Pelor's Compass

Compass abilities

Tier 5
At this tier, the compass can detect the presence of the Isle of Mist through the spell-locks.
The glow radius increases to 60' radius.
The dispel magic spell bonus increases to +4.
Intelligent, non-hostile creatures who encounter the wielder are initially 1 step better disposed to the wielder. Those naturally predisposed to be slightly less well-disposed to the wielder (e.g., due to race) can roll a Will save, DC 18, to passively resist this effect.
The compass can store up to the caster's level + tier of spell levels in it. Storing a spell takes 1 minute per spell level and must be done after 8 hours of rest. Stored spells can be invoked as a free action and are consumed when invoked. If a spell requires an expensive material component, that component is consumed when the spell is stored. Stored spells can be invoked any time the Compass is within 120' of the bound wielder.

Tier 6
The divination spell bonus increases to +6.
The overland travel speed bonus increases to +50%.
The wielder can use the Compass to cast augury as a 9th-level caster 3/day.
The wielder can use the Compass to cast true seeing as a level 12 caster 3/day.
As long as the Compass has direct skin contact with the wielder, the wielder gains a +4 to Initiative.
The bonus to spot, listen, and search skills increases to +4.

Tier 7
The dispel magic spell bonus increases to +6
The detect magic power is replaced with greater arcane sight, cast as a 13th-level caster.
The wielder gains a +5 to any Int or Knowledge check where he or she is trying to remember something he or she has experienced since gaining the Compass.
The wielder can, by concentrating (DC 20 check), temporarily make any of the illusions presented by the compass visible to others.
The wielder can, as a free action, conjure a number of glowing discs in his hand equal to 1 per 10 levels. He can then throw these (treat as daggers for purposes of proficiency and range) as a normal attack as if they were a +3 weapon. They deal damage as if the wielder were using Pelor's Compass itself as a weapon, including bonus damage against tainted creatures.

As of Have Some Compass-ion, Thema has a version of Pelor's Compass bonded to her as well. Despite being physically identical, the two Compasses have slightly different power sets, perhaps related to how Maleos and Thema perceive the world differently.


Pelor's Compass which may have been carried by the dark-skinned human-looking demon that first crossed the Bridge. Darias noticed it lying in the grass, Maleos held onto it, and it bonded with him.

Physical Description

Odd, silvery disk about 3 inches in diameter. Flat back with very fine glyphs inscripted. Front is relief-carved with image of Pelor very similar to the Hearth aspect commonly portrayed on the Isle of Mist. Small ring on top of disk suitable for threading a fine chain through. Lighter than it has any right to be.

Known Properties

Discovered by accident:

  • When thrown away, returns to owner.
  • The first time the Identify spell was cast upon it, using a potion prepared by Esme, a speech in an unknown language was projected directly into Maleos's mind. This did not reoccur when Maleos identified it himself later. The last words of this speech, "Pelor's Compass," Maleos understood as being in his own language, even though he didn't know what the word 'compass' meant. That's weird.
  • May be hiding itself from Saul, up to and including becoming intangible when Saul tries to touch it. Possibly this is Maleos's fault because he tried to use it surreptitiously, thereby activating a power he didn't know it had. (TODO: Test on Darias.)
  • Glows 10' radius in darkness if held by Maleos. (Discovered when he stopped carrying it in bag 90% of the time.)

Learned from Maleos's Identify spell:

  • If the holder visualizes a goal very clearly, the compass provides a visual reference (to the holder only) of where to go to complete that goal. The visual guidance appears to the wielder as a set of soft, glowing lines running parallel to the ground in the direction(s) of the goal. This doesn't precisely function like locate object; the wielder cannot just visualize an object or person. The wielder must internalize a goal or quest, and the compass guides the wielder along that quest. The wielder can set a "default" goal with a DC 25 Int check and can change active goals with Int checks of various DCs (GM's discretion).
  • If the bound wielder ever loses the Compass or has it taken away, the Compass returns in 4d6 hours, reappearing on the wielder or amongst his or her nearby belongings

Discovered after defeating The Purging Fire:

  • The guidance now provides rough distances ("more than 100 miles", "around 50 miles", "a few hundred yards") whenever the user focuses on the goal. The DC for the check does not increase if distance is requested.
  • If held against skin while a divination spell is cast, the compass grants a +2 to the effective caster level.Grants 2 additional uses of mythic power per day.

Unlocked after defeating the Ice-Blood Empress:

  • The glow radius increases to 20' radius.
  • If held against the skin while dispel magic or any related spell is cast, the compass grants a +2 to the effective caster level.
  • The wielder can use the Compass to cast Detect Magic at will as a level 6 caster.
  • The wielder can use the Compass to cast Read Magic at will as a level 6 caster.
  • The Compass grants a +2 enchantment bonus to spot, listen, and search skills so long as it is touching the skin of the bound wielder.
  • Light can be activated and deactivated using command words which Maleos has determined mean "Light" and "Dark"; this led to the accidental discovery that the language itself causes the wooziness and fainting.

Writing on back:

  • May be a separate enchantment altogether.
  • Barely visible, hard to see except in just the right lighting.
  • When Comprehend Languages is cast, attempting to read this causes Maleos to make a Will save or go to sleep. He fails this save so much he's taken to using it as a convenient sleep aid. Passing the Will Save causes you to zone out and not learn anything from it. Occasionally he remembers a snippet of what it said before he passed out
  • When these runes are copied onto a piece of paper using the Magic Quill and Detect Magic is cast, the runes look strange, as if they have too many dimensions.
  • Saul is incapable of seeing the runes, even copies of them on a piece of paper. He is capable of reading a partial translation.
  • Partial translation: ~ 'to thine own self be true, and thy truest self shall be'
  • Maleos suspects that the language itself somehow contains magical patterns triggering the wooziness and fainting.

Communing with the Gods?
During experimentation with the Compass, when Maleos tried to trick it into using words, there was a faint trill, and Maleos carefully inspected it for damage with Detect Magic and Identify both up.

GM: Detect Magic gives Maleos the broad strokes, and Identify is a more in-depth study of the magical bindings. And they communicate those to Maleos in a visual metaphor he's devised for himself. So, Identify is like Detect Magic, only it removes the concentration aspect and lets you… like, if the visualization were a layered hologram, you can peel back and hide and reveal layers while looking at it using Identify, so you get more information. So, going with that explanation, when you look at the compass now with both up, you can see that some of these trade routes don't go anywhere. They go off the compass and fade out, or they come from off the compass and fade in.

Maleos: Would I have noticed this before if it had been the case?

GM: Maybe, maybe not. It's possible that you wouldn't have because there's just so much going on that you were missing huge chunks of it before. But you've learned a lot since you started. And you're starting to maybe understand the Compass a bit more, too.

GM: So, normally, all the… "trade" in a magical item's aura is conserved. The lines of trade always loop back upon one another, and there's always some set of continuous paths you can follow through the flows of the aura. On the Compass, that's not the case; there are places where the trade lines terminate at the boundaries of the compass's aura or start at the boundary and head inward.

Maleos: Are we gaining or losing money net?

GM: It looks like there's still a balance, but htere are just places where it's going "away" to nowhere and places where it's coming from nowhere, and in those places, those lines fade and fizzle out near the boundaries.

Previous Compass Searches

Note: Failed attempts are included, as well as obsolete goals. This is because some of these attempts are valuable reminders of how to best use the Compass.
These results are tallied in-world within Maleos's Big Book o' Conspiracy Theories, partially encrypted. To share his findings with the party, Maleos typically uses an illusion spell to project locations onto the "Prepare for this" triangulation map, or in special circumstances requiring long-term use, may prepare a physical map from a fresh Quill-copy of the map Redo gave us.

  • Information Maleos has shared in-character with one or more party members is marked in bold.
  • Information inferred by Maleos from these results is in italics.
  • Clarifications of Maleos's intent, mental state, or preconceptions are sometimes shown in (parenthesis.)
Focused Goal gameplay date IC timeline Roll Results
"You Must Fix This. HURRY!" Kaede? "Fix This" Map
"Keep Isle a Secret from non-Islers" (No change from Fix This, but I'm sure I succeeded.)
"Return (the compass) to its rightful place." (Approximately the "Fix This" path)
Prepare ourselves for what we must do to "Fix This." "Preparedness" Map
"Find the nearest person seeking this compass." ( "Person" is constrained to Human, Alephen or Darven in an effort to simplify the search. ) 2/30/14 The night before the attack on the Ice-Blood Empress (repeat daily) "I don't have the map on me right now, so the distance might be wrong, but I think 1000 miles NNW." For the foreseeable future (I.e., the time between now and when you can get back to a city), you'll notice a slow move east.
Talk to each person who knows about Isle but is not currently on Isle. (failed to command compass.)
"Find the things Aida's hammer is strong against." (failed to command compass.)
Empress Iealdith 2-26-14 on the road between Akihito-Remi and The Lair of the Ice-Blood Empress. - 10 miles South of burned-out tower
Ice-Blood Empress - 10 miles South of burned-out tower Iealdith is the Ice-Blood Empress
The Zwoll - all over the place, some further south
The Zwoll aligned with Ice-Blood Empress - all over the place, some further south
The Zwoll NOT with the Ice-Blood Empress - no matches All Zwoll serve the Ice-Blood Empress.
The Zvallen - concentrated to the North 90 degrees Zwallen is not a synonym for Zwoll
Nearest Zvallen 100mi N/NW
Nearest Zwoll: 50 mi W/SW Not all Zwoll are also Zwallen.
Tragn South/Southeast clusterfuck
Nearest Tragn: (failed to command compass) see below
White Flying Monkey thing Darias Shot (failed to command compass) see below
Have a conversation with everyone who knows about Isle and is not on Isle 12-30 flickering. Mostly easy in a 180 hemisphere, others south/southwest. Steady are Aieda, Darius, and Maleos.
People who wanna kill us Few lines to the south, one flickering all around.
Goal is to understand what the flickering lines mean (failed to command compass) see below
Find every Demon that knows about Isle. (Maleos's definition of a Demon in this case is something that, when he sees it, makes him instinctively think "ahhh! Demon!" So. Not darven. Not dark-skinned humans. Definitely a big scaley fucker with bat-wings and a hostile disposition.) 2/27/14 ( Let me see… by your definition of demon, you're thinking of things that look monstery, and they have to know about Isle. You'd get… a [single] flickery, jumpy line. it doesn't point in a direction for long enough [for distance and directionality] to really matter.)
"The location of a demon that knows about Isle and also is not omnipresent" ( Although he thinks the word "omnipresent," in his imagination this means "the whole world," and he currently thinks of the whole world as being no larger than the map he was given. ) Still a single, flickering, jumping line.
The locations of twenty random demons I don't already know about. 9 from about 10 miles to the south (which you'll soon enough learn are the shadow demons), and another 11 from between 50 and 100 miles to the WSW, W, and WNW
Locations of all demons who used to know about Isle, but currently do not. *no matches*
The current locations of demons whose physical location is constantly changing. (failed to command compass) see below
Okay… current location of demons with the ability to teleport. (failed to command compass) see below
The location of Darius's Varag. (Which I already know perfectly well is within our extradimensional backpack) Spot check: There's a slight thrum to this line of light that isn't quite normal.
Location of other objects stored in other enchanted containers that can be used to carry more things than their exteriors would suggest. (failed to command compass) see below.
The location of something whose distance and unfamiliarity make it juuuuuust barely locatable with THIS compass use attempt. I am taking 10. (Too nonspecific)
The most distant object you can currently detect. Taking 10. (Again, too nonspecific.)
Okay. The furthest drop of water you can detect. A drop of water within the ocean counts as a drop. (Taking 10. Expecting to get some in a water source nearby, will use this to determine whether or not flickering indicates something just barely on the edge of the compass's "range" with this control check.) Complete circle of light. Distance of a massive echo in your head of "more than 1000 miles" Will Save: 26, Stunned for four rounds. Made that noise Loki made after Hulk Smash. Timidly raised compass and gazed upon the carved relief face of Pelor. Could almost hear the voice of Pelor in your head saying "You brought this on yourself." *Mentally shouting back, as if into the wind of the bridge* "I KNOW THAT!" Maleos can't even hear his own mental shout. 8 rounds after the 4 rounds, he looks at the disk in his hand, neatly bisected by a fainly glowing plane of light that disappears into the walls… huh… the room is slightly higher on one end… huh… He thinks "FIRST OF ALL, I AM VERY SORRY. Apologizing on general principle for impenitence. He pushed too far, took stupid risks, and it bit him in the ass. He thinks he's EXTREMELY lucky he didn't get blown up by backlash or something. GM: "I have a feeling Maleos is going to really hate something coming up soon."
JUST THE NORTHERNMOST ONE, IF YOU PLEASE. (taking 10) Surprisingly, you don't get one answer, you get many, many. But not as many as before, and not so overwhelmingly. They are all due north; all > 1000 miles It's echoey for a few seconds, but not mind-shatteringly loud.
"And… just the highest up one?" (taking 10) That time, it's just a few hundred, maybe.
"Recharge whatever energies I just wasted asking for all those drops of water." Null response
"Recharge this item to some extent." Null response
"Fix This." Usual response; > 1000 miles. (Map is about 2500 miles across) Oh thank the gods I didn't break it.
Nearest Tragn (16) 5-7-2014 Camping 1 day after resting in the Ice Empress's cave, on the road, afterputting dreams in Cold Crystal About 10 miles NNE
Nearest 10 Tragn (taking 10 -> 15) 2 groups; about 10 miles NNE , about 10 miles SSE
Nearest 50 Tragn (16) about 6 distinct lines. The chorus seems to settle between 10 miles and 50 miles. The lines are all to the east and mostly toward the south more so than the north
Take 10, The nearest Tragn. Then take 10, "That one burned out tower we stayed at," listening carefully for any subtle difference between the two results. They're both the same rough result. The resolution of the Compass just isn't super high
Meditates for a bit to focus himself, then takes 10: "Distance between the burned-out tower and the nearest Tragn." Nope. You're back to asking a question rather than focusing on a goal.
Writes the numbers 0-9 in the snow with his finger, arranged in a big circle. Stands in the middle. Focuses on the goal "Point to each of the digits, in sequence, that express the number describing the distance, in feet, between the nearest Targn and the center of the floor in the Burned-out tower." The compass reacts like it always does on a failed check, but you fell an edge-of-perception vibration trill through it for a moment. Just for a moment. Led to the events of Going for Broke
Writes Yes, No, Maybe, and Kinda on the ground, asks if the Compass or the intellect powering the compass wants him to stop this line of experimentation. Null response. Forcing the issue with some //dangerously// experimental fiddling resulted in a visual image of the white lizard things we'd encountered, and a mental echo of the word "Tragn." The price paid for this was all of his spells for the day sucked out of his body and extreme backlash to the tune of 7 points worth of temporary CON damage. Maleos is confident he can find a better way to utilize this property of the compass.
Find that white flying monkey thing Darias shot and finish the job On the road back to Akihito-Remi. More than 100 miles ENE
Understand what the flickering, jumping-around lines mean. Hundreds or thousands of lines. They range from… like, 50 miles to more than 1000 miles, and in basically all directions, though most are within the eastern hemisphere. Nearest would be one of the 50-milers to the NNE
Goal is to learn the current locations of all demons whose physical location has changed multiple times at the compass's resolution within the last second. Null Result
Goal is to learn the current location of demons with the ability to teleport. (failed to command compass) see below
Goal is to learn the current location of the smoke-and-tendrils demon from our visions. (failed to command compass)
Goal is to learn the current location of no more than one instance of a metaphorical "demon that knows about Isle," for example, the demon named Paranoia. Flickery jumping line, indistinguishable from the "demon that knows about Isle"
Goal is to intercept the nearest Dharven planning to go to Isle. That is, planning to literally, physically travel to Isle without dying before he or she gets there. Null Result. Hear that sound? That's the sound of Maleos finally not giving a shit about Redo.
Goal is to find and destroy all magical items designed to cast a spell similar to the one contained within THIS Wand of Drunkenness. Oh, hell… drunkenness? There's probably… maybe 100 or so lines, mostly heading ESE and E
*eyes narrow* Now the goal is just find the ones created by Reka. Null Result. Maleos cares less about Redo than ever before!
Find the "things" that Aida's hammer is enchanted to be especially powerful against. (Maleos thinks specifically of the enchantment he didn't quite recognize when Identifying the hammer. OOC, it sounded like some sort of Bane. The other enchantments are well-understood, and thus not what this request is about.) Oh, there are thousands of lines. All around you, and mostly at the distance of "100 miles" or "1000 miles"
Find all the creatures Saul's body, enchantments, or inherent nature would likely cause him to consider "unnatural" upon sight. (Note: Maleos has no idea how this actually works, and he knows it, but he's fishing on the hypothesis that Saul's "unnatural" judgement works along similar lines to Aida's hammer, and thus might be somehow detectable by the compass as "a property of a thing that exists." Both Saul and Jotham reacted in the same manner, after all, and come to think of it, it's similar to the WormPile's immediate reaction to Saul.) (failed to command compass)
Talk to the stocky woman from our vision in Kaede. a line pointing toward the north, maybe a little east of north, and a distance of "> 100 miles"
Talk to the shorter, graceful man from our vision in Kaede. (failed to command compass)
Talk to the rich-robed, older man from our vision in Kaede. (failed to command compass)
Talk to the dark-skinned woman from our vision in Kaede. line pointing toward the north, maybe a little east of north, and a distance of "> 100 miles"
Talk to the dark-skinned woman who crossed The Bridge. line pointing toward the north, maybe a little east of north, and a distance of "> 100 miles"
Remember our visions and dreams with greater clarity. (failed to command compass)
Goal is to somehow travel back in time. Not to observe, but to interact. > 1000 miles, ESE
Location of other objects stored in other enchanted containers that can be used to carry more things than their exteriors would suggest. failed to command compass
Location of all Demons who can teleport. failed to command compass (on a 23!)
Goal is to learn the current location of the smoke-and-tendrils demon from our visions. ESE, > 1000 miles
Goal is to defeat the smoke-and-tendrils demon with zero casualties. (Implies it was not sufficiently dealt with by the ritual in the visions or that whatever good was done by those rituals has since been undone.) Null Result
Goal is to understand the nature and purpose of the smoke-and-tendrils demon without engaging it directly. (failed to command compass)
Goal is to know the locations of everybody seeking us. (Us defined as Aida, Saul, Darias, Maleos, YM and our animals. Us do not count as seeking us.) (seeking implies they haven't found us yet, but want to.) There are thousands of responses, all over. Every direction, more heavily concentrated toward the east than toward the west.
Goal is to know the locations of everybody following us. (Us defined as Aida, Saul, Darias, Maleos, YM and our animals. Us do not count as following us.) (following implies they know where we are and are advancing on our position.) (failed to command compasss)
Travel to the temple from Saul's Rido vision (failed to command compass)
Prevent this army of Tragn and Trolls from hurting the people of Akihito-Raime (Points directly at army.)
Find the brains of the operation of this army. (I.E. Leader, commander, planner.) Flickering, jumpy line.
Rule out the possibility of our enemies teleporting us.
Travel to the site where that tree imploded in Maleos's Throne Vision
Locate everyone who knows what goals I have set this compass upon.
Find the physical arm that was laid upon the people in our Throne-Visions to teleport them at the end.
Travel to the spot depicted in Maleos's vision
Learn how to make use of the magic absorbed by trees that have 'tasted the magic flowing through a node' in the manner of the protagonist of Maleos's Throne Vision.
Travel to all such node-infused trees.
Find all such magical nodes < 1000 miles away.
Find the army we passed on the road (cast with Fox's Cunning up, repeated daily) 5-17-14 while in Akihito-Reimi Void starting on Day 4. (Maybe the Aelph patrols got 'em?)
Find all the Tragn within 100 miles Scattered results all over. No indication of the ones we passed, unless they suddenly teleported a hundred miles in different directions.
Find the rest of Carbry Righi's remains Either at or else along the way to the "Preparedness" objective northwest of Akihito-Reimi
Find the nearest aelphen fighting what Maleos would consider "Monsters" Leaving Akihito-Reimi , heading northwest Null Result
Find Alephs who've killed a Tragn' in the past week and shake their hands. A clearing northwest of A-R, after a battle. nearest result is ~1 mile north (could be as low as a half mile, but still!)
Find this aelph girl hiding in the tree's "distant cousins." failed to command compass
Visit all peaceful trader tragn failed to command compass
Gather up all the dust formerly comprising the item I just fed to the compass. Just after the events of Right Angle To Reality. failed to command compass I think I might be addicted to using this thing…

Speak English Dammit

Maleos has somehow, either through brilliance or else sheer bloody-minded determination, begun making headway into verbal communication with the Compass. Below is an ongoing list of the conversation.

  • Times Blinded: 0
  • Backlash Events: 1
  • Times Driven Insane: 0
Question Asked Price Paid Answer Received Tentative Interpretation
After drawing the numbers 0-9 on the ground, Maleos attempted to command the compass to direct him to accomplish the following goal: "walk to the closest written example of each of the digits that, when read in a sequence, most closely approximates the distance in feet between this tower and the nearest Tragn." The compass reacts like it always does on a failed check, but you feel an edge-of-perception vibration trill through it for a moment. (After carefully inspecting it with Detect Magic and Identify up) You don't learn anything new from the Identify spell, but you feel like the pulsing lines of trade in the commerce web have maybe subtly changed since last you looked at them, though they're so complex you can't really be sure.
Ask whatever intellect powers the Compass "Do you want me to stop this form of experimentation?" and get an answer unambiguously in the form of words. A full day's worth of spells at Caster Level 3, including Tier 3 Mythic Surges. 7 points worth of Temporary Con Damage. Will save, presumably not to go insane. No answer. Instead, a mental impression of the word "TRAGN," and an image of the white lizard things we'd fought before. The compass may not have understood the question, so instead defaulted back to the most recent question Maleos had asked it that it could answer.
Some indication of the current status of whatever is at the other end of these compass paths to nowhere. Specifically, is it being used up or drained or wasted through all these divinations being cast? A detailed diagnostic is probably way too much to ask if ALL his spells only got him "TRAGN," but at the very least he expected a number or a cup with water or the mental sensation of a magical item waning. A level single-use magical item containing a Level 3 spell The events of Right Angle To Reality. Either this elsewhere is where the Gods live, or… or it is something else.

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