Masterwork Items

I don't like the basic rule in D&D 3.5 that masterwork items cost a fixed 300 GP plus the cost of the item. Instead, I use the basic rule of thumb that a masterwork item costs 10x the base cost of the item. For combined items (like a masterwork hammer/pick or hammer/axe), the cost is 10 x (cost of more expensive item + half cost of less expensive item).

If you want to try to craft a masterwork item, you still need materials of the highest grade. You pay 5x the base cost of the item and must make an appropriate skill check (and have the appropriate amount of time) to see if you can successfully create the item. The DC for this check is usually between 10 and 15 points higher than the craft check for the base item (usually putting it between 25 and 30.

Players cannot take 10 or take 20 to automatically create masterwork items in this way at character creation without the explicit permission of the DM.

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