Now You're Sinking... With Portals!

discussions of how to handle Gerolomo Xanthe
negotiations with Bryn, Margaretha, Shimone

  • Shimone gets initial custody of BoTP
  • Bryn gets leadership of "border guard," favors from PCs - Maleos wagers Bryn's favor from him will be preferential trade treatment
  • Margaretha gets introductions (mostly cultural introductions) to every race on the mainland

Party goes to Violetford fountain, finds stepping-stone hidden under City fountain; fountain is using it as power source to provide water
Party plays with stone, teleports into Valleysea near the Mausoleum/Machine Room
Aida enters Mausoleum; Esme returns to watch Abenner while Donal, Darias, Maleos dive in to catch up with her

Party spends most of session in Mausoleum and Machine Room determining what they are and what to do with/about them (note: see email chain TBD for Q&A with Roimata at end of session)

TODO: PCS can fill out what they learned about the whole complex here

end of session approx night of 7/22 or early early morning of 7/23

(Based on the session title and the bulk of where the session was spent, I think the Song of the Session is blatantly obvious).

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