Level 5 Toy Dragon of Doom



Attribute Score Mod
STR 9 -1
DEX 17 (19) +3 (+4)
CON 13 +1
INT 7 -2
WIS 12 +1
CHA 10 +0

Combat Statistics

BAB +5
Melee +4
Missile +8 (+9)
Initiative +2 (+3)
HP 45
AC 10 + 4 + 4 +6 = 24
Spell Resistance 15
Walk 15ft
Fly 60ft Good
Carrying Capacity 36/72/108
Max Drag 424 lbs.
Save Base Ability Magic Total
Fortitude +4 +1 +5
Reflex +7 +3 (+4) +10 (+11)
Willpower +4 +1 +5
Weapon Size Type Attack Damage Range/Reach Ammo
Tail barb T P +10 1D3
Bite T P +10 1D2


Skill Total
Fly +17
Listen +9
Search +4
Sense motive +9
Spot +9
Stealth +22 (+26 forests)
Survival +9
Swim +5

* denotes a trained-only skill
+ denotes armor check penalty applies
% denotes a skill only applicable to shapeshifter races

Speak Language details

Feats & Abilities

  • Blindsense 60ft
  • Darkvision 60ft
  • Low-light vision
  • Wingover Once per round can turn up to 180 degrees as a free action without making a fly skill check.
  • Empathic Link Can communicate emotions to Aida when within 1 mile.
  • Share Spells If someone casts a spell on either Aida or Moxie, spell can be split between them. For healing spells the healing is split; for other spells the duration is split.
  • Evasion Can always make reflex saving throws. Reflex saves for half become saves for no damage.
  • Fearlessness +4 bonus on any morale-related saves.
  • Improved Armor Gains +4 natural armor bonus.
  • Animal Companion Abilities +2 bonus to STR, +2 bonus to DEX.
  • Powerful Flier Increases carrying capacity by 50%.


Lead of the Menehune

  • Braided steel cable with bronze and leather harness
  • when placed on animal or familiar, gains 30' lead; holder gets +4 animal handling
  • 8th lv: grants natural armor +1; fur, scales, or skin takes on slight bronze tone
  • 10th lv: grants natural armor +2; fur, scales, or skin takes on slight silvery tone
  • 12th lv: natural armor goes to +2; fur, scales, or skin takes on dull steel sheen
  • 14th lv: can cast stoneskin at holder's lv 2/day on wearer; while active, fur, scales, or skin takes on adamantine gloss


The ever-growing master list

Personal Details

Moxie was hatched during the first year the PCs were on the mainland. Her hatch-date is October 9th of that year. Aida acquired her approximately two weeks after she hatched.

Appearance, Age, and Growth:

She is currently about 6 months old and only around 5 or 6 inches in body length. When fully grown, she will be roughly a foot in body length. Her tail will stay about twice as long as her body. She grows at a rate of an inch every two months and will be fully grown somewhere around 2 years of age.

She has iridescent purple scales on her face, back, and legs. Her underbelly is less armored but has indigo scales. Her wings are also indigo. She has two horns and a long, spiny crest down her back that are roughly the same indigo color as her wings and underbelly. She has a small barb on her tail that she uses to hunt. While she has sharp talons on her four legs, they are far too small to do damage to anything larger than the prey she hunts.

Care and Feeding:

While growing, she needs frequent sandbaths, at least one every 10 days. Any kind of sand or gritty dirt can be used. So long as you provide the dirt, she will roll around in it to clean her growing scales and strip the dead, molting scales. Cleansing cantrips like Prestidigitation can also be used to keep her scales clean and non-itchy. She will also swim but does not specifically need to bathe.

She will eat most any type of food, but she prefers meats. She is capable of hunting for herself, but we suggest that you feed her by hand until she is a year old. She eats daily and requires about a pound of meat every week while growing, cutting this by half once she's fully grown.


Your toy dragon will be smarter than a dog or cat and is more easily trained (Int 5). She can learn somewhat complex commands and can be taught to recognize somewhere around 2,000 words. Training is best performed using food rewards and positive reinforcements; unlike many lizards, toy dragons are relatively social and like to be held and scratched, particularly around the wing roots and crest. She will communicate via chirps, clicks, hisses, growls, and purrs, and an attentive owner can learn to discern many messages from these vocalizations.


Toy dragons hunt only creatures smaller than themselves, such as insects, rodents, snakes, or small birds. If threatened by anything larger, they will flee rather than fight unless cornered, and they will flee at the first opportunity. They are friendly and social but perceptive and protective of their friends (those who have fed and cared for them). Tame toy dragons have a tendency when threatened to hide behind the biggest nearby friend so that the threat would have to go through the big (and thus dangerous) foe to get to the dragon.

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