P4TR-1.K (Droid)

The droid self-designated as P4TR-1.K is an odd amalgam of R5-series astromech and K2-series security droid components incorporated into a barely-mobile droid chassis. The body of P4TR-1.K appears to be the main "can" of an R5-series droid with the partial "head-unit" actuators intact; the head itself, however, has been sheared off and a K2-unit's head unit has been welded onto the remains of the old unit. Both heads appear to be patched together with hastily-rigged conduit allowing the unit better sensory systems than would normally be found on an astromech droid, but many of the can's tooling appears to be missing, leaving the droid with only a few different manipulator arms and a general-purpose data and charging adapter with which to interact with the outside world. The legs of the astromech droid are also missing and appear to have been replaced by rollers from 4 different mouse-droids, leaving P4TR-1.K only capable of maneuvering through very clean terrain.

Internally, P4TR-1.K is just as much a mishmash of components as his external appearance suggests. In addition to the R5- and K2-series components, he sports processor boards from GH-series medical droids, FA-series pilot droids, and even some components from a BD-3000-series luxury personal assistant droid. Significant portions of the tooling bays that would be present inside a standard R5-series droid have been filled instead with processor boards and power-modulation units.

Due to his extremely limited mobility, P4TR-1.K has semi-permanently wired himself to the pilot's console of a scavenged ship that appears to be nearly as cobbled-together as he is. The ship's fuselage itself is that of a mostly-rebuilt U-Wing using mismatched (and much later series) engines stripped off of at least 2 different X-Wings. It has no intact weaponry, only basic navigational equipment, and life support equipment that when powered on only operates at about 5% efficiency. P4TR-1.K spends his time limping from debris field to orbital scrapyard to abandoned mining facility searching for components he might use to better patch himself together.

The designation P4TR-1.K is unusual for a droid due to the appended version identifier. While P4TR-1 is a portion of the core serial number off the original R5 unit that makes up the majority of the droid, the K appendix isn't. P4TR-1.K has memory fragments from a number of different lifetimes in his memory banks, bits and pieces from the processor units he's cobbled together into his current functioning self. He has designated each personality group by an appended version identifier - .A for the astromech, .B for the security droid, and so on. Since he is a unique (mostly-) functioning and (mostly-) intact personality, he designated his current personality as well, the 11th distinct personality or personality K. K is the only functional personality; all others are just memory fragments he can occasionally access from the improperly/incompletely-wiped memory cores he uses.

P4TR-1.K does remember that he was originally constructed by someone else, or at least a large portion of one of his personalities was. Unfortunately, in his most recent incarnation, he only remembers "coming to" in a junkyard as a scrapped R5 astromech droid with a few barely-functional manipulator arms. In the droid equivalent of a semiconscious state, he cobbled himself together from the pile of scrapped parts he found himself lying in.

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