"No First Name" Lindecker

"No First Name" Lindecker (because she only ever introduces herself as Lindecker, but her ostentatious plaque next to her front door clearly says "N. Lindecker") lives nearby the nominal location of Navin's house in The Topiary. She is late middle aged and clearly minored in Rules Lawyering at the Order of the Vance. Her current goal in life is to construct the equivalent of a Homeowner's Association in the neighborhood because she's incredibly dissatisfied with the current gerent's "completely absent ability to maintain basic order." She despises Navin's house because it "doesn't fit the art or theme of the neighborhood as a whole." In general, she is the perfect type of person to have on a Neighborhood Watch, so long as it isn't your neighborhood she's watching.

Lindecker is also behind a (very unpopular) movement to banish Essential Tacos from The Topiary as an "unfit business."

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