Intro Scroll

In the months since what has come to be known as the Battle of Yavin, the tide of the battle has shifted. While the destruction of the Death Star was rightfully seen as a major Rebel victory, it had dire consequences as well. In retaliation for the destruction of its superweapon, the Empire has redoubled its antipiracy and anti-Rebellion efforts. To prevent the loss of even more innocent lives, the Rebel Alliance has been forced to move many of its bases on more populous worlds to extremely remote areas, such as the barely-habitable Echo Base on Hoth.
To keep the location of its new command center secret, the Rebellion has been forced to change how it operates. Now less of a formal military, the Rebels are dividing into semi-autonomous cells under the command of various generals and admirals. Ships that cannot hide on or near Hoth are being sent away to maintain utmost secrecy, with crews ignorant of just where most Rebel bases and other Rebel operatives are even located. Hyperspace and HoloNet communications traffic have been cut to a minimum, restricted to high-ranking command channels and emergency use only.
With these setbacks, your mission and command structure have changed. Your team is now under the direct command of General Riekaan, though communication with him will be kept to a minimum. As you all know the location of Hoth, you are still allowed to come and go occasionally, though you have been asked to keep your traffic there to a minimum and return only when absolutely necessary. Your only other point of contact will be with the newly-reformed Third Fleet, led by one of the few Victory I-class Star Destroyers in the Rebel armada, the newly-rechristened Alderaan. The fleet also contains 4 Nebulon-B frigates (including the Privateer and the Redemption) and a dozen corvettes (including the Hammerhead).
Despite these contacts, you are now essentially on your own, forced to operate much more independently and with much less support than before. Your primary mission is counter-intelligence, starting with tracking down that Imperial cyborg who nearly got the drop on you. Riekaan has given you leave to do what is necessary to keep the Rebellion alive; it's now up to you to execute.

Session Outline

  1. Meeting with Rieekan
    1. recap only
    2. intros Starfall, Sidara, deCrion to mission
  2. Discussion with Leia and Han
    1. Venn & Leia - diplomatic talk, Antares helping refugees
    2. Kane & Han - "bigger ship dick" talk
  3. On the Prospect
    1. basically ready to go
    2. Tam moving in
    3. briefing for new crew
      1. mission profile
      2. command chain
      3. letter of marque
      4. budgetary issues
      5. aliases
      6. smuggler's holes
  4. Heading to Tatooine
    1. Met Bothan in bar
      1. dead drop to indicate presence
      2. meet him there 2 days later
    2. information exchange
      1. 2d later, Bothan drops datapad with stall at bazaar marked, leaves
      2. "show me stock in precision motivators for FX-series medical droids"
      3. bidding at 4,000 to 1,500 to 3,200 to 2,500
      4. broken memory crystal bid for extra information for 500 more
      5. arrange Bothan's help "fitting components to droid"
    3. walking from the stall
      1. Orden "Flappy face guy following you"
      2. Kane breaks off into crowd
      3. Venn continues with droid components
      4. heads towards dock, but wrong end to try to suss out who's following him
      5. being followed by Sullustan, couple of Gamorreans
      6. argument over money, Venn tosses 10-credit coin, "not enough, High Roller"
      7. Tam over comm, "*sigh* So bored now…."
      8. Venn okays, Tam shoots Sullustan, Sidara shoots one Gamorran, and Kane says "drop the pike" to other Gamorrean
      9. Venn strolls over to Sullustan and starts going through pockets as Gamorrean drops pike and slowly backs off
      10. Sullustan had a couple hundred credits and a standard blaster; Venn takes credits, leaves blaster in a trash pile
      11. Kane: "Don't worry, this won't kill you" *stuns Gamorrean into unconsciousness*
      12. Takes shock pike from Gamorrean
    4. Back to ship
      1. Tam and Kane check out ship for listening devices - none found
      2. Bothan shows up, gives overview
        1. Cyborg tracked YT-1300 pilot here (Lile Morin flying the Flipside)
        2. Missed pilot by a few weeks - headed off to Gala
        3. Cyborg left on tramp freighter (KDY-1000 Toad named The Transient) 14-15 days ago for Gala
        4. Distant holos
        5. Fuzzy vocal track of cyborg bartering passage (pretending to be kind of an indigent traveler trading work for passage)
        6. overall +4 bonus to decrypt messages based on biometrics so far
        7. team finds out that if they leave in next 48, could beat cyborg to Gala
  5. off to Gala
    1. 10 days in hyperspace; beats Cyborg there by about 24 hours
    2. Galacians are tall, bluish humanoids
    3. slightly lower gravity, higher O2; still well within standard
    4. Venn buying
      1. new freshers (5) and new bunks (8), selling off old ones
      2. encrypted holo comms table (not HoloNet)
      3. chairs x10, mid-grade comfy, fairly sturdy
      4. basic (3D) knowledge tutorial program for space transport piloting
      5. food managers (2) - can prep 2 meals at a time onboard ship
    5. Scope around on 2nd day for Lile - eventually find him late at night returning to ship totally blitzed (Starfall and Wen on watch; tell everyone that he came in)
      1. wake early morning
      2. short conversation with Lile - doesn't really want to be involved in their problems
  6. Meet the Cyborg
    1. step off YT and see cyborg approaching from dockyard
    2. round 1
      1. Tam runs out into open, fires x3; miss, miss, hit but shield blocks
      2. Cyborg throws down mystery sphere
      3. Venn shoots, hits; deflected again; runs to cover behind power gen
      4. Kane shoots; bolt deflected right back at him. Kane dodges and falls behind hover-truck
    3. round 2
      1. Tam shoots twice, hits shield once, and around shield once; grazes leg
      2. Cyborg drops rough-edged ball at feet and backs off quickly
      3. Droid #2 fires shot at Kane, hits cover
      4. Droid #1 burst-fires at Tam, dropping him with stunner
      5. Venn Commands Kane to fire on mark, holds action to simulshot the Cyborg
      6. Kane and Venn fire, nearly shutting down shield
    4. round 3
      1. Tam unconscious
      2. Droid #2 fires at Kane, hits cover again
      3. Cyborg turns and runs; knobby sphere fires blinding lasers (hits Venn, misses Kane) and explodes in puff of obscuring smoke
      4. Venn fires blindly twice; miss, second shot hits light by doorway and blows it out
      5. Kane shooting at Cyborg, one last time; hits "smoke" cloud with what would have been a perfect shot and it explode-ignites, dissipating but soaking blaster shot
    5. round 4
      1. Droid #2 shoots at truck again
      2. Venn and Kane take a shot at little droid; Kane splashes droid with solid shot, and droid just explodes in shower of charred plasticky mess
    6. out of rounds
      1. Venn checks on Tam; OK, but stunned
      2. YT-1300 takes off, clearing way for Prospect to come in and land there
      3. Pick up little droid
      4. Venn searches area where cyborg was for any debris from firefight (blood, etc); finds a little piece of pseudoskin from Cyborg's limb, small amount of metallic powder from knobby globe
    7. Prospect sets down
    8. Everyone on board, then Venn says, "Let's GTFO"
    9. Scans for Flipside, then scans it to try to determine hyperspace coordinates to try to follow
  7. Heading for Kessel
    1. Flipside apparently headed to Kessel
    2. Analyses
      1. metallic powder
      2. little droid (medically scanned, then tossed)
      3. psudoskin
      4. little traces of DNA
    3. Orden and Wen closer to cracking code of old messages thanks to biometrics

To Dos

  • write up:
    • tiny droids
    • knobby flashbang thing
  • update Prospect
  • grant character points

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