Known Magical Materials

Skull of Purging Fire
Recovered during Trying Times when the demon known as The Purging Fire was killed.

Wings of River Drake
Would help with researching the Fly spell.

GM Notes

In case the GM forgets, there are some examples of magical materials and rules for their use in Spells & Spellcraft page 126. Skills like alchemy/, //spellcraft, knowledge (nature), and survival can be used to determine what materials are and how they might be used.

The general rules:

  • The correct material(s) need to be used depending on the desired effect. Materials have different relevant effects, and research is required to determine what a given material can be used for.
  • 25 GP worth of material defrays 1 XP when used as a material component in an XP-required spell or when used to craft a magical item.

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