Medical Gear and Drugs


Addictiveness Rating Check Result
Not addictive N/A N/A
Slightly addictive TODO TODO
Mildly addictive TODO TODO
Moderately addictive TODO TODO
Highly addictive TODO TODO
Extremely addictive TODO TODO


Spice is slang for various types of mind-altering drugs produced naturally on some planets, most notably Kessel. Spice was generally highly regulated. Some varieties of spice are extremely addictive.

Spice Cost/Dose Duration Effects
Glitterstim TODO TODO TODO grants temporary telepathy; highly addictive; overuse degenerated the nerves in the brain resulting in loss of sight, twitching, nervousness and paranoia //
Glitteryll //TODO TODO TODO decreases user's memories
Ryll TODO TODO TODO base for other varieties of spice; could be addictive; also base for medicines; euphoric?
Ryll kor TODO TODO TODO refined grade of ryll, similar uses, medicinal especially; safer but rare and expensive
TODO TODO TODO TODO dampens Force abilities
TODO TODO TODO TODO grants Force-like intuitive leaps

Manufactured Drugs

Some of these drugs come from Galladinium's Fantastic Technology; those entries are denoted by the "Gallad. [page]" entry in the "reference" section of the table.

Drug Cost/Dose Duration Reference Effects
DiMatolin 100 1 hour Gallad. 43 Negates Dexterity penalties in high gravity (< 1.5 gravities)
Elisinandrox 250 10 hours Gallad. 43 +1D+1 Strength, stamina to resist radiation sickness
Greshollpolyforim 150 3 hours Gallad. 43 Negates Strength penalties in high gravity (<2 gravities)
Haladreshin 200 8 hours Gallad. 43 +1D Perception and related skills; neurological stimulant; mildly addictive
Requilisant 200 6 hours Gallad. 43 Negates Dexterity-related penalties in low-/zero-gravity environments
Suprastenone 200 1 hour Physical stim - steroidlike, but engineered. Highly addictive. +1D Strength
Synthetic Adrenalin 100 1 hour Second action per round at -2 pips instead of -1 dice; -2 pips to Dexterity and all Dexterity-related skills; Ignore minor wounds for duration; Physiological stimulant; Marginally addictive.
Medseal 1000 Stable Slowly cures a wound or stabilizes if on verge of death. Not as effective as bacta, but no medic needed. Continued combat/strenuous activity will render useless (roll Strength each round vs DC 15).
Hyperglobin 1000 48 hours Extra oxygen retention in blood. +1D Strength, Dexterity, Perception boost. Not addictive, but major crash after metabolized (-1D Strength, Dexterity, Perception. Can help resisting poisonous atmospheres for short duration. Can boost endurance/stamina. Can't be used in small injection/autoinjector - requires massive volume of hyperglobin to be effective.
Evawake 200 24 hours Neurostim - eliminates need for 1 night's sleep. Hard crash after flushed from system (48-72 hours). Highly addictive.
Bacta N/A N/A Wookiepedia link; General-purpose healing solution; minimizes scarring, promotes rapid cellular regeneration.
Lyrdome TODO 3:00 2D damage, no possible STR Check to resist.
Kharamsool TODO 24 hours* *Death in 24 hours if not treated with proper antidote.
Gorass Juice TODO 6:00 -1D from STR and DEX
Mikkith TODO 24Hr Paralytic, paralyses whatever body part it hits. If at the head or torso it is less effective and is easier for the target to resist.
Aspic Venom TODO 4:00 Blinds target
Ulkith Poison TODO :30* *Death in 30 seconds if not immediately treated with natural antidote, or direct bacta injection.
L'Norn TODO 2:30 Hallucinogenic
Hutari TODO 1 hour Target completely loses feeling in the struck appendage. Can still use it but suffers a -2D/3D to all DEX roles with that appendage, due to the fact that they can’t feel a thing. If hit in torso suffers -1D+2 to all DEX roles. Also can act to resist pain.
Somec TODO 5D6 rounds. If fails in stamina check target falls to sleep in 1D6 rounds.
Ulikian Haze TODO 30 minutes Somewhat of a narcotic, hazes the targets mind with uncertainty and clouds their judgement. All perception roles are -2D
Rodian Polerete TODO 5 min Used in interrogations, it's basically a truth serum. When under its influence target must roll to resist drug or tell the truth.
Helisvenin TODO Permanent Necrotizes tissue

Medical Gear

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