Maleos's Introduction

First Spell

Coming Soon

Maleos learns to cast very shortly after Darias apprenticed out (age 12 for Maleos). First time he visits Darias in Brightmill, remember to RP that out - think "Ghost Sounds". Ted: "you could make it sounds like Darias made a lewd pass at a barmaid, who then throws a beer in his face or slaps him or something, and keep doing that." Dale: "Oh I was thinking more like making Darias think he's losing his mind. Like he's walking down the street alone, foggy day, I'm hiding somewhere nearby, and a little girl's voice singsongs "Daaaaaar-iaaaaas…" just behind him."

First spell per Dale: But maybe Maleos just kinda… started trying to do stuff with his mind? Like, playing pretend at first, that he had magic or whatever… then he noticed the bits of threads in his mind, and eventually pulled one hard enough that a small magical effect happened. A spark, a flicker of light, a gram of pressure against the liquid in a teacup. He discovered that he had magic by POKING at it.

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