Peloria is the main town of Pelor's power, located a moderate couple days’ travel from Gwivonna.

This is Pelor's home city on this world, the center of the city aligned with the node that provides the main source of his power. The city is laid out like a series of rings with yellow sandstone walls surrounding it. The walls are decorated in golds and reds. The outer ring is the lower class's residences, with a lot of small flats. The odd thing about these slums is that every structure is in remarkably good repair, and everybody seems reasonably clean and very healthy. The middle ring, further along the road, is a series of larger buildings. These are the apartments where the shop-keeps and artisans live. Then there is a very wide street that simply circles the inner city. This street is the bazaar. On the outer edge of this street (I.E. on one side of the road) are the inns and shops and other businesses. On the other side of the street, there are temples to pretty much every deity Pelor considers wholesome, as well as small shrines to any deities Pelor is at least on speaking terms with. The very center of the city is dominated by a massive stone structure which is Pelor's main fortress in this world. Refer to Diety's for description, except that the top is coated in gold. People approaching can see a glimmer on the horizon as they approach the city; this is the sunlight reflecting off the temple.

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