Miss Bliss

lv.2 Priestess (Pelor) (effective CR 9)
Illithid Female

Damir's thoughts: Knows enough about Miss Bliss's character (since his childhood) that he trusts her implicitly. Doesn't care that she can read his mind "at will" because of this trust. After his recent "mind-meld" with Miss Bliss (just after Session 1), he has learned that his trust in her is well-placed. She feels that Damir is a fairly good person, and the confidence that has given him was the final push toward his coming life of wandering. She revealed to Damir the secrets of her "creation" and of her Queen and life cycle. Damir purchased a small silver bell and had it engraved with PELOR BLESS YOU (in the style of the school bell), included a personal note, and wrapped it all in staff paper; this he gave to Miss Bliss upon his graduation. Damir thanked her for her efforts, her teaching, and her caring in the note. He also directly thanked her for teaching him his amazingly tolerant attitude toward non-humans, as he feels that she was the major influence in his childhood that taught him not to make snap judgments and to treat all intelligent species as he would "people."

Miss Bliss's Queen and the Illithid Life Cycle: The wizardess from the DragonSlayers reversed the alignment of Miss Bliss's Queen a long time ago (~50 years); Miss Bliss was the first Illithid nymph-form born after this reversal of alignment. She took the life of a human female ranger, not knowing what she was doing at the time; now she regrets that act. Miss Bliss visits her Queen every 3 months to share knowledge with her; the other Illithid in her hive take deer and other forest creatures in order to prevent further loss of sentient life based on their actions. The hive is located on the line between Tantor and Gwivonna (in the little forest); this is not common knowledge, and rumors about frightening creatures living there are kept alive in order to keep the hive safe.

Common Knowledge: School Marm in Gwivonna. She is a monster attempting to live peacefully among humans. Although her race is both mysterious and feared, she comes highly recommended by the order of Pelor, both as a Teacher and as a Sapient Being. She has a compassionate heart and keeps order well in the classroom. Not surprisingly, her students think highly of her. Perhaps a bit too highly? Hmmm… Can cast healing spells, so apparently she shares Pelor's favor.

Uncommon Knowledge: Mrs. Bliss, not surprisingly, uses her unique mind-control abilities to keep order in the classroom. Perhaps more surprisingly, however, she does not use her powers indiscriminately. She values the unique identity of each student's individual mind, and if someone has a problem with her, she will calm their hostilities, but will not force them to suddenly see things her way. She prefers to give only the slightest of nudges and the mildest of emotions when influencing her students. She handles troublemakers by letting them think they are causing mischief, and then turning around and incorporating their pranks into the day's lessons. She is an utterly gentle and compassionate soul, and by all rights should be beyond suspicion by anyone who truly knows her.

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