Nevermoor is a large province comprising most of the TODO plateau and the TODO valley.


The Nevermoor Crisis

There is a city-state elsewhere on the continent, that has been having bad weather, plague and famine for a long time now. It's an area called Nevermoor, and it hasn't had anything to do with the rest of the world in a few hundred years. Very small territory of a couple hundred square miles. Most of the people had either fled or died. This has been mentioned in the local papers a bit, most involving what the priests of Pelor have been doing in response to it. The papers have been calling it… The Nevermoor Crisis. Anyway, word on the street is, the Nevermoor crisis has ended. Paper just says that refugees have stopped leaving, and Pelorian priests have been able to scale back rescue work. Many people in the area are still sick, hurt, or malnourished, but the weather has been better for months now, and this season's crop yield should be better than last year's.
"Okay. As near as anyone can tell, the corruption and destruction of this land was a direct result of the actions of its late ruler, Lord Gallagher Drummond. The castle to the north was his keep. One day, he simply locked the gates and ceased to do trade with or tax his people. Plagues and disease soon swept in, and dark clouds that blocked out the sun became the standard weather. When some villagers from a mining town to the northwest juroneyd to the castle demanding answers, they were slaughtered mercilessly. Later, the town was destroyed, and the water table shifted, turning the fertile valleys of Nevermoor into diseased swamps."

My knowledge: You learn that Pelorian priests entering Nevermoor during the crisis were not alone. They also had significant help from the order of St. Cuthbert. This, of course, implies fighting. Now. You also hear a rumor- and they make this rumor about a lot of world events- that the legendary Heroes of our age (collectively, the DragonSlayers) were sighted there.
Allicanadra Kan'thith- an elven female wizard
Lance Jethro- human male bard, usually plays gitar
Torik von Steeledofenn- dwarven male warrior
Underfoot Batterram Kentobah Mini-axe… etc- male gnome illusionist

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