Onesimusyehudit Jotham

Descriptive Notes

  1. Hairy 10'-tall bear-gorilla giant seen negotiating with human stallkeepers. PCs have learned his species is the zwallen.
    1. speaks broken Equaen with very thick accent
    2. carries belt of 10 glowy crystals (info stores); noted that he can make one if he can get the materials, but it costs him 400 gp to do so
    3. tracked down PCs to ask about "giant lightning bird" they saw during their travels
    4. Travelling with PCs as of TheWorldInOurHands, but left them in Akihito-Remi


Jotham is a naturalist who travels far and wide to study the plants and animals of various regions. He has a particular interest in avian species. He has carefully cataloged thousands of plants and animals in his array of coldcrystals and plans to continue roaming and cataloging until his coldcrystals are essentially full.

Jotham began his roam in the far northwest at his home in Yegek. He's spent many years traveling south through the mountains, leading him primarily through dharven lands. He's met some aelphin, humans, and orcs, but he's mostly conversant with the dharven due to his time in their lands.

Jotham is mostly pacifistic and prefers to avoid any kind of conflict whenever possible. He's generally quite good at avoiding conflict with natural animals or hiding from them if necessary. When attacked, he prefers to retreat, casting spells to protect himself, scare away attackers, or escape the situation. He carries some closely-guarded equipment that he uses to guard and protect himself when camping.

Jotham has expressed particular interest in the lightning-hawk the PCs saw, going so far as to exchange a favor to them for a feather from the creature.

Known Statistics

Cleric of reasonable skill. As of Tundra Where?, his skills have increased since the PCs last saw him.


Str 19 +4
Dex 10 +0
Con 15 +2
Int 10 +0
Wis 18 +4
Cha 13 +1

(At base XP for level +2100)


Perception +12
Climb +9
Handle Animal +12
Knowledge (nature) +14
Diplomacy +12


Sjef Lis (ogre) 5/5 (native)
Aodzhiv (dharven) 4/5
Török (orcish) 2/5
Riersche (central plains human) 1/5


  • Coldcrystal x12 (6 fully consumed, 1 at 80%)
  • Money pouch (45 dharven gp, 91 dharven sp)
  • Enchanted belt (mage armor and protection)
  • Wardstone - looks similar to a coldcrystal, but functions as an endure elements, protection, and alarm within a 60' radius.

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