As Dracolich:
Type -> Undead
+2 nat armor bonus
+1D6 cold dmg for all physical attacks
Physical attacks may paralyze; DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Cha mod Fort save or 2D6 rnd para

Gains para gaze attack; save DC as above; save confers imm to gaze of that lich forever

Base breath weapon DC on Cha, not Con

1/3 days, can cast Control Undead, caster lv 15th; cannot cast other spells while this is in effect

DR 5/bludgeoning

Immunities: std undead imm plus polymorph, cold, electricity

Invulnerability: if slain, spirit returns to phylactery; can possess a draconic corpse within 90' of phylactery (becoming a protodracolich if that body is not its own; protodracolich becomes full dracolich in 2D4 days; see pg 149 Draco)

+3 to SR with a minimum of 16

darkvision 60' unless original creature had better darkvision

imm to anything that requires Fort save unless it affects objects

CR increases by 3

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