Lost in Translation

"Saul. Quick question. When you get ready to cast spells in the morning, do you cast one every day, that lasts all day? Or not?"

"No, I dont' have any that last that long."

*grins* "Actually, I think you have one that never needs recasting."

somewhat confused look "Hmm…."

"I think I know why you're able to talk to people for us… but explaining it to you is going to be difficult, because you can't remember ever being unable to talk to someone. Can you bear with me as I try to explain?"


"All right. Do you know what a dialect or an accent is?"

"Sure, okay, yes, I follow. There are people that speak similarly but with… variations."
"But they can understand one another."

"Yes. Have you ever *heard* a dialect or an accent? Since the bushes?"

"Yes. Your accent differs from mine."

"Okay. Have you ever heard someone whose accent was so thick, it was challenging to catch some of the words they said?"

"Not that I can recall."

"Fair enough. But for argument's sake, let's hypothesize that there is a scale—" *holds his hands apart* "Of how different someone's accent is. People in this town, and people in that town, are like this:" *holds hands close together* "You probably hear us speaking in… oh, about this range—" *hands slightly further apart, shifting back and forth a little* "But if you were to head west, and cross the mountains. And cross another mountain and another mountain and another mountain—" *keeps moving hands further and further apart each time, until his arms are stretched out, "You'd find people who have changed every single word multiple times since the last time anyone had crossed the mountains. Are you with me so far?"

"Yes, okay."

"All right. In the world me, and my friends, and those elves, and the fishermen, can hear, people actually DO speak that differently from each other. It is such a serious impediment to communication that there is a spell specifically designed to overcome this hurdle. That's why the elves were the first people we could talk to without your help, and why I immediately asked them if they could teach it to me once we entered the room. I can't cast it yet, but I hope to master it some day. But you, Saul. You already have that spell active at all times. I suspect… it is either inherent to your body, like stone spell in those chickens we fought… or else contained within a piece of equipment you are carrying. Some object or item we've never spoken with you while you were without it."

"I see. Interesting theory. As you know, though, I have very little in the way of material possessions…."

"Right. It could be within you… or perhaps a boon bestowed by Pelor directly, through that personal connection you told me about.

"Perhaps you're correct."

*nods* "Is any of this exercising your memory?"

shakes head sadly "I've had little success remembering anything but the vague visions I've already mentioned."(This was from something like a session or two ago. It was a vision of a fight, falling. He remembered his name.)

"I'm thinking your Job in your past life must have used this ability… perhaps you were a merchant or a negotiator or a diplomat…" Suddenly a thought occurs to Maleos. But I rolled a 20 on the bluff check somehow. 29. Nothing to see here. This is good, because the thought is quite devastating indeed and he desperately wants to keep it secret.

He he he…
What's the thought?


Interesting thought.

"Well excuse me, if you would. I hope some of this was helpful." *heads back to inn room. Burries face in pillow. Tests to make sure delicate elven pillow muffles sound*

He he he…

Does it?

Yes. It's fluffy and comfortable.

*screams incoherently into pillow for several minutes until his face is red*

He he he…

*deep breath*
*several deep breaths. meditation.*
*gets the compass out*

Oh, yeah, roll for the "talk with Pelor" thing if you're doing that.

Well, he'd going to clear his head first by pretending to talk to Pelor (or doing one-way communication if Pelor is somewhere out there listening)


"Okay. I am going to assume… that YOU are not that unlucky. *I* might be… But you're not. So if you *literally* sent these people to come and *talk* to us… Perfect Translator who speaks on your behalf and everything… Bodyguard to protect him… *how* did it manage to go this wrong? That's crazy. I can't even. That's just insane. If I don't find a way to exchange words with you soon, we're going to need some better dreams." *uses compass to try and find a way to talk to Pelor*

Roll it. Int check.

*lands on 4, slides* "That was hardly a roll." *same type of dull thud roll, except a 1* "I GOT A FOUR CHRIS."

Okay, no good that day.

And if there's time, determine whether or not it has charges I'm wasting.

Well, its power doesn't seem to be waning.

Ah, okay. And the wand at 12/50 charges Esme had or whatever would have been?

Yes, you'd be able to feel that it was waning.

Oh excellent.
How many hours left in the day?

Probably around half the day.

*stashes compass in backpack, puts backpack beside him on bed. Meditates. Focuses on the feeling of struggling with it, trying to visualize how it felt when he won*


For about 10-15 minutes. Until he feels like he's in the zone. Flow happens.


*takes out the compass and tries again*
Goal: Speak with Pelor.

Okay, roll it.

Wooh! 16+4=20!

Okay… so, you're in the inn doing this. The compass wrestles with you and flips to point to a different direction.

*hisses* "Yes!" *looks at face of elf-pelor* "I know you don't understand me. But this is a sub-goal that serves your super-goal!" *pockets compass, heads outside to get a general look around in the direction it was pointing*
*(was actually talking to the compass, that time, not Pelor)*

Okay, it's pointing down a roadway. Once you follow that, it points down another, and another, and you realize it's leading you toward the Pelorian temple.

Of course it does. Does it point to the door of the temple or perhaps to a small circle on the ground beside a statue of elf-pelor or what?

Once you go inside, you see a few priests at the altar speaking with Saul. The compass is pointing toward the altar, though it could also be pointing to Saul or one of the other priests - it seems to indicate about a 15'-radius circle that includes the group and the altar.

Main priest already alluded to us "returning" the "item," right? But no sense rubbing their noses in the fact that I'm carrying it around. Maleos has already had enough problems with guards who only knew part of the story to last him a lifetime. He'll discreetly put the hand holding the compass in his pocket, and if anyone including Saul looks at him as he moseys back out the room, he'll kinda wave and go "I'll come back later." Bluff: 14+6

Okay. They go back to talking.

Go outside. The way it works is I keep holding it and thinking about the goal, it keeps pointing? Can I still be having it pointing through the bluff with a Concentration check?


15+6, yay for concentration!

It wavers momentarily, but you keep it reined in.

"Patience…" I think. Okay I'm gonna find a nice bench or something and wait for Saul to move away from the building. Wanna see if it tracks him or the altar.

Okay. You have to wait an hour or so, but you finally see him leave. He's glowing slightly with that same glow, but so is the temple. He seems a little brighter.

Has he seen me?

If you were just waiting around the corner or something out of direct line of sight, then no.
He seems to be thinking about something.

Yeah, ideally with a little cover so I know "if somebody was watching me, they'd be in my field of vision. So it's safe to peek at compass."

Yeah, not a big problem. There are trees all over the place.

I figured. Lots of greenspace, maybe some terraces. People looking out of windows would be the biggest problem to cover.
Well, okay, the BIGGEST problem is the invisible elf-police.
But I don't know about them yet.
So. Sneak a glance at compass. Saul or temple?

Saul and temple, but more Saul

*lets out a slow, deep breath*
"This is… too many layers of Irony."
*shakes head sadly, watching him walk*

Continued in Need to Know

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