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New Loot

As of the end of the session Bam! Lich Goes Down, acquired the following new loot:

Singing Arrow
This ornate arrow of elven craftsmanship resonates with sound that affects it. Any time it is caught in the area of effect of a sonic spell or spell-like ability, it becomes charged with this effect. Once charged, it can be fired, and if it was an instantaneous spell effect, it is delivered to the struck target. If a maintained spell effect, the arrowhead maintains the spell for as long as its source does. (This one arrow seems… out of place, somehow, in this particular horde.)

Mystical Bowyer's Oil
(4 doses)
This is a mysterious black, shiny resin that comes in a corked, clear bottle. It's not quite opaque, but very cloudy and dark. When exposed to the light of the full moon, it becomes quite clear and reflects the blue light from its shimmering surface.
When wood is properly treated with this oil, it magically alters the wood, causing it to become harder and more flexible.
To treat a bow properly, it must first be unstrung. One dose of the oil, in its dark, murky state, must be applied to the bow, completely coating it. Next, the bow must be placed in the light of the full moon for three hours, then turned, and allowed to rest for another three hours. During this time, the wood throbs with the blue light of the moon.
A properly treated bow increases its maximum user strength bonus by 1 point. Also, any wood object treated by this oil permenently gains 1 point of hardness and 2 hit points. An object can only be treated once per lunar cycle.

Bowstring of Bludgeoning
This string can be used in any bow, even a magical bow, if its existing bowstring is not essential to its magical function.
As arrows are loosed, they are enchanted with an aura of kinetic energy. Persons with Godly eyesight (DC… like, 50?) can see a visible rippling distortion wave around the arrowhead as it travels through the air. Upon impact with a solid object, this energy wave is delivered to the target as a bludgeoning impact. The arrowhead itself is actually deflected by this bludgeoning impact, and the shaft usually shatters. Magical effects from a magical bow or magical arrow are delivered normally, unless they are effects that rely upon peircing the target's skin (such as poisons, etc.)

Dragonhide Belt:
+2 to CON

Damaged Elven Ranger DoubleBow
This exquisitely crafted elven bow bears the sigil of the rangers. There's still an old blood stain on the handle. It lacks any string, and has been ruined by abuse and neglect. Someone has scratched a series of notches into it, grouped into rows of five, compromising its pull strength. Upon closer inspection, it appears to have been designed to hold two strings at once.

Stealthy Ride Barding
This is a set of leather barding with particularly hard black dragon scales sewn into it at regular intervals. It provides basically the same armor bonus as studded leather, and does not impede the steed's speed.
Additionally, it has been enchanted to allow a slight empathic bond between horse and rider. No direct thoughts are conveyed, only emotion, and that faintly.
Finally, the barding has been enchanted to magically hush the sounds of the horse's footsteps.
- Armor Bonus +3
- +5 to handle animal, ride
- +5 to the horse's move silently checks.

Keen Arrows of Seeking
Sharply cut onyx barbs mount thin, seeminly frail threads of the blackest pitch, to end in leathery ebon fletchings. Err, sorry, I had a Goth Giant help me out with the description on that one. These magical arrows, though made of ordinary materials, have been exquisitely crafted to be remeniscient of Black Dragons. They are impeccably balanced, and cary the following enchantements:
- +5 to hit.
- Keen (Double Threat Range)

Preserved black dragon claw tips

Preserved black dragon scales

Vial of Preserved Black Dragon Blood
5 oz

Jar of Preserved Black Dragon Saliva
10 oz

Black Dragon Amulet
A black dragon scale, inset with a tiny green emerald chip and polished to a high sheen.

Fellowship Quiver
Has a variety of compartments of various sizes, but they all lead to the same extradimensional space. Can hold up to 50 of a combination of arrows, javelins, darts, bullets, or bolts. If it holds anything at all, it weighs five pounds; otherwise its weight is barely a pound. Any other type of item dropped into the quiver gets immediately spat back out. (If junk is somehow forced into the quiver, it will not tap its extradimensional space correctly until it is allowed to spit the non-ammo out, and it weighs five pounds plus the weight of the crammed-in item.) Each compartment dispenses a particular type of ammo; Anyone who reaches into the arrow compartment, for instance, can draw out an arrow, even if only crossbow bolts were placed into it. Magical ammo keeps its properties, I.E. an Arrow of Disruption becomes a Javelin of Disruption if it is drawn out through the Javelin compartment, etc. Anyone reaching into the quiver who knows its contents can find the item they are looking for, if it's in there, and pull it out through the compartment of their choice.

Potion of True Seeing

Potion of CSW

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