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SCP-Style Maxwell's Demon Device

This was a half-asleep thought I had around 2015-09-28. I don't think I can write in the proper tone for the [ http://www.scp-wiki.net SCP wiki], but I wanted to capture it in case I get the bug and take a shot at it (or if someone else wants to).

I had an SCP thought last night, but I'm guessing it's probably already been done
Standard looking but old copper or brass T fitting for pipes. When you hook up a hose of whatever to it, it only flows from the leg to the left arm of the T. If you tell it to separate out something, all the something gets directed out the right arm and everything else still flows out the left
Seems great on paper, but the downside is that it doesn't violate the laws of thermodynamics; the entropy decrease of the substance is more than offset by an entropy increase somewhere nearby
My first thought for an example was that someone in Florida tried to use it as a low-cost way to make rocket fuel from water, and the entropy increase caused hundreds of years worth of instant erosion in the area, opening up a series of sinkholes.

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