Mount Pon

The major wizard academy in this area of the world, Mount Pon is constructed high on a mountain with the only access provided through a cave system. To enter, one must cast a spell upon the wall that blocks entrance; any spell will do. The cave involves relatively simple and safe but nevertheless strenuous trials that must be overcome before one reaches the "courtyard" that lies in front of the castle/cathedral main structure of the Mount Pon Academy. The courtyard is cut marble with a stained glass roof overhead; the castle that houses the main academy appears to be constructed in such a way that it could not stand without the help of magic, though this may not actually be the case. Nevertheless, the architectural style of Mount Pon is distinct and very unusual. The courtyard has several low stone structures about 6ft x6 ft by 2 feet high, and sometimes they have small trees growing in soil, sometimes a fountain or a statue, and all of these have benches along all 4 sides so students can sit and relax. The walls are also lined with wooden benches or potted plants at placed between the doors and staircases, and the courtyard is a rectangular ring that goes around the central complex of the school. The school is based on a quarterly schedule with 4 2-week breaks every year; students must attend each semester unless granted special dispensation to study abroad.

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