the caster. In addition, 1+ caster level illusory arrows strike the ground and environment near wherever the real arrow hits. Material Component: An arrow that has been previously fired by a competent archer.

Immolate Troll
Incinerates all Troll-flesh capable of regeneration but not capable of movement or combat within a 5 foot square. Just learn Burning Hands

Divination. "Directionality" function reverse-engineered from Pelor's Compass. Range may be more limited.

Divination. Explains the physics and mechanics behind a one-round action or process that you have witnessed. It may take several rounds for the explanation to unfold, much like how Detect Magic gradually provides more and more information about a spell. Does not explain magical theory behind a spell you saw cast, except for somatic components or activation actions, as well as the fact that a spell was triggered. Ritual version could be cast to explain a longer action you only witnessed the end result of, or an ongoing process that unfolded over a long period of time. The longer you perform the ritual, the further back in time you understand the chain of cause-and-effect.

Divination. Understand the emotional motivation behind a single choice, made by a conscious entity, described by the caster at the time of casting. (I.E. "Why did Gandalf split the party?") Caster is also aware of the alternatives the chooser was aware of, but chose against. Spell Focus: A tiny silver scales like those used for weighing goods for trade.

Arcane Hearth
(Discovery Prerequisites: Cast Skill Sharing on Darius with "Blacksmithing" skill; spend time working in an actual forge with him. Take notes.) Spell Focus: A blacksmith's hammer. Creates a hemispherical region of intense heat centered on the point struck by the caster, and no larger than one foot radius, which burns for up to four hours.

This region responds to the command words "hotter," "cooler," "larger," "smaller," and "extinguish." The active area glows to indicate the shape and temperature of the Evocation effect. As no actual coal coke is consumed, there are no ashes, smoke, sparks or embers, save for those generated by foreign materials introduced into the heated area. Heat is extremely stable and uniform, much like a modern gas forge, but with a limited ability to shape the fire.

Applications involving the deliberate introduction of carbon or other contaminants to alloys (such as with a samurai sword) may not be easily achievable with this design, but it is excellent for heating large and small pieces of metal to a softened state at which they can be worked, with minimal setup and teardown.

We now have the tools to do this! Command word activated magical item cost. Materials that can reduce the cost: H'rotham, Ruby, Obsidian.

Collected Theories

Cure Light Wounds

notes from Master TighearnĂ¡n, aelph city of Kaede
discussing with Saul


notes from Master TighearnĂ¡n, aelph city of Kaede

Resist Energy

taught by Gorounaka , aelph city of Kaede

Ray of Frost

notes from Gorounaka , aelph city of Kaede

Protection From Arrows

notes from Gorounaka , aelph city of Kaede

Alter Self

notes from Zuniga , darven city of Halvar

Obscure Object

notes from Zuniga , darven city of Halvar

Arcane Lock

notes from Zuniga , darven city of Halvar

Custom Spells (Currently Known)


Level 0, Enchantment. Will Save or target acts last this round. If target has already acted this round, target acts last next round. Flavor: Obvious green glow around the target. Spell specifically functions by hooking into the target's concerns about what effect the spell may or may not be having on them. Works on creatures up to 9 HD.


Level 0, Divination. Target area is one 5 foot square. Caster must have line of sight to the target area at time of casting. Caster speaks a simple statement to be evaluated, such as "there is a spoon here," or "this area is on fire." For the duration of the spell effect, Caster knows intuitively whether the spoken statement is currently true or false. Spoken statement must be of such a nature that the Caster can determine to his own satisfaction whether it is true or false simply by looking at the target area at the time of casting. Any deception that would have fooled the caster at the time of casting also fools this spell. Can return "Unknown," for instance, if area is too dark to determine whether or not there is a spoon.

Energy Weapon

Evocation (2) +1 to hit, +1d6 damage, +elemental type, to one touched weapon; +additional 1/1d6 per 4 levels with max +3/ 3D6. Choose element type at time of casting. Duration: 1 round/level

Skill Sharing

Level 2 Enchantment. Caster specifies a Skill when casting. Target and Caster experience 1D4 rounds of intense Deja Vu, which then fades into a milder background sensation of Deja Vu for the duration of the spell. For the spell's Duration, (1 hour / level) Target and Caster both use whichever of the two's Skill Rank Modifier is higher. Attribute modifier bonus is not shared, only the Skill Ranks. Benefit is capped at +10 Skill Ranks. Caster and target must remain within Close Range (30 feet) for the spell's duration.

Skill Sharing

Level 2 Enchantment. Caster specifies a Skill when casting. For the spell's Duration, (1 hour / level) Target and Caster both use whichever of the two's Skill Rank Modifier is higher. Attribute modifier bonus is not shared, only the Skill Ranks. Benefit is capped at +10 Skill Ranks. Caster and target must remain within Close Range (30 feet) for the spell's duration. Material Component: A pair of small silver rings worth at least 50gp; these are linked at the time of casting.

Standard Issue

- Burning Hands - Necessity is the Mother of Invention.
Form of the Dragon ***

Clarified rules on Magical Research while Traveling:

- Can only be done in 4-hour blocks.
- Each 4-hour block creates 2 hours worth of learning.
- Chris calls the 6 hours not spent traveling while traveling "downtime" but it is in no way similar to downtime in a town.
- Because my scrawny arms carrying firewood is so essential to a team of like 20 merchants travelling, the entire caravan needs to stop moving for 10 hours instead of 6. I can't just spend 4 of the 6 hours reading and maybe cast Alarm or something as my contribution, that would be too easy.
- Don't research magic while travelling.

Urgent TODO

- Learn Cure Light Wounds
- Learn Cure Moderate Wounds
- Research Eye Guard

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