Perai Luun's Mythic Boons

The Bronze Boon

The bronze boon gives the PCs 7 invocations of divine power, drawn from the essence of Perai Luun and granted to them. As a free action, a PC may invoke a bronze boon to cause one of the following things to occur.

  1. The PC pulls in divine power from shadow to envelop them. This power surges through them, granting them the abilities they had at their peak in the previous history for 1 minute. This includes equipment they had as well as powers and abilities, all of it drawn from the shadowy echoes of their memories and made real by divine will.
  2. The PC delves into Perai Luun's extensive memories, flooding their mind with thoughts beyond imagining but allowing their mortal mind to sift through it in a way completely foreign to how the gods perceive things. From this, the PC can draw conclusions and connect information based on patterns that Perai Luun has seen but not necessarily comprehended in the same way that mortals would. The PC must then roll a Fort or Will save, whichever is higher, DC 18 or be stunned for 2d4+2 round from mental overload. Mechanically, this allows the player to ask the GM one question that Perai Luun could have experience with and get a straight, word-of-god answer to it. Example questions would be: "Where is the Book of a Thousand Pages?" "Is (person X) a conspirator with the Usurper?" "Can I trust (person X) with my secrets and with the fight against the Usurper?" The PCs are invited to come up with their own questions should they wish to use this power in this way, and the GM will work with them on an answerable question if the initial question is not directly answerable as posed. This ability can safely be considered at least as powerful as a limited wish spell.

The Silver Boon

The silver boon allows each PC, once and only once, to control an artifact on the Isle for a number of minutes equal to their current level at time of activation plus 1/2 their tier at time of activation (e.g., if they activate the silver boon while a bronze boon is active, they will have 15 minutes). The PCs are familiar with some of the artifacts on the Isle, but they do not have a great catalog of specifics about what any of them do, so this boon should be approached with some degree of caution.

The Golden Boon

The golden boon allows each PC, once and only once, to call forth an avatar of Perai Luun to complete one discrete action for them. This action does not have to be restricted to a single round; it could take several minutes or even hours, potentially. But the action must be a single act, something that is reasonably within the domain of influence of Perai Luun, and cannot be a complex action such as "finish this entire quest for me." GM discretion is largely at play here, but player imagination is encouraged, particularly if the desired action falls solidly within one of Perai Luun's domains. This ability can safely be considered to be at least as powerful as a wish spell.

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