Never Get Outta the Boat

Theme song is "Breathing Underwater" by Metric.

Underwater Combat

Party takes boat out past siege to recover whatever they can from under the wreckage of the ice tower.

Fight two tetra-demons, 1 snake with arms, 2 octo-legged humanoids, and 2 pointy tentacled pufferfish.

Some issues, but come out successfully.

Recovery Operation

Party pulled up:

  • 5 chests with lots of different things in them, including some of Xavier's, Marinus's, and Finnbarre's gear.
  • 10 25-lb gold bars
  • 20 25-lb silver bars
  • 10 10-lb froststeel bars
  • 5 bottles of oil of fire resistance
  • 4 bottles of oil of acid resistance
  • 3 bottles of nectar
  • some damaged but recoverable maps (shared)
  • the table
  • the silver orb, broken
  • the golden globe on a pedestal (scrying globe)

Specific items:

  • scabbard of many blades - YM (holds 5 weapons, like quiver of ehlonna)
  • dire collar - Darias (1/day, can do equivalent of enlarge person on creature wearing, lasting 1 minute - moves creature to next larger size category; +2 Str; -2 Dex; +1 die step to all attacks; -1 AC; +2 attack with all proficient natural attacks; )
  • rod of silent casting - Maleos (3/day, no level penalty for silent casting if have the feat; or can memorize spells as silent if don't have the feat)
  • wand of eagle's splendor and wand of bull's strength, 25 charges each - Saul (as 6th level caster)

Research And Such Like

Research on various topics in library
Experiments with portal table
Discussions with rescued prisoners


After speaking with Xavier for a while, Saul begins to remember things about his past. Things Xavier says about his own past - details about building architecture, food, and so on - cause Saul to have small recollections and confirm his suspicions that he might be from the same general area that Xavier is from. After speaking with Xavier about this specifically, Saul hears a city name - Sanse Alea - that strikes a chord. He remembers short bursts of things - houses, storefronts, streets, restaurants - and has a strong feeling that Saul either is originally from Sanse Alea or spent a considerable amount of time there. Saul also associates his memories of the willowy blonde from the Alease-delivered message (the one he thinks is named something like Nali or Nalia) with Sanse Alea.

Future Travels

X and M want to head out after recovery; Marius offers to take party up to 600ish miles when they all leave
F will come with party, at least for a while - doesn't want to travel alone. Was originally desperate to get back to warn aelphin about what he'd found, but once convinced messages have been sent already is more willing to travel with the party and help how he can

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