Margaretha Callistus

Margaretha is the youngest of the High Priests; she has only been in charge for a little over a year and is still relatively young at 41. She has been to every non-swampy square inch of the Isle and has even gone out on fishing boats a time or two, once closing to within a few hundred yards of a Watcher. She is a true explorer at heart and is always on the lookout for her next adventure; she "teaches through doing," dragging journeyman and higher priests on her travels with her in the desire to teach without needing to remain too long in one place. Still, were she to have a "home," it would be Violetford; she grew up there and maintains a residence there.

Margaretha is a captivating woman; not overtly attractive at first glance, she nevertheless has a way of drawing all attention in the room to her. She is not married and has no children, but some gossip that she has lovers in every city neighborhood and every village across the Isle. Margaretha is somewhat famous among the priesthood also for having been the only High Priest to have brought in a wanted outlaw, a brigand by the name of Henrietta Armanti who attempted to rob her and her journeyman escort during one of her wide-ranging trips. Henrietta is currently imprisoned in Violetford and will stand trial soon after Sunbreak.

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