Plan 9, In Outer Space

Hoth - Departure

Tam on doubles for first 2 weeks at least
After, Venn talks to Lanka re: doubles

Kane working maint, shipside, on-ship
Venn working survival, surface, gen training

Lanka: "Senator, do you really think I'm not paying attention to the health and well being of the soldiers under my command?"

~2.5 weeks of Tam on doubles; after that, refuses duty during blaster training and is relieved for 48 hours and put on single shifts

Venn temporarily brought into Rebels as Lt. Commander pro tem at the end of the first month of service there
Tam brought on as Yeoman pro tem

briefing by colonel Malani Greenback
- orbital facility Zeta 319 orbiting Merri

private Wen deCrion (computer tech)
private Zhymmia Starfall
private Lophen Halcyon (threw sucker punch at Tam)

Chief Maral attempts to install repulsor on YT-2400

5 days in hyperspace - 1 week until prisoners transferred to work planet

Battle To Station

"Shoot us down or let us dock" "Roger that" (turbolasers start firing)

Shit hits the fan - Gold Squadron activates buoys, shoots down 2 of the 3 TIE Interceptors

Kane starts dodging like crazy
Gold squadron torps take out 6 of 8 TL batteries
TIE Interceptors lose 3 more to Gold Squadron
YT takes hit, blowing out 1D of shields

Gold-4 loses shields - 2 TIE Interceptors on tail
One of those gets Ion-cannoned
YT takes hit, soaked by shield

YT swinging in for docking, takes 3 hits, one of which blows through shields and scores hull, blowing shield generator out
Gold-5 comes in behind Gold-4, popping both remaining TIE threats - 3 more total TIE losses this round
TIE-Interceptors also take out Gold-6's shields and score a hit on his sublight - 6 and 7 bug out

Venn comes back, shouts to deCrion to open the hatch as he grabs a blaster rifle
Sees Tam locking last bit of ST armor on - "Plan B, right?"

Battle On Station

Kane runs back to airlock to cover fire - "firing at most important" (that's Venn) "most important enemy" (they're all stormtroopers) "whoever's tallest"
barrage of fire takes out 4 stormtroopers inside airlock

Tam leading down hallway - throws concussion stick (4 stunned, 2 wounded) and 1 double-shot w/blaster
Venn grazes one stormtrooper, gets burn on left arm for his troubles

Venn shoots 1 more, drops him
Tam get shot, but armor deflects; shoots 3, drops 1, wounds 1, armor soaks on last
Sidara sneaks up, drops 1 stormtrooper, leaving 2 left in room, 1 wounded

Down in a barrage of fire next round - deCrion starts his hacking
can hold 1600, currently 60
5 are Koensayr, also 2 KDY employees and 1 Rebel major-general

Negotiations: Venn starts, gets to "I'm willing" and Tam blows guy's hand off, then Venn and Sidara both plug other officer
General limping towards door

Meanwhile, Battle Around Station

Meanwhile, Dale trying to repair shields - manages to pull them up

Immediately after, 2 TIE sweep over, strafing freighter and lighting up shields

Kane jumps into turret, starts firing at TIEs - no hits 1st rnd, TIEs do no dmg 1st round

Venn calls for surrender in major-general's wing while activating evac warning
Tam, Sidara, and Venn put down 11 people trapped in hallway in 1 round

Kane fires again next round, missing one TIE as he expertly dodges, but hitting the other and destroying it
Second shot nails shields again, dropping them

By this time, 2 more Gold Squadron (1 and 8) had to jump out, but only 3 TIE interceptors remaining

Gold-3 blows complete hole through one of last 3 TIE, also takes out laser battery w/ proton torpedo
Strafing run by 2 remaining TIE blows rest of shields to hell (irreparable) and damages sublight drive


Halcyon arguing about taking too much time, trying to get deCrion to open a door - raid is taking too long
Kane burns force point to blow one more TIE to holy hell
"Can deCrion kill these damn lasers?" "I'm working on it - this security is fucking atrocious!"

Tam spends CP, throws last concussion stick - ends up dropping 4 stormtroopers, wounding 2
Venn takes 2 shots. Venn drops 1, but the other is OK - armor soaked
Halcyon drops 1 trooper
Navy guy shoots Venn, barely misses
1 stormtrooper shoots Halcyon, severely wounds him
1 stormtrooper shoots at Tam, misses

Tam empties rounds into stormtroopers, drops them - room clear
deCrion finally succeeds in shutting down turbolasers/laser batteries
Kane fires at last TIE, hits and destroys final TIE
Gold squadron flies over, Gold-3 does wing-dip salute

Starfall, Halcyon back to ship with KDY employees as team sets up for last raid on Koensayr employees' cells

Search and pick up 8 concussion sticks, throw 2
Stormtroopers have been shooting out cameras, pulling bulkhead for barricade - no damage to them this round
Kane moves into room, ducks behind wall spar

Next round, Venn and Sidara both fire in - no return fire, no hits
Kane moves up closer, takes shots, gets behind another rib - no hits

Kane finds no more stormtroopers behind the barricade, turns off concussion stick
Venn calls retreat as copilot notes incoming Imperial shuttle with escort TIEs - but where's the carrier…?

Tam slips into hallways just as door closes with a "Sorry, sir"
Tam just used sooo many drugs….

Venn calls door open, puts some back on board freighter, calls for prep to evacuate

Tam tears down hallway, dodging blaster fire - takes a couple of hits, but they don't seem to worry him at all
Venn tosses grenade - spends 3 CP to get an 11 — enough to hit. 20 dmg, mishap, but stormtroopers mishapped as well

Prisoners try to run - Venn stuns them into submission as Tam pulls Koensayr guys out of cells
Venn pulls Koensayr and 4 other prisoners out (random prisoners including the 2 stunned)

Kane pulls away, and just before the jump to hyperspace, last thing he sees is TIEs firing lasers, then ISD shadow on extreme edge of sensors….

Tam managed to stabilize Halcyon with Kane's help (Kane spent 1 CP)
Managed to keep him alive through the flight

Tam sleeps off withdrawal symptoms, so no short-term effects of drug usage during raid

Venn hands off command to general officially, but no real change. Continue on to Echo Base

* Murder
* Dereliction
* Dereliction
* Piracy (and proud of it)

General on bedrest 48 hrs, then queries re: situation. When he finds out Rieekan is the comm officer, urgent msg for him
Navy officer interrogating him was Commander Crais

Tam needs to deal with disobeying a direct order (observed by entire squad) and drug effects

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