Marinus Iphigenio

The PCs rescued Marinus from the Ice Tower. He is of a race they'd not previously encountered.

Marinus is a friend of Xavier's. He claims to come from a continent to the east of Demonhome. His people have an outpost in the far east of Demonhome that they built only a few decades ago. Marinus himself is an explorer by trade; he searches out destinations for trade and maps safe routes and dangers, then sells this information to the Merchant Houses.

Marinus is smaller than even dharven, maybe 3 ½ feet tall and fairly slight. When rescued, he had sparse hair on his face and head, but after recovering this grew back to be more full. He also has relatively thick hair on his arms, legs, and feet. His skin has a tinge of coppery yellow-green to it, and his amber eyes are cat-pupilled.

Marinus has literally dozens of tattoos, all exquisitely crafted. In particular, he has shown the PCs a stylized bird tattoo on his upper-left chest that is holding a branch bearing three fruits. He heavily implied that this tattoo is some form of specialized teleportation tattoo with three uses left, and he offered one up to the PCs during his recovery; he needs the other two to get Xavier back to his people and himself back to his own.

Marinus is a very competent spellcaster, though he casts his spells very differently from how Maleos does (though with similar effect). He is very charismatic and makes friends easily with the party, the zwallen, and even the animals that live in Yegek.


Marinus fights with odd weapons the likes of which the PCs have not seen. While the majority of his equipment was lost when he was captured, the PCs did recover his short, chopping knives (similar to small kukri), his odd scythe-chain-and-weighted-ball weapon, a number of his shuriken, and one of his spell lattices (holding haste).


Marinus truly thinks of himself as a facilitator helping people to develop mutually-beneficial relationships. He looks for arrangements where both parties involved can get something from the other that they could not otherwise have gotten. He has no philosophical issues with commerce or consumerism on the whole, essentially feeling that his responsibility is to treat others fairly and leaving them to take responsibility for the actions they take based on the information they get from him.

Marinus prefers to avoid conflict or combat where possible. He most enjoys the exploratory aspects of his chosen profession, seemingly unconcerned with long stretches of time alone and unsupported.


Marinus is very charismatic; it's difficult to say what exactly draws your attention to him, but something does. In contrast to Xavier, though, Marinus picks and chooses his moments. He's a more thoughtful type of charismatic than Xavier, picking and choosing his words carefully for maximum impact. In particular, he seems to have an in-joke of sorts with Xavier where he'll try to come up with the perfect anti-punchline to undercut one of Xavier's stories by making Xavier look like the ass in the story. Xavier seems highly amused by this without fail.

Marinus has an obvious love of animals. He quickly became close to and accepted by Firefox, Torin, and Moxie.

Marinus clearly does not like to lose or be backed into a corner. In an unguarded moment when backed into a corner would be the ideal circumstances under which you could catch Marinus is a complete and total rage. Rather than lashing out, though, Marinus has a tendency to bend, change, or even break the rules wherever possible so that he doesn't lose. A perfect example would be when he was forced into a position to sacrifice an animal in an arcane ritual in the Gates of the Dead. Rather than raging against the situation, he ensured he would be the one to catch the animal so that he could subdue it and bless it before he was forced to take its life. He was backed into a corner and forced to do something he didn't want to do, but he refused to do it anything other than his way. He will break rules if he has to, but he much prefers to bend them to his will in some way.


Experience Points: 66,750

Attrib Score Mod
Str 10 +0
Dex 16 +3
Con 14 +2
Int 16 +3
Wis 20 +5
Cha 14 +2

Combat Statistics

BAB +9/+4
Initiative +7
HP 87 +7/lv
AC (no armor) 13
AC (spells) 22
Save Base Ability Magic Total
Fortitude +8 +2 +0 +10
Reflex +4 +3 +0 +7
Willpower +8 +5 +0 +13

Equipment Statistics

Weapon Hit Dmg Crit Range Type Wt
Kusarigama +2 ball todo 1D4+2 todo n/a S/P 8 lb
Kusarigama +2 kama todo 1D6+2 todo n/a S/P 8 lb
Dagger (melee) todo 1D3+1 19-20/x2 n/a P 1 lb
Dagger (missile) todo 1D3+1 19-20/x2 10' P 1 lb
Shuriken todo 1D2+1 todo 20' P 1/2 lb
Ammo No. Hit Bonus Dmg Bonus Crit Bonus Range Bonus Wt
Shuriken 20 +0 +0 0 n/a 0 lb
Armor Type Weight L/M/H AC Max DEX ACP
NA 0 lb L +0 NA -0


Details unknown at this time, though clearly he has skills in alchemy, healing, and survival.


  • Nature Bond (Animal Domain Spells)
  • Nature Sense (+2 Knowledge (nature) and Survival)
  • Wild Empathy
  • Woodland Stride
  • Trackless Step
  • Venom Immunity
  • Wild Shape 5/day (any animal, diminutive through huge; small through huge elemental; small through huge plant)
  • Improved Initiative
  • Run (x5 run; +4 on running Jumps)
  • Blind-Fight
  • (Magical Item Crafting Feats)
  • Wild Speech
  • Quick Wild Shape (Wild Shape as two levels lower when changing form as a move action (limits elemental/plant to Large), or four levels lower as a swift action (limits elemental/plant to Medium).)
  • Predator's Leap (equivalent of a running jump from standing still)


Note that he got hair locks from Aida, Saul, and Yoshirou-Mura in late June of the year 0C.

  • Kukri +1, Returning (x2)
  • Kusarigama +2
  • Shuriken, Masterwork (x20)
  • Spell Lattice (lv 3, haste)


Note that this may not be a complete spell list. These are just spells that Marinus has demonstrated mastery of.

  1. Level 0: 6/day
    1. Create Water
    2. Detect Magic
    3. Guidance
    4. Know Direction
    5. Light
    6. Read Magic
  2. Level 1: 5/day
    1. Calm Animals
    2. Cure Light Wounds
    3. Endure Elements
    4. Longstrider
    5. Speak with Animals
    6. Summon I
  3. Level 2: 5/day
    1. Barkskin (+5 natural armor)
    2. Bear's Endurance
    3. Bull's Strength
    4. Cat's Grace
    5. Eagle's Splendor
    6. Fox's Cunning
    7. Gust of Wind
    8. Owl's Wisdom
    9. Reduce Animal
    10. Resist Energy
    11. Restoration (Lesser)
    12. Soften Earth and Stone
    13. Summon II
    14. Warp Wood
    15. Wood Shape
  4. Level 3: 5/day
    1. Cure Moderate Wounds
    2. Daylight
    3. Magic Fang, Greater (+4 natural weapon)
    4. Plant Growth
    5. Protection from Energy (12)
    6. Stone Shape
    7. Summon III
    8. Wind Wall
  5. Level 4: 4/day
    1. Cure Serious Wounds
    2. Dispel Magic
    3. Freedom of Movement
    4. Rusting Grasp
    5. Summon IV
  6. Level 5: 3/day
    1. Animal Growth
    2. Commune with Nature
    3. Control Winds
    4. Cure Critical Wounds
    5. Hallow
    6. Stoneskin
    7. Summon V
    8. Transmute Mud to Rock
    9. Transmute Rock to Mud
    10. Wall of Fire
    11. Wall of Thorns
  7. Level 6: 2/day
    1. Bear's Endurance, Mass
    2. Bull's Strength, Mass
    3. Cure Light Wounds, Mass
    4. Dispel Magic, Greater
    5. Eagle's Splendor, Mass
    6. Fox's Cunning, Mass
    7. Move Earth
    8. Owl's Wisdom, Mass
    9. Summon VI
    10. Wall of Stone

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