Ichinose Frink

Ichinose Frink (ee-chee-NO-say frink)

Local housewife, part-time baker. (lv 4 rogue)
Human, age 34. (perpetually claims to be 30)

Formerly Ichinose Rumi A plump, loud, cheerful woman with a quick wit and a penchant for gossip. Black hair with flecks of grey, dark green eyes.

Mrs. Frink used to be quite the NPC back in her days, and made it to a 4 Rogue before she decided to get out of the business. Now she's retired and older, just a friendly neighbor in Gwivonna with a penchant for gossip.

Like, a big penchant.

Common knowledge: When she was 20, she inherited a sizable amount of money and decided to settle down. At the age of 25, she met her current husband. Three days a week, she bakes delicious goodies, which she then sells out of her home. She insists her breads are the world's finest, but really, they're only "pretty good." Bakes excellent cookies.

Uncommon Knowledge: Man, does she love to talk. Also, her bread's okay, but my GOD does she make good desserts! You gotta try her elderberry pie, man! Just don't stay too long or she'll talk your ear off, heh.

Top secret: She doesn't know this, but Deaus has enchanted the elderberry bushes behind her house with a subtle version of Accelerate Plant Growth which makes the berries grow quickly and ripen lusciously, with a full, rich flavor. He did this shortly after she began producing the pies he loves so much. All she knows is, for some reason, she hasn't needed to make a trip into the woods for elderberries in years. In her youth, she was much more slender, and she adventured for a time. She did not inherit her money, but rather killed orcs to get it. She made it up to a level 4 rogue before she decided to call it quits after a close brush with death. There is still a scar on her right ankle from a poisoned, spring-loaded spike trap. She keeps a diary under her mattress, filled to the brim with juicy secrets from her past. Any baked goods she makes using elderberries will taste exceptionally good, provided the berries come from the enchanted bushes in her back yard.

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