Lieutenant Mark Nimor

Race/AL: Human, LE
Class/Level: Fighter/Warrior of Darkness (BVD), 8/5
Str: 21, +5
Dex: 13, +1
Con: 16, +3
Int: 14, +2
Wis: 14, +2
Cha: 15, +2
Melee Weap: Longsword +2
Melee Attk/Dmg: +20, 1D8+8 (1 pt vile dmg)
Missile Weap: Comp. Longbow +1 mighty (Str 18)
Missile Attk/Dmg: +14, 1D8+5 (+15, 1D8+6 w/25 +1 arrows; +16, 1D8+7 w/8 +2 slaying arrows + Fort DC 20 or die)
Armor: +2 full plate, +1 large metal shield (-6 check pen)
F/R/W, BAB: +15/+6/+12, +13/+8/+3
HP, AC, Init: 156, 27, +1
Skill Ranks: Alchemy 7, Knowledge (arcana) 6, Speak Infernal, Spellcraft 5, Ride 10, Bluff 10, Intimidation 10, Hide 7, Move Silently 7, Spot 7, Search 7, Handle Animal 7

Special Abilities: Speak Infernal; Iron Will (+2 Will saves), Weapon Focus (longsword, +1 attk), Weapon Specialization (longsword; +2 dmg), Point Blank Shot (+1 attk, dmg w/in 30’), Power Attack (-attk = +dmg), Cleave (fell target = +1 AoO), Mounted Combat (Ride check becomes mount’s AC), Great Cleave (no limit to Cleave), Ride-By Attack (move, attack, move if <= full move rate, also in straight line), Improved Critical (longsword, 2x threat range), Vile Martial Strike (+1 vile dmg with longsword; vile dmg can only be healed within consecrated/hallowed area by magic), Black Magic Oil (Combat Reflexes—additional # AoO/rnd = Dex mod), Darkling Weapon (grant weapon +1 enhancement bonus or ability equivalent to +1 enhancement bonus; takes 3 rnds, only works in his hands, and lasts 1 hr/WoD lv), Black Magic Elixir (Aura of evil gives +1 deflection bonus to AC), Black Magic Oil (Ensorcelled flesh; natural armor bonus gains +1), Scarred Flesh (DR 5/+3 through ritual scarification)

Equipment: Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Endurance, Cloak of Resistance +2, Ring of Protection +1

Notes: was an Lt in Necromancer’s army; took over Scarlet Wolves after castle fell; was in group that slew Peregrine’s family, but was not the man who killed Peregrine’s family; has a large warhorse named Icemount

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