Oddly Familiar

This chapter's theme song is "Island in the Sun" by Weezer.

I'll Fly Away

TODO session notes

2 full days flight to get to the vicinity of the island - some kind of weird impulse to steer away from it forced Maleos to navigate extra carefully using compass. heavy fog

mal made goggles for detecting bad weather, mana storms, mana dips, etc. - navigator wears those instead of casting relevant spells every time they're needed. goggles are charged items, 3/day

remember that mal put darias to sleep to prevent him from sneaking onboard the first proving flight (the waveskimming flight)

Island in the Fog

Day 1 – basic island overview, barely on shore
Day 2 – found statues, camped out; Aida, YM, Finn pick up snakes; meet snake lady Warden
Day 3 – descent into darkness (The 729 (Flights of) Stairs); twisty caverns, all alike; The Cage (Nickel-less Cage? :-) )

Going to Ground

TODO pick up here with aftermath of cage-fixing; everyone still wounded, mostly still down lots of spells and burnt out of mythic surges; see RollD20 for map, but Mal, Darias, and Aida all out of surges, YM down to 1, and Saul has 1

Saul can still cast Restoration, Divination, Dispel Magic, Hold Person, and all Lv 1 spells; otherwise out. Maleos has cast many of his, but don't know exactly how many.

Copied Notes - Raw

Airship Test Flight

Problems with mana only common over 5000' AGL or over 15,000' ASL and 1500' AGL (mountain overflights, for example)
Low-level flight limited to 50' move rate (80 miles in 8 hours or 10 miles/hr).
Flight above 2500' increases move rate to 100' (20 mph)
Can up to double rate if strong tailwind or with assistance of magic
Hard to control if affected by silence (due to virag's vibration-activation)
Redundant systems – will slowly sink/glide if either antimagicked or envelope destroyed, but won't fall out of sky unless both are taken out.
Stylized birdlike elements to design per Darias's whims
Required crew of only 1 (pilot), but a lookout/stormseer is highly recommended

First Flight
Darias not allowed on board – too risky
Waveskimming only – just making sure the damn thing floats and flies. All the crew have safety amulets keyed to them only that get them off the ship in the case of an emergency, and we should see a fall/issue due to pilot trying to master this new, finickier airship design
Flies no higher than 50' or so above the water
Will see specialist “stormseers” inspecting the ship as well – really only needed “in the clouds”, but inspectors want to see this new design
Should see big shiny new warehouse on shipwright's property – they're going to build a competitive airship for that Grand Challenge
Ballast and trim has to be adjusted over first flight, which is what causes first-flight incidents

First Customer Flight
Fly relatively low over the lake
Low speed when low; let experienced pilots tell them how much faster they can go at altitude (“over the winds”)


Giant lake-birds (albatross, condors, etc.) - random encounter, but not an attack, just some closer views as they head further south
Land near Alexandria and overnight there
Next day, on toward compass goal - heavy fog as the party gets close
visibility gets down to <100 yards at least 50 miles out from the island
colder, darker, drizzly

Landing and Island

visibility gets down to <100 yards at least 50 miles out from the island
set down and make land evening of day 1; explore beach only
day 2, explore island - statues (mini-watchers), winged serpents, demon-guardian statues
find stairs down; camp out for evening, then go down on day 3
only reptiles and birds and insects on island


winged-snake-motif arch; 2 mythic power to pass through unencumbered
windy tunnels, little alcove statue

Cage Match

veneresite cage with purple stuff on it; big battle

TODO pick up here next time - need to heal, etc. IMPORTANT: Remember that the archway at the BOTTOM of the stairs is precisely the same as the one at the top. Keep in mind that we're starting immediately after the battle (essentially 2 rounds after), so the only actions that have been taken are healing x2 on Finnbarre (Saul) and prestidigitation x1 on Finnbarre (Maleos). This should be close to accurate:

  • Everyone has basically burned through all their mythic surges (Saul and YM have 2 left apiece, I think, but I think pretty much everyone else is dry).
  • Maleos has cast at least 2x lv 3, 2x lv 4 spells; there could be more that I'm not sure of.
  • I have notes on what spells Saul has left.
  • Finn has cast all of his limited spells.
  • Yoshirou-Mura has fired 6 of her heavy-duty arrows.
  • HP counts in Roll20 should be accurate.

Copied Notes, Session 2 (2015-04-25) - Raw

  • Pick up immediately after battle – 2-5 rounds free actions for PCs. Gunk is still struggling but has settled largely. Gunk pile is ~1/3 original size.
  • Warden pops in to warn party - “I cannot hold it dead much longer.” Hooded figure from Hallvar starts attempting to teleport in to chamber. Unsuccessful, but manages to get pieces in; first just ooze, but then larger and larger piles that self-organize into "worms" that attack the PC. PCs hold off for a few rounds before the Watchers barge in along with a large version of the winged serpents.
  • After the fight, the Warden shows up with good-news-bad-news: “Defenses worked, but a prisoner has escaped. Thank you for your help, but perhaps you should go.” She has to leave to deal with the prisoners, so she cannot stick around for more than a round or three. Gives PCs 9 mushrooms, each of which restores 1d4+1 mythic power when eaten (though she warns not to eat more than 1 in 24 hours). PCs eat 6, have 3 left.
  • Maleos blinded by accidental compass discharge in cage room. Party leads back to stairway by following chalk-marks. Each shrooms, burn 2x mythic power each to climb stairs.
  • Emerge to see aftermath of large battle, many crushed, dismembered, and scattered demon corpses - including both demons the party is familiar with (e.g., tragn) and ones they're not (like some kind of croc-headed thing).
  • Saul heals Mal's blindness. Party heads for beach to find the launch trashed on the shore. The airship looks like it's been physically lifted and dashed against the reef. They can repair the boat, but they'll need to collect some key pieces (like the furnace) from the bottom of the ocean.
  • Once below the water, the PCs will find that theirs isn't the only shipwreck here. A couple of nasty old human wrecks – nothing interesting about those. Later find an odd wreck, very old, with the rusted remains of brass fittings in odd locations (and oddly shaped) along the hull. PCs fight off fish demons hiding in it to find it has 16 sealed-and-coated steel lockboxes in the hold. There are 16 of them lockboxes total. 2 hold platinum, 7 hold gold, and 7 hold silver. Each lockbox holds 10x 20-pound ingots of each metal. This totals 400 pounds of platinum and 1400 pounds each of gold and silver. This is equivalent to 20,000 platinum pieces; 70,000 gold pieces; and 70,000 silver pieces.
  • Finally, The PCs have to repair the airship before they can continue. This plus the salvage takes them roughly a week all told. During the time where Mal and Dare are repairing the ship, Saul is working on a couple of alchemical trials (including analyzing those new mushrooms). Aida, YM, and Finn are training and working with their new pet snakes; Aida has up to 3 (her call) and YM and Finn have 1 apiece.

TODO stats for winged serpents

Note that PCs got some boosts (lots of XP and completed a mythic challenge) during this chapter

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