Neil Molino

Character Notes

Lone Star Seattle, Information Security

cf: Lee Coppoletta


Neil was a kit the tended to get in trouble. He wasn't deliberately a troublemaker; he just could help taking things apart to see how they worked. His hacking brought him close to arrest a few times until a rather friendly Lone Star officer sat him down one day for a long talk. He kept in contact with that cop until he retired a couple of years later. Neil credits him with turning his life around. Once he graduated from University of Washington, he applied for and received a position in Lone Star's computer security ranks.

Neil has worked various aspects of Lone Star security during his tenure there (starting in 2060). He likes to switch things around every three years or so to keep himself fresh. He's comfortable being something of a cog - he sees himself as a white hat hacker doing the best job he can do.

Neil worked with Lee's team frequently when Lee was in Lone Star HTRT. He was their base contact most nights. Neil also ran the back-end operations when Lee was undercover as a mobster. The two kept in touch through Lee's detective years. After Lee's retirement from Lone Star, he worked a deal with Neil to keep the false identity alive and up to date so that Lee could occasionally use it. Lee has assured Neil that he'll only use the ID to catch more bad guys, but Neil watches any activity on that ID closely. He trusts Lee, but he's not going to let Lee get away with too much - after all, he's got his rep to consider, and he needs to be able to think of himself as one of the good guys….

Physical Description

Height: 1.77 m (5'9")
Weight: 81 kg (180 lb)
Hair: Unruly blondish-brown, occasionally dyed with streaks of white
Eyes: Cyberware eyes with no visible iris or pupil

Born 2039.

Neil just barely meets the basic Lone Star physical requirements. He's a sedentary guy with a sedentary job, but he keeps himself just inside of suspension, weight- and athleticism-wise. Neil prefers to spend most of his time on his computer. He still uses a datajack almost exclusively, as he is slightly security-paranoid.

Basic Personality

Super-focused, borderline Asperger's: that's the first tagged note on Neil's profile.


  1. Despite most people thinking that cybertech is a little gauche, Neil still prefers cybertech to biotech. He likes the metal-man look and enjoys being a little shocking.
  2. Penchant for launching into way over-detailed descriptions of whatever he's doing if anyone asks.

Character Statistics


Physical Score Mental Score Special Score
Body 2 Charisma 3 Edge 3
Agility 2 Intuition 6 Essence 6 (~4)
Reaction 3 Logic 5 Magic 0
Strength 3 Willpower 5 Initiative 7


Active Skills Score Knowledge Skills Score Language Skills Score
Electronics Group 3 Lone Star 4 English Native
Cracking Group 4 Sci-Fi/Fantasy 6 Or'zet 3
Pistols 3 Mafia 4 German 3
Negotiation 2
Perception 2

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