Personal Equipment

Communications and Sensors

TODO handheld comms and sensors, headware comms, etc.

Clothing and Jewelry

rough range of 10-50,000 credits for a given item of clothing; jewelry can run even higher


Item Availablility Cost Description
Entertainment Holovid 1 1-5 Non-interactive entertainment holovid
Electronic Book 1 1-5 Electronic books suitable for playback on holo display or datapad
Hologame 1 5-25 Interactive game suitable for playback on holo display
Blaster Training System 2, R 400 Spherical repulsor-powered 30-cm drone with 1D shock weapon
Lovey Fuzzies Brand Collectible Stuffed Animals 1-3 20-1,500 Like Beanie Babies; 50 credits new, but rare varieties go for huge markup on secondary market
Crazy Obsessive Lovey Fuzzies Case 1 350 Armored (4D) case for Lovey Fuzzies collectibles, complete with Lovey Fuzzies branding and illustrations.
Regular-type Lovey Fuzzies Case 1 80 Fire- and waterproof case for Lovey Fuzzies collectibles, complete with Lovey Fuzzies branding and illustrations.

Blaster Training System

This is a small drone (roughly 30cm in diameter) used to train combat with mobile opponents. The drone is programmed with 24 difficulty settings suitable for training beginners through experts. It is also equipped with a 1D shock weapon to provide that oft-necessary additional motivation.

Mechanically, use of this droid supports self-paced training with the blaster, dodge, and other similar combat skills. The drone supports training up to the 8D skill level, after which it has reached the limits of its programming.

Lovey Fuzzies Brand Collectible Stuffed Animals

Lovey Fuzzies are especially "cutified" stuffed representations of various "hologenic" animal species. Each variant is produced in limited runs and comes with a name and backstory. Some individuals are highly prized by collectors, leading to huge price variations between different animals on the secondary market.

Lovey Fuzzies have an incredible number of cultish followings, from collectors to critics to connoisseurs. There is even a subculture of people (known colloquially as "Fuzzers") who dress up as Lovey Fuzzies characters.

Series 1 Lovey Fuzzies
Name Description Mint Resale Price
Arnie Acklay Stylized green crustacean with a broad white grin. Limited run due to relatively low demand. 450
Bertie Bantha Shaggy coats and instant familiarity made these guys a recurring hit, and several runs were produced. They both smell fine. 100
Betsy Bantha Betsy has a bow. 125
Cassie Cat Cute serval-like feline with an inquisitive face. Early variant with a relatively large run. 120
Derik Dweebit A small brown beetle with beady little eyes. He comes in two variants, one of which glows in the dark. 335
Glow-in-the-Dark Derik Dweebit The glow-in-the-dark coating is surprisingly resilient on the Derek Dweebit variant, leading to its particularly high value amongst collectors. 650
Ernie Eopie Produced in a standard run, its appeal is low because the droopy snout just doesn't look very cute. Surprisingly popular among Toydarian collectors. 35
Fatso Fabool Rumor has it the first run of Fatso was produced by accident when someone activated the fabbery for a production run without inputting a prototype pattern. It is basically just a sphere with eyes. The secret to its success is simple: Cuddles-per-Unit. 60
Garry Garto An adorable bat-like creature. Garry was mass-produced in a variety of colors at the height of the "Fuzzie Bubble" for the lucrative Coruscant market. Over-produced, it now gluts the trading scene. Nonetheless, bargain bin Garries are a cheap point-of-entry for would-be collectors, and some collections are a veritable rainbow of wall-to-wall Garries. 35-50
Harry Horax How can something so monstrous be rendered to look so cute? Lookit 'im! Lookit his little horns! 950
Iggy Iriaz (I) For some reason, two different variants of this were produced with wildly different features. The only similarity is that they're both green. Didn't the designers know what a Iriaz's tail looks like? If you ever want to watch two Fuzzie-Lovers get in a fight, ask them which one is the "real" Iggy. 600
Iggy Iriaz (II) The second variant is much harder to find in good condition than the first due to smaller production runs. 1,100
Jenny Jyykle Oh, come on! That's not what a Jyykle Vulture looks like. This has wings! Are they even trying anymore? 30
Kairos Kath (Standard) Comes in two variants, representing both standard and Bull Kath Hounds. Both variants are named Kairos, but that's okay because Kairos is a very common name. Not like most of these names. I mean, come on. 445
Kairos Kath (Bull) The Bull Kath Hound variant of the Kairos toy. 990
Larry Laigrek This one was a no-brainer. Sure, it's an arachnid, but sometimes arachnids can be cute. Just look at these guys.1 265
Manny Massiff (Original) Naturally it looks nothing like a real Massiff, which are hideous. This initially limited run was later mass-produced, after it unexpectedly caught on with owners of real Massiffs across the Galaxy. Knock-off wannabe lines often tend to include a Massiff or two thanks to the staying power of this trend. 500
Manny Massiff (Later Edition) The later edition is much more detailed than the original. However, it is less sought after by collectors due to its availability and due to the fact that it was produced in response to the popularity of the original. 350
Nigel Neek Kinda generic-looking, it looks like a lot of other bipedial Lovey Fuzzies with tails. Nigel hit the market in waves, with limited runs that sold out fast. However, the total production count eventually climbed too high, driving the cost down for this particular toy. 180
Orie Orray Clearly just an early Manny variant with a snout added. How fucking stupid do they think we… awww. I can't stay mad at that face. I love you, Orie. 150
Paul Pagen This bird Lovey Fuzzie comes in red and blue variants. Popularized by the amateur holonet series Red Diametrically Opposed to Blue, which became controversial when people started to suspect that the military-lifestyle hi-jinks of hand-held Lovey Fuzzies were intended to be a metaphor for Stormtrooper occupation. Weird, huh? Paul is the red one. 75
Pauline Pagen Pauline is the blue Pagen. 95
Reginald Rancor (Original) One of the original set of Lovey Fuzzies, its breakaway popularity opened the door for all these other hideous monster Fuzzies. Later runs have a shiny, realistic coating that purists claim "ruins the experience." 700
Reginald Rancor (With Shell) The shell-coated Reginald is much less desirable than the original. 85
Sandy Sarlacc "I see what you did there. Yeah, it's cute enough, I guess… So is that what a Sarlacc's body looks like?" "Are you gonna tell me that it isn't?" 20
Thomas Taozin (Original) Early variants were a dull grey. 250
Thomas Taozin (Clear) Later versions were made of a glass-like fabric and stuffed with plastic air-bubbles. 200
Thomas Taozin (Electronic) At the absolute height of the Fuzzie Bubble, exactly 99 electronic Thomases were produced with fur that could change color to match their surroundings. These "Tech-Toms" tend to degrade if handled too roughly and absolutely devour power cells. They were created as a publicity stunt, cost a fortune upon release, and were sold directly to high-profile collectors. If you ever see a Tech-Tom on display somewhere, it's bound to be insured for millions. Unknown
Uma Unark Why make a Lovey Fuzzie out of an acid-spitting worm? Clearly you haven't been paying attention! Often regarded as the death-knell for the Coruscant market and the beginning of the end of the "Fuzzie Bubble." Like Garry Garto, Uma was ridiculously over-produced. But unlike Garry, nobody wants these things. Hulls full of unsold Umas have been jettisoned into deep space. It's possible that if this happens enough times, they will become rare enough to be collectors' items again, but at the moment, many suppliers-turned-collectors still have a crate or two of the damned things in storage. 5
Vince Velker It's amazing to think that a creature this abstract actually exists! It's such a bizzare little design. Little-known fact: there was also a Galactic Senator named Vince Velker. Small Galaxy. 50
Waldo Wookiee This was embarrassing for all concerned. The design came from a licensed third-party manufacturer during the post-bubble days, and only a few thousand were produced before the inevitable recall. Apparently, nobody ever told the designer or anybody in quality control that Wookies are an intelligent species. The manufacturer withered in the face of the bad publicity, and eventually lost its contract to produce Lovey Fuzzies. Which is a shame, because it turns out that they were actually kinda popular among Wookies. Note: if you ever see a Wookie playing with one, SAY NOTHING. 1,200
Yellow Yog An odd experiment. Obviously just a recolored Pagen, Yellow is notable for being one of the few Lovey Fuzzies without a proper noun for a first name. As lazy and cheap as this concept is, anyone seeing Yellow side-by-side with Paul and Pauline can't deny that it completes the set. (Yellow has no canonical gender, but is considered female by a vocal minority of "Fuzzie-Lovers.") 110
Zachary Zuxu Wow. Just wow. This masterpiece was clearly a labor of love. Every poof, every flap, every seam somehow reinforces the concept of a grotesque carnivorous alien lungfish, all rendered using the standard design elements and visual "lingo" Fuzzie Lovers have come to expect. Zachary is an under-appreciated work of mad genius, and proof that a nameless Lovey Fuzzie designer somewhere had way too much talent for his job. 110
Series 2 Lovey Fuzzies
Name Description Mint Resale Price
Big Billy Bergruutfa Though Stella Stohl is longer, 'Big Billy,' as befits the massive herd animal he is based on, is the largest Fuzzy ever made. So big and soft, Big Billies are often used as pillows. Big Billy has won the "most huggable" title more times than any other Lovey Fuzzy, and remains sought after by collectors to this day. 850
Chamby Chiilak This is a very confusing Fuzzy. One would think it would be extremely popular. Chiilaks are large, four-armed, very furry white creatures. The Fuzzy versions are incredibly cute, as most collectors agree. However, for some reason, Chamby never really did great sales. Even now, there are plenty of them on the market, but demand is never that great. Theories abound, but no one really seems to know why. 120
Donny Dianoga You'd think it would be hard to make a one-eyed mass of green tentacles cute, but Lovey Fuzzies pulled it off. With the pakaging proudly saying 'enough arms for a million, billion hugs,' Donny made a big splash (pun intended) when he hit the market. 335
Leo Lepusa Though the overall design is cute, the slightly grumpy look of the face, coupled with "fur" that was shorter and not quite as soft as many other Fuzzies, led Leo to have a moderate reception by the Fuzzy community. 120
Randy Ranphyx Randy was a fairly cute and standrad Fuzzy design, but due mainly to a larger production run, they are more common and less valued than many other 2nd series Fuzzies in today's markets. 140
Sally Selligore Sally is as cute and squeezable as she is colorful. A rainbow colored Fuzzy whose colors shifted depending on the angle from which she was viewed, Sally was slightly pricier than most upon initial release, and her value has gone even higher among collectors today. 740
Series 3 Lovey Fuzzies
For the third series of Lovey Fuzzies, the creators could see that the novelty was beginning to wane, so in an effort to recapture the public's interest, the third series all had unique features to them, like Tommy Taozin of the first series.
Name Description Mint Resale Price
Arbu Arqet Based on a huge, armored, vicious ambush predator known for goring with it's horns, Arbu's horns were not fuzzy, but when you squeezed them, they gave an adorable kind of "moo-ing" sound. Odd, considering the Arqet isn't known for that. But the little guy's so cute and sad. The horns produce several sounds, and optional expansion packages will even make him speak. The voice is often fairly sad, remarking "Won't sombody play with me?" or something else. Arbu is very popular, as are the expansion sets for his horn sounds. He was voted "most huggable" by a fan survey the year he was released. 425 (40-175 for voice expansion packs)
Bartha Butterbat Bartha Butterbat is a colorful Fuzzy with a small slot in the back where the owner can stick their finger (or similar appendage) to make the wings flap. The bright colors and flapping make Bartha one of the more popular series 3 Fuzzies. 220
Marvin Mynock A plague for starship crews, Lovey Fuzzies have managed to actually make the mynock adorable. Marvin is very soft, and has a small sensor, speaker and magnet in the mouth that, when pressed up against living flesh will make a kissing sound, and when placed against a metal surface will cause Marvin to stick to walls and such. The magnets can be replaced if they become demagnetized (or if the owner or their environment would be adversely affected by magnets). 275
Oona Onahk Based on the shy and gentle creatures often kept as pets, Oona's long neck is easilly bendable and posable, and she has a very large, endearing eye with long lashes. While not as big a seller when initially released, leading to only two large production runs, those individuals who bought Oonas tended to fall in love with them, and they appear on the market far less often than other series 3s. 500
Stella Stohl Definitely the longest Fuzzy ever produced, Stella was essentially a white-furred, stuffed eel-like Fuzzy about 1m in length. Meant to be worn like the actual creature (around the neck), stroking the top of the head or the length of the body would elicit several kinds of "purring." Stella's relatively large size and proportionally larger packaging led her to be priced higher than most other Fuzzies when initially released. That, coupled with a very small number of highly publicized accidents involving children being choked by Stellas led to production being cut short. (Many Lovey Fuzzies community members believe the publicity was due to groups who hated Lovey Fuzzies and were trying to litigate or publicly smear the company into bankruptcy.) As a result, Stella is probably the most hard to find of the series 3 line. 800
Series 4 Lovey Fuzzies
By the time the 3rd series had come to an end, company owners saw the writing on the wall, and knew that Lovey Fuzzies would soon be on the way out. While the novelty and higher production quality of 3rd series had indeed boosted sales, the number did not rise to the extremely high levels the company had hoped for, particularly given their aggressive marketing campaigns. Less than stellar numbers, combined with higher 3rd series production costs, led company owners to return to simpler, cheaper designs characteristic of the 1st series. Knowing that this would likely be the last series, the company decided to get as much profit from this run as possible, and then likely abandon the brand. As a result, the 4th series were simple, cheap to produce, cheap to purchase, and were usually produced in truly massive numbers, and in great variety (usually of color - in the tradition of Garry Garto). This mass production indeed led to a crash of the brand. Lovey Fuzzies never put out another production series.
Name Description Mint Resale Price
Willy Wrix Based on the vicous pack predator, Willy Wrix, like most series 4 Lovey Fuzzies, came in a wide variety of colors. The packaging for this Fuzzy entreated the purchaser to "Collect the whole pack!" 5-40 (depending on color - purple and gray (the typical color for most actual wrixes, ironically) are the rarest colors - There were some "specialty runs" of limited numbers that had various colors and patterns in ultraviolet light. Though not enticing to most buyers, their rarity makes them more expensive on the collector's market.)

Miscellaneous Machinery

Item Availablility Cost
Fusion Power Generator (light) 1 500
Fusion Power Generator (medium) 1 1,000
Fusion Power Generator (heavy) 1 2,000
Moisture Vaporator 1 500
Power Fence (per 50m) 2 100
Power Fence Generator 2 750
Power Scanner 1 150
Hydrospanner 1 50
Beam Drill 1 50
Fusion Cutter 1 75
Worklight 1 25
Plasma Welder 1 50
Vibropick 1 50
Vibrosaw 1 75
Power Prybar 1 30
Tool Harness 1 10
Computer Tool Kit 1 200
Vehicle Tool Kit 1 200
Security Systems Tool Kit 1,R 200

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