Open Puzzles (Aggressive Politics)

Loose Ends

There are currently a lot of loose ends hanging about from the PCs' various adventures. This is a comprehensive list, along with any notes the players would like to posit about those loose ends.

  1. Who, what, and where is the Imperial agent known to the PCs only as "the Cyborg"?
  2. Who is Spectre?
  3. Speaking of which, who, what, and where is the Magic Space Wookiee Lowthar? Did he survive the destruction of his Barloz and make a clean getaway in its escape pod?
  4. What's going on with that ice planet that Lowthar was hiding on?
  5. What was the condition affecting Illiara Tyree? Is she the only one affected by this odd disorder, or are there others? What about the unusual "cure"? Was it truly effective? If so, why, and just what is it?
  6. What is the mysterious brainscan of Illiara Tyree and Amanha Orden?
  7. What caused the Xillashi "rogues" to band together, and toward what end?
  8. Where is their homeworld?
  9. What is up with the Rogue House tactics? Where did they get their new ships? Why were they brainwashing humans? What is there ultimate plan?
  10. Why is the Imperial presence on Antaras increasing? What do they want?
  11. Why is Venn being kept out of the loop of the underground resistance efforts on his own world?
  12. Who is Tyvan and what are his motivations?
    1. HoloNet research
    2. Kane's friends know anything?
    3. Tam and Orden's Rebel contacts know anything?
  13. Who is trying to kill Venn and/or Gallos? Why? Also, bullets that are also grenades? Really?
    1. Again, try Tam and Orden's Rebel contacts.
    2. Can also try HoloNet, though this is likely to turn up nothing.
  14. What's weirding Venn out about his mom?

Ted and Dale - feel free to add to and reformat this page at will. I threw down some quick notes, but I haven't actually written down everything yet. This is for you to track what you're interested in. Note that we could also use the forums to track theories, information, and suchlike. I just thought that would be useful as a starting point.

Ted's Questions/Theories

  • Is Lt. Vassic (from the Murder on the Coruscant Express episode) a Rebel, or some other brand of subversive? She's young and idealistic, breaks an inordinate amount of rules to help Tam and Orden, and uses anti-eavesdropping equipment. Perhaps she's just a cautious yet naive young Imperial, but it's hard to tell.
  • Is Orden Force Sensitive? Her ability to "see the big picture" could simply be the result of an unusual way of looking at the world, or the result of a deeper insight. Her decision to stop Tam from calling for help and instead starting to make out with him before there seems to be any indications that they're going to be discovered suggests a foreknowledge of future events…
  • What is that mysterious brainwave Orden and Illiara Tyree have? How are they related? Is it a result of the strange spice medicine (though as far as I know, Orden never took it)? Does it have to do with Force sensitivity? Venn seems to be (unbeknownst to him, but knownst to us) at least somewhat Force sensitive, but he (as yet) does not have the brain pattern. He did, however, have a minor "blip" on his scan that was unidentified. Is that related? Thus far, scans are inconclusive.

PC-Driven Loose Ends

  1. Venn Condolences
    1. Guards killed at Gallos's house during assassination attempt.
    2. Venn plans to write letters of condolence.
    3. Venn doesn't yet know the full scope of the raid - other guards (patrollers) killed. In total, 7 agents and 1 servant killed.
  2. Rourke's Dress
    1. Venn planned to get Rourke a dress to repay her kindness during the first visit to Antaras.
  3. Sidara's Dress
    1. Venn planned to get Sidara a dress to repay her kindness - and for other reasons - that came about due to their first visit to Antaras.
  4. Kane's Consignments
    1. Kane has placed artwork on consignment on Corellia.
    2. An alien painting, Falleen specifically, placed for 2,400 credits reserve, has not yet sold.
    3. Starfall has a stake in the painting's profits.
    4. Wen has a stake in the painting's profits.

Messages from the Cyborg

These are messages intercepted by the Rebels (often the PCs themselves) and originally set by the cyborg to his superiors. These messages were not originally decoded, but the PCs have since cracked the codes allowing translation of the messages.

Partial Message, Great Ball of Firepower

PSK 5PK-T3R-11419

Message, decoded:

PSK 5PK-T3R-11419
Keyframe 0-Alpha-17-Black, profile 7117, authorization Imperial Intelligence only
Mission report begins
Encountered pirates en route to Coruscant.  Initially suspected Rebel raid disguised as for-profit piracy.  
Suspicions confirmed - identified former Senator Venn Tyree, officially deceased; Private Tam Minera, 
officially deceased, as members of raiding party.  Successfully launched tracing buoy alpha during raid.  
Will remain on board to trigger beta buoy upon reaching destination, suspected to be Rebel base.  Will 
rendezvous with scout ship Vinzion upon release of beta buoy.
Threat profile begins
Venn Tyree appears to have been trainin987^T&*)ah2789260DEADBEEF

Partial Message II

Found during side session after Junkyard Wars by Rebel intel operative. Rebel intel believes the encryption scheme probably utilizes some kind of unique biometric data.

PSK 5PK-T3R-11419

Message, decoded:

PSK 5PK-T3R-11419
Keyframe 0-Alpha-17-Black, profile 7117, authorization Imperial Intelligence only
J(*hq28ujap;*&(^;k3jq63&K:LJHah917lderone.  Trail lost upon sale of their transport on Belderone.  
Questioned locals for information, but could not ascertain destination.  Some suspicious activity; this 
could be treason or just smuggling.  In any case, recommend marginally-increased Imperial garrison 
presence on Belderone.  Have identified pilot commissioned to fly targets after sale of their vessel.  
Tracked to Gala.  Will continue to Gala to locate pilot, one Lile Morin, human, Coruscant, for further 
information.  Request minor "paperwork issues" with his cargo to facilitate rendezvous.
Post revision to earlier threat assessment:  Tyree remains ambitious and overly idealistic, but has 
shown more resourcefulness than anticipated.  Still believe Tyree to be in nominal command of team.  
Possible weak link to Novalliss based on updated personality assessment.  Perused mission report from 
prison colony; indicates possible rift developing between Tyree and Minera.  Footage from Alderaan 
indicates Novalliss rates ace or better.  Recommend use of overwhelming force per Directive 71b.
With all trackers currently disabled, recomaotei8a786&%(y21608780y8o

The "encrypted" messages are encoded as Base64. Here is a Base64 Decoder.

Who Is Amanha Orden?

Amanha Orden is a bit of an unusual crew member for a Rebel special forces team. She isn't particularly skilled in combat; she isn't well trained in covert operations. What she is is an incredibly focused and insightful analyst. However, the more the crew interacts with Orden, the more they realize that there are… deeper issues. Here are some things we can ask about her.

  1. Orden has no past before approximately the age of 17. The only thing even the Rebel military has managed to discern is that she is from (or at least lived for some time on) Corellia. What is Orden's past?
  2. Orden has exceedingly detailed notes on the rest of the crew. How does she come by her information?
  3. On a related note, Orden appears to have extremely high clearances. However, at the time of this writing, she is only a Rebel Navy Lieutenant. How is it that she apparently has higher clearances than her Commander, Venn Tyree?
  4. The ship's sole medical officer, Rourke, discovered that Orden's brain scans closely match those of Illiara Tyree, but only after Illiara's unusual treatment for her undiagnosed neurological disorder. Rourke has never seen this kind of match, nor even this type of brainwave signal, in her medical career. What does this mean?

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