One Salty Margaretha


kid sells arrow to Darias for a Falls, on orders of "guy down by the cartyard"; PCs can't track him down but think he's a druid working with Abenner and have a rough description now (roughly Aida's height; not as muscular; green coat w/ twigs; beard

party finds message on arrow to OPEN it and then find paper inside - Ehlonnan rites, partly completed and torn from page, with "Do you know? Do you understand?" written on the back in plant dye; partially covered in "worm gunk" with flecks of argia in it

Miner Plans

party returns to Esme to show her Book. In return, she lets them in on some info about her as well. Together, they figure out some of the dominated and influenced by the Usurper, including some people in Violetford. Esme agrees to spy on worm-dominated apothecary in Violetford, mix up Usurper-poison using argia on paper scrap, research some useful spells for fighting off Usurper and such. Bacon sandwiches.

Get Back to Pork

Darias returns to work, blows through more than 1/3 of his contract while keeping eye on Usurper-influenced Lt. Brant.

Northern Exposure

Maleos and Aida head to find Margaretha in North Shores. Discover two more Dominated in the area, but also convince Margaretha to flip to their side. She reveals what she's learned of some large underground magical complex near the Bridge and tells the PCs about her theodolite. The party brings Margaretha back to check in on Lt. Brant and gets to keep the Book of a Thousand Pages in exchange for promises of stories of Across, guidance Across when the time comes, and a week with the Book so she can copy out important information she can take to her own underling priests.

Current Plans

  1. Figure out how to deal with Lt. Brant
  2. Get into contact with Esme and deal with the two people in Violetford you know are dominated
  3. Deal with C. Glass
  4. Deal with High Priest Lyon of Erythnul
  5. Deal with the known dominated people in Golddale
  6. Figure out how to get into contact with High Priestess Shimone Rosalinda of Olidammara


Maleos has been using a cantrip whenever possible to identify letters in the names of the Dominated. Here's what the party knows thus far:

  1. Hawa Travert, one of Violetford's and Brightmill's Most Wanted
  2. I_ _ _ _ _ I_ _ _ _ _ _ _; A2, C1, E1, H1, I2, N2, O1, R1, S2, V1
  3. Anita Waldemar, an apothecary and herbalist. (Violetford)
  4. W_ _ _ B_ _ _ _ _ _ _; A1, D1, E3, G1, N1, R3, W1
  5. C_ _ _ _ _ _ B_ _ _ _ _ _ _; A2, B1, C1, E3, G1, I1, L2, M1, N1, R2
  6. T_ _ _ _ _ B_ _ _ _ _ _ _; A1, B1, E3, G1, H1, M1, N1, O1, R2, S1, T1
  7. M_ _ _ _ S_ _ _ _ _ _; A2, I1, L1, M2, N3, O2, S1
  8. H_ _ _ _ _ _ F_ _ _ _; A1, E2, F1, H1, I1, K1, L1, N1, O1, R1, Y1
  9. K_ _ _ _ _ B_ _ _ _ _; A3, B1, K1, M1, N1, O1, R2, S1, T1
  10. Mattias Medved, a boarder who lives with Anita Waldemar. (Violetford)
  11. Jerred Darcy, a masterminer and one of the men who voted Esme out of the tunnels. (Golddale)
  12. David Tapia, a mastersmith in the mines. (Golddale)
  13. N_ _ _ _ _ M_ _ _ _; A2, E1, M2, N2, O1, R1, S1, Y1
  14. Nana Lund, an oyster farmer, pearl diver, and a magical reagent dealer; very wealthy. (North Isle)
  15. Cherise Godo Glass, a well-known fisherwoman who has a knack for finding deep-water fish; known to explore. Took Margaretha on her trip near a Watcher. (North Isle)
  16. M_ _ _ _ R_ _ _ _ _ _ _; A1, D1, E1, I1, L1, M1, N2, O1, R2, S1, Y1


Forgot to mention - PCs picked up 2000 XP from this session.

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