Melissa Bolander

Character Notes

Lone Star Chief Detective of Seattle North District

cf: Lee Coppoletta


Melissa isn't exactly a rags to riches story, but she is something of a local girl done good. She grew up in Seattle proper, a product of a lower-middle-class family. She saw some of the crime in the area firsthand and grew up wanting to clean up the streets for her family.

Fresh out of school, Melissa joined up with Lone Star as a beat officer. She worked her way up through the ranks until she was eligible to test for detective; as soon as she could, she did. Lee was her first junior partner (once she made full detective and he got out of HTRT); once he made full detective, she liked to say she'd taught him everything he knew. Melissa has been Chief Detective for the entire Seattle North district for the past 4 years.

Physical Description

Height: 1.85 m (6'1")
Weight: 84 kg (185 lb)
Hair: Shoulder-length, stick-straight red hair
Eyes: Green

Born 2032.

Melissa (or occasionally "Lissa" to her close friends) is tall and striking. She's definitely no model, tending more toward stocky than waify. Very little of her weight is fat, though. Melissa always felt she had to give 125% to break even as a Lone Star officer; even today, when she spends most of her time behind a desk, her workout regimen hasn't changed.

Basic Personality

Melissa is super-Type A, aggressive and driven. She's not afraid to fight (and sometimes secretly relishes the opportunity). She has also learned to balance the necessity of profit vs. her deeper desire for justice. Melissa has no real life outside of work; she's only managed to marry because her husband is just as driven as she is (though he's in "acquisitions" with Lone Star, not law enforcement).


  1. Can't suppress an evil smirk whenever she thinks someone is underestimating her. She secretly loves to smack people back into line.
  2. Always sleeps with her trusty old Super Warhawk within easy reach.
  3. Obsessive about firearm and armor maintenance.
  4. Always has her badge and plays with it almost like a fetish or a talisman.

Character Statistics


Physical Score Mental Score Special Score
Body 4 Charisma 3 Edge 4
Agility 3 Intuition 5 Essence 6
Reaction 4 Logic 3 Magic 0
Strength 4 Willpower 3 Initiative 9


Active Skills Score Knowledge Skills Score Language Skills Score
Running 3 Lone Star Politics 6 English Native
Data Search 4 Seattle Law Enforcement 6 Spanish 2
Etiquette (Street) 4 Lone Star Tactics 4 Japanese 2
Negotiation 5 Seattle Gangs 4
Perception 5 Organized Crime 3
Firearms Group 4 Redmond Barrens 4
Close Combat Group 5

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