Ossian Altena


Elderly priest of Heironyous, nearing 75 as of the start of the campaign. Thin ring of white hair and grey eyes. Thin hair matches his thin frame. Skin is stained from a lifetime of ink and alchemy. Not frail exactly, but obviously fighting arthritis and other similar age-related physical issues. Mind is still sharp.

Magical metaphor is lab and library. Very much an information-flow style of visualizing magic. Flows visualized as alchemical processes with data coming from books.

Teacher and headmaster of the Alders School in Violetford for many years. Few apprentices, but many students. Very busy keeping the school running as cheaply as possible without sacrificing quality. Personally has written 5 full copies of the Parables.

Well known in Violetford as a kindly old man with a true drive to impart knowledge to others.

Conversation With Maleos

"For me, it's always been a simple matter of tempering my drive to learn and experiment with my desire to maintain my skin. One learns fast to be cautious when one grows up in an alchemical lab."
"Sure, if I'd paid more attention to the Parables when younger, I could've learned that lesson with less pain… but youth doesn't always know how to listen."

Maleos: "For what it's worth, I'm listening as intently as I can. What painful mishap brought the lesson fully into your awareness?"

"Forgetting to remove the heat before pouring the distillate of fireweed into the syrup the first time I tried to make a firestarter."

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