Michael Barnes

Michael is an elven combat-specialist mage. He's a bit of a loner and has something of a mean streak, both of which come from growing up an orphan in the Redmond Barrens. Michael follows the hermetic tradition.

Elven male, age 50
6'1", 161 lb.
Shaved head with grey/green leaf tattoos
Blue eyes


Physical Score Mental Score Special Score
Body 2 Charisma 6 Essence 6
Agility 5 Intuition 3 Initiative 6
Reaction 3 Logic 4 Edge 2
Strength 3 Willpower 5 Magic 5


Active Skills Score Knowledge Skills Score Language Skills Score
Banishing 3 Magic Theory 2 English Native
Binding 3 Security Companies 3 Spanish 2
Summoning 3 Security Procedures 3 Japanese 1
Counterspelling 5 Redmond Gangs 2
Ritual Spellcasting 5 Security Design 3
Spellcasting 5 Renraku 2
Disguise 2 Shiawise 2
Infiltration 2 Seattle Street 1
Palming 2 Club Music 2
Shadowing 2 Street Drugs 1
Pistols 3
Automatics 3
Longarms 3
First Aid 2
Perception 2
Negotiation 2
Assensing 2

Positive Qualities

Magician: Can use Sorcery and Conjuring; can Assense

Negative Qualities

Sensitive System: 2x essence loss from cyberware
Sensitive Neural Structure: -2 dice pool to resist IC, BTLs, dumpshock, etc.


Spell Name Type Test Range Damage Duration Drain Reference
Manaball Mana Opposed - Wil LOS (Area) Physical Instant (F/2) + 2 SR4 Core
Mana Bolt Mana Opposed - Wil LOS Physical Instant (F/2) SR4 Core
Fireball Mana Opposed - Rea LOS (Area) Physical Instant (F/2) + 5 SR4 Core
Heal Mana Success Touch N/A Permanent Damage Value - 2 SR4 Core
Shattershield Mana Opposed - Force Touch Physical Instant (F/2) - 3 Street Magic
Detect Enemies, Extended Mana Opposed - Wil Touch/Extended Area N/A Sustained (F/2) + 3 SR4 Core
Net Physical Opposed - Str LOS/Area N/A Sustained (F/2) + 3 Street Magic
Deflection Physical Success LOS N/A Sustained (F/2) + 1 Street Magic
Armor Physical Success LOS N/A Sustained (F/2) + 3 SR4 Core

Area spells have a radius of effect equal to their Force, in meters.
Extended Area spells have a radius of effect equal to 10 * Force, in meters.


Steyr TMP Machine Pistol

  • 200 rounds APDS
  • 100 rounds Gel

HK MP-5 TX Submachine Gun

  • 200 rounds APDS
  • 200 rounds EX Explosive
  • 50 rounds DMSO + Narcoject capsules (Stun dmg @ +2 Impact armor plus 10S dmg)

Mossberg AM-CMDT automatic shotgun

  • 50 rounds flechette

Fragmentation Grenades x10
Thermographic Smoke Grenades x10
Form-Fit Full Suit body armor
Renraku Sensei commlink with Magnedyne Deva OS and basic business applications

  • Augmented Reality gloves
  • Trode net
  • Subvocal microphone


  • Thermographic vision
  • Vision enhancement R2
  • Image Link

Docwagon Gold contract (1 year)
Middle-class Lifestyle (1 mo)
Conjuring materials for an F3 Spirit of Air
Conjuring materials for an F3 Spirit of Fire
Conjuring materials for an F3 Spirit of Water
Conjuring materials for an F3 Spirit of Earth
8000 nuyen


Dirty Lone Star officer
Redmond Barrens gangers
Alpha Blue (runner)

Other Notes

Has one "safe house" location where he has constructed a hermetic circle

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